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  • Brothers. one thing that bothers me about Dean and Sam is when they go out and kill demons or ghost,one of them either ends up being Said killed or captured,and for some weird reason that just isn't right.
    Thread location: Start Your Journey
    Keyword tags: about supernatural,  contests,  deansgirl666,  episodes,  information,  prizes,  questions,  show information,  shows,  site contests,  site donations,  staff,  supernatural,  supernatural cast,  supernatural characters,  supernatural contests,  supernatural cw,  supernatural episodes,  supernatural fan wiki,  supernatural fan wiki staff,  supernatural FAQ,  supernatural help,  supernatural information,  supernatural monthly question,  supernatural questions,  supernatural season one,  supernatural season three,  supernatural season two,  supernatural tv,  supernatural tv show,  supernatural wb,  supernatural wiki,  television,  the cw,  the wb,  tv,  tv shows,  wiki FAQ,  wiki help,  wiki questions,  wiki staff 
    Posted: Apr 4 2018, 11:04 PM EDT by Impala44
  • Brittany Paige Played By: easyBREzy Text Color: Baby Blue Specifics Hometown: Houston, Texas D.O.B: January 2
    Keyword tags: hunter,  original character,  supernatural 
    Last updated: Jun 9 2017, 1:48 PM EDT by easyBREzy
  • my birthday February 15, 2000
    Thread location: Birthdays
    Keyword tags: 13 February : takeralice,  25.January,  supernatural,  supernatural series,  supernatural show,  supernatural tv,  supernatural tv series,  supernatural tv show,  tv,  tv series,  tv show 
    Posted: Feb 1 2017, 2:59 PM EST by dayshappy
  • Kripke's Original Pitch for Supernatural Posted by Eric Kripke on Twitter: the original pitch for Supernatural. Fascinating to read all these years later! I understood it took him about TEN YEARS for someone to pick up the show (from the time he first conceived the story). Wow; now it's the
    Keyword tags: kripke,  origin,  pitch,  supernatural 
    Last updated: Oct 11 2019, 6:26 PM EDT by journalbookbinder
  • Twitter Accounts for Supernatural Cast and Crew It's so much fun to be able to hear from the cast and crew of Supernatural in their own words. Here is a list of many of the Twitter accounts for cast and crew members both current and past. Several of these folks often acknowledge the Tweets you sen
    Keyword tags: ackles,  cast,  crew,  jared,  jensen,  padalecki,  producer,  supernatural,  twitter,  writer 
    Last updated: Jan 6 2016, 1:30 PM EST by journalbookbinder
  • Presley Wilcox Played By: Olphelia3Demon Specifics Hometown: Originally from Dallas, Texas D.O.B: October 11th, 1990 (A
    Keyword tags: angels,  dean,  demons,  hunter,  life,  love,  pray,  sam,  singer,  supernatural,  winchester 
    Last updated: Oct 25 2015, 4:27 AM EDT by Orphelia3Demon
  • Ophelia O'Toole Played By: [your name] Text Color: Specifics Hometown: D.O.B:
    Keyword tags: cambion,  castiel,  demon,  roleplay,  supernatural,  Winchester 
    Last updated: Apr 9 2020, 5:12 PM EDT by journalbookbinder
  • My big dreams Oh my gosh. Finally! The Hellatus is almost over! I have looked forward to watching the series since I was a kid, and have enjoyed it ever since. Due to the contests, I would love to be able to meet Jensen and Jared, even though I live in Australia. Oh well, can only dream, right?
    Thread location: Supernatural Blog
    Keyword tags: blog,  news,  supernatural,  Supernatural blog,  Supernatural news 
    Posted: Oct 23 2015, 12:10 AM EDT by SupernaturalArtemis2
  • Dakota East Played By: Laney Gill Text Color: Green Specifics Hometown: Dexter, Georgia D.O.B: November 14, 1992
    Keyword tags: hunter,  supernatural 
    Last updated: Aug 31 2015, 3:09 PM EDT by kansas2y5
  • Supernatural season 11 Hello everybody. I am new to this site. I have been a fan from season 1. Thank God my daughter bought ne seasons 1-9 for Xmas or I would be going thru Sam and Dean depression. I just wanted to see if anybody else out there is looking forward to season 11 as much as I am. Anybody got an inside scoop as to what to expect? I'm ready to see Crowley's mom gone and Bobby back!
    Thread location: 2014 Blog Archive
    Keyword tags: archive,  Blog,  Supernatural 
    Posted: Jul 1 2015, 12:40 AM EDT by Cknigge
  • Canal sobre supernatural Fala galera blz? eu sou o felipe. Eu tenho um canal sobre supernatural no youtube, la eu falo sobre curiosidades e outras coisas mais sobre a serie! Quem quiser da uma olhada:
    Thread location: null
    Keyword tags: curiosidades supernatural,  supernatural,  vides supernatural 
    Posted: Jun 5 2015, 10:34 AM EDT by FelipeACMendes
  • SuperNatural Season 10 Fan-Wiki Contest entry by october57rain for the Season ten banner contest of Supernatural on the Supernatural Fan-Wiki website
    Albums: Uncategorized
    Keyword tags: caine,  castiel,  dean winchester,  Fan-Wiki,  october57rain,  sam winchester,  season 10 season ten,  super natural,  Supernatural,  winchester 
    Added: Mar 29 2015, 2:29 PM EDT by october57rain
    Last updated: Mar 29 2015, 2:31 PM EDT by october57rain
  • JackieAlice SUPERNATURAL FAN WIKI HOME JACKIE ALICE JACKSON Demon Hunter By: october57rain Go To : SWI-october57rain to see other stories I have on Supernatural-Fan-Wiki
    Keyword tags: demon hunter,  members journal,  october57rain,  supernatural,  werewolf 
    Last updated: Nov 21 2013, 8:53 AM EST by october57rain
  • haunted house. if those stories about the farmer who lived on that property were true or not, why would anyone go to that house in the first place.
    Thread location: Hell House
    Keyword tags: hell house,  Supernatural 
    Posted: Feb 26 2015, 5:01 PM EST by impala1
  • The Hunter Games
    • 00:21
    • Video
    The Hunter Games Season 10 Episode 10
    Keyword tags: episodes,  Supernatural,  Supernatural The Hunter Games,  The Hunter Games 
    Added: Jan 8 2015, 4:02 AM EST by
    Last updated: Jan 8 2015, 4:10 AM EST by Anonymous
  • dean He is so hot for a reason!
    Thread location: Dean Winchester
    Keyword tags: about Dean Winchester,  Dean Winchester,  Jensen Ackles,  Supernatural,  The CW 
    Posted: Dec 10 2014, 12:54 PM EST by loveDean101
  • Werewolf My fav Monster is a Werewolf
    Thread location: Werewolf and Vampire Club
    Keyword tags: club,  supernatural,  vapmire,  Werewolf 
    Posted: Nov 10 2014, 7:58 PM EST by winchestergirl21
  • Need all fans help please Ok need all your help - desperately!!

    I am custom making a supernatural monopoly board for my GF and I know a bit about supernatural (i really getting into it though).

    Essentially, I need your help on deciding what the different spaces, money, movers, houses, hotels, community chest/chance. board design, Jail, go to Jail, free parking, dice, property cards etc. should look like.

    I defo need to get it perfect, I know a fan did already make a version but im looking for a new take.

    also I need hardcore fans as well as the ones on here, any idea where to find more?

    Thanks for the time people,
    I owe all of you some tasty pie,
    Thread location: null
    Keyword tags: demon,  help,  supernatural 
    Posted: Oct 27 2014, 5:55 PM EDT by hiphopandrock
  • So Much Evil Title: So Much Evil A/N: I own the story, but I do not own the characters and am sorry for all the grammar/spelling mistakes. Sam: "There's so much evil out there in the world, Dean, I feel like I could drown in it." Dean: "I mean, there's
    Keyword tags: fanfic contest,  fanfiction,  season 9,  supernatural 
    Last updated: Sep 1 2014, 5:28 PM EDT by spnfanforever
  • Contest Question When does this contest end?
    Thread location: 2014 Contests
    Keyword tags: contest prizes,  contests,  prizes,  supernatural,  supernatural contests,  supernatural fan wiki,  supernatural fans,  supernatural prizes,  supernatural show,  supernatural tv,  supernatural tv show,  supernatural wiki,  the cw,  the wb 
    Posted: Aug 16 2014, 9:10 PM EDT by ILoveDean9419
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