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Hey Supernatural Fans! This is a place where fans can tell their own ghost stories, discuss lore and legends that exist in their own home towns - or even tell stories of the odd, unexplainable or downright bizarre things they've seen!Ever have anything strange happen to you? Click EasyEdit and add it to the table below!Is there a haunted house in your neighborhood? A house where everyone who has ever lived there died? Phantom woods? Freaky cemetery?
Give us your legends, your mysteries, your stories of the damned or just unique souls who haunt your neck of the woods. If you can't come up with a "real" legend, let's hear a legend or storyline you think would make a cool script for the future "Supernatural" episodes we all want to see!!!!
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TheNiteHawke My parents once owned a haunted house in Cornish, Maine. My brother, his wife and their two children lived there for two years. My nephew, age 4 at the time, used to tell his Mom that he saw an old woman and two young girls in the house. There were always strange things happening there. The furnace switch in the basement would turn itself off. Rocking chairs moved on their own, doors would slam in rooms when no one was there. A later tenant put wallpaper on the walls in one of the bedrooms. She spent all day putting up a piece only to have it fall down after she had moved on to the next. She'd go back and fix that piece only to have another fall. Finally she got them all up and decided she was picking up pizza for the family for dinner. She arrived back home about half an hour later - only to find every piece of wallpaper she had spent all day putting up, lying in heaps on the floor!
Dean_Winchester Well, this happened around 7 years ago, when i was around ten, i guess. It was a calm afternoon, cool breeze, clear sky - something like that. My neighbour, whom i used to play with, was going somewhere. My father was working while my lil' brothers were sleeping. My mother was accounting for monthly expenses, which left me to play alone.Anyway, i was walking around my little garden in front of my house. At the end of my garden, i turned around, while suddenly a figure that looked like my mom,dressed in black gown i think, without any eyes, mouth, and i think ears too. There's only a nose. I shocked and couldn't move for 2 seconds until i blinked my eyes and that figure disappeared. Then i checked on my mom. She was still there, accounting and wearing a shirt ( i forget what colour,but i'm sure it's not black) and a pair of jeans...
LooneyLuna311 When I was a kid, I was spending the night at my cousins house. When it got late we went to bed, she fell asleep and I was just laying in bed because I couldn't sleep. I rolled over and was facing the door when it suddenly swung open. I froze still because I was one of those kids who watched the X-Files and grew up believing in ghosts so I was pretty freaking terrified. A dark figure stepped in the crack and it looked like it was hooded. I was so scared that I couldn't wake my cousin or scream for help or even blink. Me and the whatever it was were just staring at each other like it was waiting for me to move cause that was exactly what I was waiting for. Then when I couldn't stare any longer, I experienced the classic "I blinked and it was gone" scenario. Even after it was gone I was scared stiff. In the morning I asked my uncle if he came and checked on us in the middle of the night. And of course he said, "No. Why?"
FanTaseLuVa This is the TRUTH and it's the scariest thing that's ever happened to me. Believe what you want...One day, about 5 years ago, my cousin, Dani, and I decided to take a bike ride down to a creepy, abandoned, old, CREEPY house on my road. It was right in the middle of a corn field with a ton of empty silos and barns. When we got there and went down the long drive way i dared my cousin to go up and knock on the door, it was falling off the hinges. She wouldn't and so i said i would. I walked slowly up the steps and then down the porch to the door. Suddenly i smelled strong smoke, heard a huge bang near my face andDani screaming her eyes out! The next thing i remember is waking up in the middle of the corn field with little cuts all over me and my nose bleeding. I yelled for my cousin and no one answered, so i started to run through the cornfield franticly, bawling my eyes out. I found my cousin (about half an hour later!) and she was so freaked out she wouldn't even look me in the eyes!! I begged her to tell me what the hell happened and finally she told me. I wish she hadn't...she said that she saw a shadow like thing come out from under the door. She said it disappeared, my eyes went dark and i started screaming "Get away!! Never come here!!NEVER!!" and i was chasing her through the cornfield. I didn't believe her at first, but she wasn't the kind of person who kidded about stuff like that. The next couple of days i researched possessioons and demons, i guess that's why I like so many "supernatural" things. I've only told a couple people and we never told our parents. No one would've believed us and we knew it...
Guitar Chic101 I remember one wednesday night last year, I was reading a magazine on Mystics and supernatural things. So I came across alot of SN expiriences people had gone through and one was, I forget her name (and there was alot of accounts with other people too) but a young girl woke up and she couldnt move her body for a few seconds and when she would try, she said "I tried moving but it felt like something was pinning me down, and i felt very drained doing so". Ok so to the point, about 3 days later one morning I woke up and was about to get up and hell..I couldnt move my body!, and now I understand how it felt like...its pretty much like being paralyzed but only for around 5 seconds. Now what the magazine had said was that when this sort of thing happens its because "a demon is sitting on you and draining your energy" lol it sounded funny when i first read it... but when it does happen to you its not very funny, when it did I thought to myself oh crap I think its happening and jeez i felt very exhausted trying to move!. Aparently scientists say its nothing to do with demons or anything but happens to most people at least once in their life. I forgot most of the details about the so called "sleep paralysis" but you never know, it could have been a demon or something :O
If this every happens or happened to anyone please share your expirience ay its quite an unusual one:)
Thenitehawke I had almost forgotten this one! Years ago, my cousin and two of her friends, all in their early 20's, were out shopping and just hanging out. They were crossing a busy street, all of them running, when my cousin tripped and fell in the path of an oncoming car. Her friends were ahead of her and didn't realize she'd fallen. My cousin was trying to get up when she looked up and saw a man's hand reaching out to her.....just a hand and forearm, no body!! She grabbed the hand and was pulled out of the way just as the car screeched to a halt where she had been only a moment before.
Her friends were hysterical, having become aware of what was happening when they heard the driver trying to stop. My cousin kept asking them "Did you see it? Did you see it?" Finally, the driver of the car came over and heard her. He said "If you're referring to the hand, I saw it."
He asked her if anyone close to her had died recently. Her father had died only six months before. To this day, she believes it was her father reaching out to save her.
i lived in a house when i was a lot younger. it was around the tinseltown theater in colorado springs... my step sister and i were home alone one night watching horror movies until around 12:00 at night. when we went upstairs to go to bed, and we saw a light coming from our parents room. there was a computer in there with a black figure and there was a chair and a desk and all of those things were not really in there... the figure turned around when i told my step sister not to say anything and the figure turned it head in a 180 and stopped when it was facing us. its head was completely backwards. it then picked up one of the knives from our kitchen and got out of the chair and walked out of the room towards us, turning its body so its head was back to normal again. my step sister locked me out of our room, which was on the same level as the dark figure with the red eyes, and got two feet away from us before my parents almost got through the door, then he walked through the wall , dropping the knife when it hit the wall. if anyone has any idea what that is, can you let me know?
OneHalfVamp91 the legend of the third tunnel.
there is a legend of a third tunnel passed down through generations that there have been murderers and rapes, massacres, and killings sprees withheld in the third tunnel, many people have died in this tunnel and it has been said and known that if you walk through the third tunnel that you will feel a presence of evil spirits and demonic beings that are trapped in the third tunnel, the tunnel in located on gold camp road in colorado..................................ENTER IF YOU DARE!!!!
deanmustlive This happened to me when I was about 7 and I know it doesn't sound like much but it shook me to the core. It's never happened before...or since. My parents were out shopping and my older brother was doing his own thing. I was in my room writing and suddenly I heard loud thumping on my wall, the other side of that wall was a bathroom mirror so I could understand a simple thumping noise if someone was doing it. I walked out and found my brother in the family room and said to him, "Stop it, it's not funny." He started saying I was crazy and had no idea what I meant. I went back to my writing and suddenly I heard it again, but it wasn't simple thumping anymore. It got louder. I went out again and checked in the bathroom...Noone. I was really freaked out but I left it as, just my imagination playing tricks and went back to my room again and it did it AGAIN. So I decided to test the thumping started up again I peered through my door because I had a feeling it was my brother. The whole time I looked out I was hearing the thumping...and my brother was is the other room watching TV. I was so scared at that point that I started crying. I left my room and stayed with my brother (who didn't believe me). Once my parents got home I talked to them but dared not mention the banging and after a few hours a came back to my room...not a sound.

What the hell heppened? Can anyone tell me because I really want some answers so I can get over the horrible memory.
Tavish When I was little about 7 years ago, I was 7 at the time. Every night when I went to bed I used to see a dark figure in my door way or just going past it and it really freaked me out. After we moved I never saw that figure again. Am I crazy or was it real. My mom used to say it was my grandma watching over me, because my grandma had died but I seriously dowght my grand mother was that creepy and trying to scare the **** out of me. Any way just something that made me scared of the dark till I was 12.
Your fellow SN obsessor.
lford I was staying with my aunt and i had made a place infront of the tv with my blanket and pillow. the tv was on a stand that had wheals the floor was level but for some reason the stand rolled out about three feet the cord on the tv still had slack but as i stood up i saw a shadow to my right and the tv wich was not small fell and shaterd on my pillow right where my head was not ten seconds befor. it didn't help that we moved into the house after my aunt moved. me and my sister shared a room for about six moths and nothing happend then she got her own room and more stuff began to happen. my room would stay cold no matter what i did and one night i was asleeping and i woke out of the blue i turned my radio above my bed off so i know i was deffinatly awake as i pulled the covers back up i noticed something emurging out from under my bed it had no form and it rose to the level of my bed and by this point i was peeking out from my covers it was right at eye level and i got this strange felling it was looking at me. it reached out with a formless hand and i felt the pressure on the blanket as it almost petted my head then it for lack of a better word floted to my closet door and took a shape i could make out the silouet of the body of a man but the head of what appered to be a dog of some type to be perfectly honest it put me in mind of the egyption god anubus it walked to my door and it was gone. that was the last time i sow it in such a solid form but no mater what house we live in nomatter were my room is it is always coldest even in the summer i sleep with three blankets on my bed and i see glimpses of shadows in my vition.
TheNiteHawke Here's an interesting little factoid for you: Did you know that in many states if you sell a house you believe to be haunted you are required, under the laws of full disclosure, to inform potential buyers that the house is haunted and to give them details of incidents that make you believe this to be true?
Warriorsgirl We didnt know that my grandmom had died. WE saw a light in the sky at 7:40, coming down from seperated clouds. It was a purply pinkish color. And I white beam went up in it..... When My mom came home and told me that grandmom died...... and said that she died at 7:40..... half crying, and half relieved that I saw my grandmom go to heaven, I hugged mom and said a prayer to grandmom that night.
samrulez01 one day i was sitting in by parents bedroom on the internet listining to three doors down and out of the blue i heard crying and i ignored it but when it happened a couple times after that i freaked out. i walked out and asked if anyone was crying when the all said no then i ran back there and when i heard it again, I made my little sister come with me. in fact it happened on this day! holy crap!CREEPY!
DeansGirl666 a while back i had my friend, Trey, come up for school vacation and we went downtown to get something to eat. on the way back to my house we decided to take the backroad. it was getting late and the sun was already going down. about halfway down the road we walked past this old, creepy looking cemetary. as we walked by, Trey said "imagine walking in there at night" but his voice was really weird, deep and hoarse, like he was possessed or something!
but it turned out he had just swollowed a fly.
i know its not "supernatural" but its funny all the same!
Heath30 You know what? I think I had a supernatural experience last night. I was listening to the radio on the computer and I was getting really depressed so I turned it off and started listening to the normal radio(same show, just not as good reception as the computer) and got into bed. I was really depressed and I almost started crying several times until suddenly the radio started to act weird, the volume kept going down then up again for like 5 minutes, I just assumed the dj had done something wrong and was trying to fix it but suddenly it went quiet and didn't turn back up for at least 10 minutes. This has never happened before and it had unsettled me(stopped me from being depresses but scared the **** out of me), but it was to get even worse for me. Earlier that night I had gone down stairs to get a drink as I usually do I checked all the taps and made sure they weren't dripping by turning them off tightly, this was a few hours before the radio started messing around. Anyway while the radio was quiet for the 10 minutes I could hear the tap in the bathroom dripping... which made me even more terrified becasue I know no one had got out of bed and gone into the bathroom all night... anyway... I know it's not very supernatural but it scared me like hell. Plus dripping taps annoy the hell out of me so while the radio was quiet I had to listen to it interrupting some great metal. Oh and it made me think of a story I had made up involving murderers and stuff... aye I didn't have a good night, depressed, scared and annoyed. lol
Warriorsgirl My best friend Rachael . . . she lives in a haunted house! She does the algie board every night! Once my friend slept over her house, and they went downstairs to get a snack. They heard a sort of moaning. They peered out and a old man was walking down the hall in a top hat and suit. He didnt seem to notice the girls, he was a deadly and faint white. He walked right through the wall! Another time I was over my friend Taylors sleepover party . . . we played the algie board (not me! I was too afraid!) And we hadn't touched it yet, and it started to move to the goodbye! We freaked and hid it, and whenever we walked near it, we felt this cold feeling, like their was a ghost! *Shivers* Creepy....
Kaz100jay The first time I saw something was when I was 8 years old, my great grandfather died on the 13th june and then my great grandmother died on the 13th july in the same year, well a couple of days later I was in bed crying and this voice called my name I looked over and there was the pair of them standing there holding hands and telling me to stop crying and that they were happy as they were back together.
Then there was the time I worked in an old building and I kid you not there was an evil spirit which was watching me and then as I ran down the stairs it followed me my boss didn't believe me until a few days later the same thing happened to her.
The next one was when I moved into my first flat and the first night there I was laying in bed and this old lady appeared at the end of my bed she just smiled then nodded and then vanished.
But the best has to up to today - I moved into a house having been there 10 mins this figure moved across the doorway, I found out that back in the mid 80's the lady (her name is Carol) that lived in the house was murdered (she was stabbed over 20 times and then pushed down the stairs) then things started to vanish only to re-appear in a total different part of the house, we would hear my son talking to her and later found out she had been reading him stories when he was in bed, she would touch the back of my other halfs head and one night I finally got to see her standing at the top of the stairs, also the sound of her falling down the stairs could be heard, we finally got someone to speak to her but still to this day she sometimes comes back to see whats going on - as she told the person we got in that she just likes to see we are happy and that I am keeping her home tidy!! Have lived in this house for over 7 years now and its cool telling people about the goings on that have happened
1983Sarah So, I've had a few "supernatural" or "ghostly" things happen to me. Nothing that scary or major. I don't know how old the house and barn are. I believe that the last estimate was at about 100. During one instance I was about 12 or 13 years old at the time and feeding the cats out in the barn. I thought I heared my dad in the haymow. There were these footsteps that were pacing up there. It sounded like work boots, you know the kind, ones that have snaps on them that sort of jingle as you walk. So I decided to head on up and say hi to my dad. It's just a ladder on a two x four that you walk acroos. I went on up the ladder and called out "dad". I looked around in the haymow and no one was there!

In the house I've had more, stuff happen. I've felt a hand on my shoulder while watching TV. I turned around and there was no one there. Then I felt the pressure sort of lift off and it was over. I've seen shadows of a man in a bowler hat in the basement. It is just a shadow on the wall, nothing more. I have felt a "presence" in the halls and in some rooms. Sounds of things dropping occur without explaination (i.e. nothing has fallen). Our house also has a habit of letting us know when other people are coming home. So I'll be doing whatever around the house and hear people come in, but when I go down to say "hi" no one is home. Then in about a half hour to an hour they will show up. The TV has turned on for no reason and, this I really hate, the radios in the house sound like they are on. You head for the room and as you round the corner, silence. Nothing and no one in the room.

Once the screen door slammed for no reason. I thought it was the cat. He likes to sneak in sometimes and will pull on the screen door to be let outside. I opened the door and thought my cat had done a great disappearing act.... unitl I looked outside and saw him sitting by the barn. Shoes have also been placed in the way when they weren't there previously, causing people to trip. Running in the dinning room is very popular at night. It really sounds like a person running through the hosue and when I get up to see if someone's up, no one's there. I've felt like someone's watching me in my room. My sister actually could not move in one instance. She was trying to get down a hall and she couldn't. It was like a wall was there. I've also seen a shape in the bathtube, no real shape, just, well something not right there.

So, that's it. My kinda odd stories of the whatever.
Kirstiegirl Well My house has something in it. One day I was gettin out of the shower when I heard this loud scream like some one was being killed and then I heard a thup thup like some one was being draged down my stair . this all hapened after my friends and I used a one of those boreds. I ran over to the bathroom door and locked it. My friend went to a Medium and she said that she was a portal to hell. I never went to one but thing keep happening
randyortonsnumber1fan one time my door in my room slammed on its self i thought somone in the house did it but nobody was in the house i was so freaked out know iwon't sleep with any of my doors open
forlornshadow At first I didn't believe in ghosts and demons but over the summer my dad, step mom, my sister and I went to San Fransisco for a vacation and we went to Alcatraz. We were in cell block D, which is where they have the cells where they keep you in solitary confinement in a pitch black cell. About halfway down the cell block I got a bad feeling about being there. I walked a few more steps and stopped. I felt hands wrap around my neck and I started choking. Quickly I ran out of the room and sat down. Once well away from the cell block I could breathe again. When I came back home and did some research I found out that someone had been killed in one of those cell blocks by something. The guards heard the man screaming about something with yellow eyes being in the cell with him but no one thought anything of it. The next day they found him dead in the cell, strangled to death. Autopsy said that the way that the man was strangled he couldn't have done it himself. I was scared out of my mind.
IsuckITrocks a few months ago i was at my aunties house and we were surprising her because her kids had cleaned up her kitchen for her, (which i must say doesnt happen often)so we were standing in her kitchen with the lights out and it was pitch black and i was standing in the corner. it was silent for a minute and then my sister said something to me and when i looked back down i saw someone staring up at me, at first i thought it was my cousin but then i went to put my hands on her head to try and scare her but my hands just went straight through her and she disappeared into a cloud of smoke. For like the next half hour i couldn't stop thinking about it, so i decided to ask my auntie if anything strange had been going on and she turned round and told me that a couple of months before she had moved in that an old lady had died in her bathroom and lo and behold i was standing right under the bathroom at the time. it freaked the hell out of me so now i refuse to use her bathroom.
SingerChildNo1 a few years ago, when i was a kid, I made a friend, who used to play with me all the time. She always wore this blue, checkered dress, with a white bow around her waist, and white scuffed shoes. She had straight brown hair and always had a white bow in it. So I used to play with her in this shed, and she used to lift me up, and spin me, and play housies (like... mommy's and daddy's) with me. So anyway, it continued like that for a while, until i just stopped seeing her. She stopped coming around where we lived. and the shed was gone as well. So recently, when I asked my mom about her, my mom told me there was no girl. I was so freaked out, and persisted that she was real, but my mom said she wasn't. I asked her how it was possible, because she used to lift me up, and my mom said that it must have been a ghost. I was so freaked out.
1c2a3l One time me and my cousin were at our grandparents house. I was 8 he was 7. Anways later on that night he wakes me up and says that there is a man in my room. So me and him tip toe to the outside of my room and peaked around the corner. I mean just holy crap I saw a man in there. I still remember that the shadows covered his face but that he was wearing a pure black suit and that he had this long black coat on. Me and him ran to get my mom. When we got there the man was gone. Sometimes I have dreams about the man and who he was.
DeansGirl666 I was never the one have "supernatural" experiences. i knew there are things that cant be explained and i truly believed in ghosts and spirits, i had just never seen one for myself... that was before my dad passed in 2008.
the first time was a month or so after he passed. i was asleep in my room, facing the wall when i awoke at the sound of my dads voice saying he loved me "soo much" and i could feel his hand on the back of my head as a comforting gesture. when the voice left and the weight on my head faded, i stayed awake for probably an hour, staring at the wall, afraid to roll over to where he was. i didnt know what i was going to see and i was honestly too scared to find out. it was an hour later that i finally did, and of course there was nothing there... i know he is still here. i occasionally see shimmering lights that last a few minutes on my wall in my pitch black room (window has a blanket on it, alarm clock covered, doors closed... i cant sleep in anything other than a pitch black room)... but i had another experience last night (12/19/09 - 11:30pm) almost a month after the 1 year anniversary of his death (11/20/08 - 10:27pm). i was sound asleep on my back when all of a sudden (i hate using that phrase, but it really does fit) something falls on my hand, which is resting on my chest. i wake up to find that it was my dads watch, which usually hangs on my wall next to my bed 2 FEET from where i lay, held by a tack. now, there is NO way that it could have fallen from its spot (nearly level with my mattress) onto my chest, nor could one of the animals do it (cats arent aloud in my room - door shut - and tala, a 120 lb dog was asleep by my bed) since i am an extremely light sleeper... i really do believe it was my dad. he has always been a joker (he wrote "my last will and testicles" instead of "my last will and testament") so i think it was his way of saying "im watching you..." and its very comforting knowing that...
kristinlee_1225 I'm still trying to figure this out but so far i got nothing.. I live in Philadelphia, smack in center city.. all of the buildings here are about 100 years old, including the one i live in. I love my apt. I spent alot of time (..and money) fixing it up and it turned out awesome. anyway about a month after i moved in and completely finished decorating it i started to hear some noises..I'm still not completely convinced that it was just the fact that the building is so old and creaks but I would continueally hear things in my kitchen. I also thought it might be mice.. but i have yet to see one... I wasnt too freaked out about it and i basically just ignored it... Then my cell phone flew off my nightstand! I was sitting on my bed and it just shot off the table by me bed. I tried to re-create it thinking that maybe it vibrated and thats what sent it flying but i couldnt. ... Later that night right as i was about to fall asleep i heard a mans voice whisper in my ear "Help Me".. I actually felt the hair by my ear move from his breath... Totally freaked out i turned on evey light, the radio and TV.... I couldnt move because, well, darn it i spent sooo much time fixing up the place!.. Shortly after this, i had my nephew over..he was about 2 and just learning how to put sentences together. He stood at the doorway to my bedroom and kept calling me, over and over and over..Slightly annoyed i said "WHAT?!!!".. and he was like "there's a ghost in there" as he pointed into my room... how does a 2yld even know the word GHOST????...after he left i heard a thump in my room. I walked in to see what it was.. (b/c apparently I'm that girl) ..and on the headboard to my bed is his GIGANTIC handprint..which wouldnt come off!!!! I tried pledge, soap and water, hell even Windex...Nothing got this off.. I took pictures so people wouldnt think i was crazy. WHen i showed them to my family me mom was like "I didnt want to say anything but my stuff got moved into the bathroom when i stayed over".. and my brother was like " The reason i dont stay over anymore is because I heard someone walking around the the kitchen that night i slept over".. ANd my cousin was like "I got really nausea the when i went into your room that time you had me over for dinner...As soon as i left the room i was fine" I was like "why the hell didnt anyone tell me these things??!!!" the didnt want to freak me out.... I watch my nephew often. he's about 2 1/2 now and talking very well.... He hasfull on conversations with absolutely no one at my apt.... But whatever it is, i dont think its bad... I have this little dish that has multi colored rocks in it..I usually put it out of reach when he comes over bc to a 2 yld it just looks like candy... Anyway he tells me that "Nero said to not eat these. You need to put them on the fridge so i cant get them"... I doesnt seem to want to hurt me, and it makes my nephew i just sleep with the TV or radio on and try to ignore the rest....BTW I"m almost I'm not some crazy kid looking for attention!
Warriorsgirl A few years ago I was at the shore, and we went to a new hotel room. Everybody was in the kitchen so I went to bed. There was a picture frame that had reflecting glass over it; there was also a bolted window so there was no way it could have opened or anything. As soon as I got into bed the curtains started flying as though a raging storm were outside, but it was calm and, like I said before, the window was bolted shut. At the same time I heard something akin to the sound of wings the angels make when they ranomely appear somewhere. I saw a white something reflected in the glass of the picture frame and I ran out of the room. Right before I reached the door it stopped. One of the scariest moments of my life.
pennpuck i was asleep, it was twilight, so my room was grayish. i awoke because i felt what i thought was someone sitting down on my left leg on the edge of my bed. so i picked up my head to see who was sitting on my bed pissed at whoever was waking me up. and saw a small gray creature only about 2 feet tall midstride, as if walking across my bed. it stopped as it saw me. only a few seconds went by, then it raised his hand and pointed at me. i cant remember details of its face, but it was almost gremlin like but i do remember the end of its finger glowed orange like a lit cigarrette. i remember thinking "punch it, just punch it." but i froze. then i thought, "go away" it must have heard my thoughts because then its legs began to waver and dissappear. i pulled my left leg over to roll back onto my stomach when i did i felt as though i was pushing it, it was still there. i still felt its weight even though i couldnt see it. the next day i realized what had happened. for some reason i wasnt scared. i think there should be a supernatural episode involvingthe slender man myth.
demon_wolf512 Near the end of September, my best friend, her fiance, and my boyfriend were fooling around trying to scare my boyfriend into believing in the paranormal, the supernatural. Weird things had been happening around my best friend and I for years, impossible things. Anyway, we got a candle out and performed a kind of seance, I guess. That night, she and went to the bathroom because we were hearing noises and she didn't want too go alone. Well when she was done there were large cuts on her arm. Neither of us had even come close to touching anything sharp in there and they were too big to be from a razer. Half a month went by without too many incidents, and one night when my boyfriend wasn't there but my best friend, her fiance and his cousin were, she got really sleepy suddenly. We couldn't wake her up. There was this chill in the air. I was standing in the kitchen, shaking uncontrollably, when I felt something brush across my arm. I didn't move but I told her fiance about it and when I couldn't feel it anymore I looked at my arm. There was a small scratch. I still have scar there, yet it was only the size of a scratch you get when you brush against a branch in the woods. The fishtank was turning on and off. The TV and DVD player too. None of us can figure it out, but I think whatever is doing this, isn't haunting the place, but the people.
DestielShipper When I was a child I had a doll statue with a red dress on my wall above my door. My bed faced the door and when I was younger I was one of the children who thought my toys came to life when I wasn't looking. I used to watch the doll above the door when I went to sleep hoping that I would see it move. Then one night, the colour of the dress changed from red to blue. It was still like that the next day and the next night the doll disappeared altogether right in front of me. I thought I might have dreamed it but it still wasn't there the next day and when I asked my parents they told me I'd never had anything above my door. I never managed to figure out what happened and I never saw the doll again except when I had dreams about it coming back to hang above the door again.
It was awhile ago I remember that I was eight and sleeping in bed and I heard something and I got up and the sound came from downstairs in our house and my family was sound asleep and no one got up so I went down to see if something fell and I ran down the stairs and looked and I saw this man black hair I think he was American and had a scarred up face he looked at me and tried to speak to me but I couldn't hear him and then he was gone just disapered and as a child I dreamt about it every night and I would always say maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me but I knew that it was real

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jensenlover0123 Rose Red mansion 1 Jan 14 2012, 6:36 AM EST by SuperZu
Thread started: Jan 13 2012, 9:35 PM EST  Watch
Okay so I'm reading the rose red story and its about a haunted mansion. I think Sam and Dean should go there because they read in the paper that there are mysterious deaths happening. So that leads them to the mansion... i don't want to ruin why its happening but i think that would be a cool idea.
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Ellz_Bellz haunted house? 0 Jan 11 2010, 3:08 PM EST by Ellz_Bellz
Thread started: Jan 11 2010, 3:08 PM EST  Watch
um i'm not sure but our house might be haunted i see things move out of the corner of my eye and im always feeling like theres someone behind me and when i turn round no ones there
i asked my mum if anyone who had lived in the house died she said that a little girl who lived here 40 or 30 odd years ago had died when she ate this weed killer when she was playing in the garden
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Jensenfan Let me guess 2 Dec 21 2009, 10:11 AM EST by Calico95
Thread started: Aug 20 2009, 6:32 AM EDT  Watch
let me guess ur all americans if thats so then Europe is boring im always ready for them and nothing happens
maybe i just have to wait
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