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here is where theories from events on the show go.
so all the theories like Ash isn't dead, or ..... can go here.
6 months
There is an amazing thread on the forum concerning the 6 month theory.
but here's a recap. (these will be expanded on)
  • The Special Children including Sam were 6 months old when the Y.E.D. performed the rite that gave them their abilities.

  • Mary died when Sam was six months old.

  • In the episode Mystery Spot When it finally becomes Wednesday Dean is dead for you guessed it 6 months.

  • It was six months from his disappearance and Jessica's death before John telephone's and talks to the boys in scarecrow.

  • In the episode Bloody Mary it is revealed that Sam began dreaming about jessica’s death 6 months before her death.

  • Because Jessica and Mary's death happened on the Same date it makes it 6 months before Sam's birthday.

Sam and the six month kids
Every knows that the Y.E.D. performed a ritual of blood and fire over most of the six month children which lead to them developing special abilities at the age of 23. Although it is purely speculation, there is a widely held belief that the actually Sam's Father and that Mary had an affair that John never knew about.
  1. Sam was always Y.E.D.'s favorite

  2. John was down stairs watching TV instead of in bed with his wife.

  3. Mary knew the Demon or at least the man he was possessing

  4. All of Mary's Friends that may have known about an affair were killed

  5. Y.E.D's experiments (Croatoan) were carried out on Sam and not the kids that had turned bad.

In the comic book origins. John receives a clue about Mary's death in the shape of a Hell hound tooth. engraved on the tooth is a symbol (will insert pic when i get it) which John points out is the time of Mary's death. Later he interprets it to be the co-ordinates 11:27 which lead him to a gateway to hell.
But if you look at the image it can also be interpreted as 11/2/07 which as we all now November second is the date of both Mary and Jessica's death but i also believe that it is the date of John's death. it was exactly one year from Jessica's that John gave his soul to save Dean.
(Jess dies at just after 2:50am which is when Dean's watch is stopped at in the deleted scene from the pilot.)

Dean's Amulet
It has long been held that there was some special significance to Dean's amulet. Most of us thought that theory had been shot down some what when it was revealed that it was a gift from Sam on their last childhood Christmas.
But where did Sam get it from?
does it have more power than just a cherished possession?
Also there is a really interesting amulet theory about how dean might get out of hell.

Other interesting points to consider.
  • Lawrence, Kansas is as close to the geographical centre of the united states that you can get.
  • The number six is considered to be the devils number hence 666.
  • Sam died the night of his birthday. Dean also died 1 year later the night of Sam's birthday.

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Thread started: Jun 18 2008, 5:15 AM EDT  Watch
So, has anyone else noticed the 6 months thing? Jackles and I were talking and it is very interesting how Kripke uses that time frame. Sam was 6 months old when Mary died. Then in Mystery Spot Dean was dead for 6 months. Now, Kripke is saying that although Dean may experience years in Hell it will likely be 6 months passing on Earth. So, just thought I'd throw that out there. I found it...interesting. I'm probably just reading more into it then I should but it's summer and no new Supernatural, so I've gotta fill my time somehow!
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jackles 11:27? 2 Jun 28 2008, 6:22 AM EDT by jackles
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what is 11:27??
a time??
what happen during 11:27?
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