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My brain is being invaded on a daily basis by possible Supernatural theories. If I'm lucky my brain will be left alone to it's own thoughts for more than a day before another possible theory invades it! So here I've decided to share, sort of like a therapy session, what I'm feeling and thinking. Here we go -------

This theory popped into my head when I was in the kitchen cleaning the dinner dishes. I just finished watching the whole of season 2 and now I'm on season 3, just finished watching 'The Children are Alright'. In All Hell Breaks Loose part1, YED hints to us that there are generations before our generation that he has given his blood to, we witness that possibility in the episode 'In the Beginning'. Bare with me now, we also know that Lilith is trying to free Lucifer to bring on an epic battle, possibly to rule the earth! So I was thinking, what if this epic battle has been stewing for centuries, what if YED knew of Lilith's plans and he knew that his demon army would not be sufficient enough to beat Lilith so he creates an invincible army of human psychics! Humans that can't be exorcised and sent back to hell, who are not allergic to holy water and who cannot be trapped in a devil's traps, MUCH STRONGER THAN DEMONS. It's a gamble some of his prodigies have ended up on the dead side of things, but surely there are more humans with powers out there lurking in the shadows, waiting to be called out to fight in the epic battle along side whichever leader (in this case possibly Sam) is ready to lead them. So, we have this battle that has been stewing for centuries between YED and his army (soon to be Sam's army) and Lilith and her army, both fighting eachother to rule the world, fighting for a seat on the throne, and the angles fighting to stop it with the vulnerable human race caught in the middle. But wait what does that mean for Sam? Well, it could mean that there's hope! If Sam becomes the leader as he was destined to, mined you without him turning evil and killing innocent lives, then really he's fighting on the good side. After all the angels believe Sam can be of great help. But if YED wanted to stop Lilith from ruling does that mean he wants to stop Lucifer from rising? Well, possibly. YED wasn't out to kill people, I mean sure he's a demon and he destroyed lives by doing what he did, he destroyed the Winchesters' lives by doing what he did, but if he was thinking of the bigger picture then his actions could be justified, for a demon anyways o_O. Lets weigh this theory out, you have YED on one side of the boxing arena, his plan is to rule the earth with his human psychics and demon army and those civilians who don't get in the way are welcomed, and on the other side of the arena you have Lilith who wants to rule the earth and kill every human soul, and demon who stands in her way. So does that make YED the lesser of two evils? .....

My brain kinda shuts off after this boggling theory! Tomorrow another one might pop in and invade my quiet happy cranium, making this theory look like chicken scratch -_-


Okay another theory popped into my head after watching the last three episodes of this season. What if Dean is the one at fault here!

One: The fact that Dean confessed to Sam that he enjoyed the torture he inflected on damned souls in hell, does it make him an evil human being? Does it mean that if Dean isn't careful with his choices in his life now that he could ultimately become someone he would otherwise despise? Not sure about the former but the latter could happen. I do believe that Dean has potential of becoming some one or something Alastair was trying so hard to achieve when torturing Dean and giving him an offer he couldn't refuse! He is human after all and just like his kid brother Sammy he could fall victim to circumstance and life hard choices.

Two: In CAIADB The parallels of the magician friends to Sam and Dean were errie, in the way that this is how Sam and Dean could wind up at 60 years of age. However does that mean that Sam will be the one to kill Dean to save the world? If so it brings me back to my first theory about Dean possibly making those bad choices.

Three: Sam's confession to not being the evil one, how much of it is true and how much of it is Sam trying so hard to believe it's true? I really believe that Sam isn't evil or going to become evil, I truly believe that Sam believes that what he is doing is good and looking at the bigger picture is probably the only way to win the battle against Lucifer and hell. So, if Sam is doing what the angels are doing using his powers to save people and ultimately kill Lilith and Dean is trying to stop him from doing so. Who's the wrong one here? Sam or Dean? Again bringing me back to my main theory of Dean making the wrong choices ultimately causing his own demise... again!

Okay my mind is going back again to rack up another theory. Wooooh, that was brain cramping!

Bored Sammy

Okay as I probably mentioned before I am having a Supernatural marathon, I'm watching all the episodes starting form season1 all the way to the last episode aired in season4. I just finished watching 'No Rest for the Wicked', and no matter how many times I watch it (the fourth now) I still cry at the scene where Sam and Dean are singing Bon Jovi.

Anyway, to get to the theory that popped into my head when watching Ruby and Sam and Lilith and Sam. I got the impression that Ruby truly did want to kill Lilith, why? Well maybe because she wants Sam to be the big leader of the demons, she'd rather have a hot looking, soft yet brutal mannered man as the leader, that way she could be the queen of the demons. Because she couldn't be the queen if Lilith was in charge, that would lead to something else (something I'll leave for another time -_^). There was a moment where Sam tells Ruby that he'll do whatever it takes to save Dean, and Ruby looks at him and says "Do what?", I think that was Lilith at the point in Ruby's body. She didn't seem to know what Sam was talking about and when Sam told her that he'll do anything, when he implied he would try and access his powers, that's when Lilith saw an opening. Maybe she felt this was her oppertunity to kill the competition, Sam didn't have his powers and she found him vulnerable. I mean you could see the slight relief and satisfaction in her eyes, but that disapeared when she failed to eliminate Sam after killing Dean, and that's when plan B popped into her head, not sure exactly when it happend, but Lilith realized that she will not be able to kill Sam.

So now the only thing she can do is lay low, and during that time she came up with the big booha to release Lucifer. Cause who better to get rid of Sam? Eventhough it probably wasn't something she wanted. She's sadistic and manipulative and wants power over all dominion, but she can't as long as Sam is around, as long as there are demons who will be willing to follow him, so she puts on her best seductive suite for Lucifer and strikes a deal with him - his release for Sam's intestines on a stick, and she gets soul dominion over the world. What's in it for Lucifer? Umm torturing souls and turning life on earth a living hell, oh and being Lilith's boy toy ;) However the qastion remains, if Lucifer does succeed (and that's a big IF), will Lilith really keep him around or will she find away to destroy him too?

I know it sounds pretty out there, but I just don't think that releasing Lucifer was Lilith's original plan. Nobody would just give up their chance at ruling the world, especially not Lilith.

Sam and Dean

Okay when this theory popped into my head I was in a somewhat of a personal moment, releaving myself in the ladies room *clears throat*, don't ask why I'm thinking of Supernatural while I'm in the bathroom, I just did this time... don't judge!... LOL

Anyways, my theory involves Dean's amulet. I was looking the meaning of his amulet up and found out the general meaning of the symbol. There are so many variations of 'horned gods' in so many cultures and religions, but they all have one thing in common - That it means a symbol of protection or safety symbol. Now I was thinking that maybe the amulet isn't supposed to be for Dean, even though it was giving to him by Sammy, maybe it's supposed to really be for Sammy. But why? Well, to protect him from Lucifer, to protect him from whatever harm Lucifer plans to inflict on Sam. You see I'm thinking when the time comes that Dean is gonna have to give the amulet to Sam, that could explain one of the reasons why the angels were told to rescue him, because the amulet would have to be given by the wearer. What's the amulet gonna do? Well if the amulet is an ancient symbol of protection then it probably posses the power to protect from the most extreme form of evil. You see I figured since it didn't protect Dean from going to hell, and it didn't protect Dean from being tortured, then it's not meant for him at all, but for Sam. I also think that since the amulet is a symbol of the bond between Sam and Dean it would be appropriate for Dean to give it to Sam when the time comes.

Okay so Sam is wearing the amulet, what's next? Well, now that Sam is wearing the amulet Lucifer has no vessel and therefore is more vulnerable. Sam will probably be more powerful and can take him out! But Lucifer can posses anybody, he's the devil right? Well, in my opinion I don't think something as strong as Lucifer needs a human vessel to walk the earth, but for the sake of this theory lets say he does, maybe he can't just posses anyone, maybe possessing any normal human vessel will weaken his powers somehow, so he needs to posses the ones who are like Sam, the ones who have YED blood in them. But Sam isn't available so he has no one to posses so he's left hanging in the winds.

It sounds a little far fetched about the whole Lucifer thing, but it's a theory that invaded my brain and it sounded pretty impressive when I was thinking it -_^.

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