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As of October 2017, this page has been locked. We do not have anyone to serve as "Ellen" to manage this section and set up hunts. Please contact journalbookbinder through the site's messaging system if you were involved in a hunt at the time the page was locked.

Greetings! If you've ever wanted to be a character like someone on Supernatural and join Sam and Dean in hunting, here's your chance -- through roleplaying games (RPG)! Below is a fun introduction to RPG from a member. After that, visit the following pages to get started:

  1. Create one character in the non-cannon profiles (non-cannon means the character you create is your own and not one already featured on the show).
  2. Take your character to Harvelle's Roadhouse to await a hunt in which he or she can participate. Chat with Ellen and with other hunters there. (Ellen is played by arjetluna, who will help you get started on a hunt - you can email her with RPG questions. - Please note I am standing in as 'Ellen' for now - Spnfanforever)
  3. Once you have a hunt, you will have your own hunting pages to read about the case, get clues, and talk / get in the action with other members who are hunting with you! When your join a hunt, remember that others are counting on your to participate. Keep in touch and keep track of what's going on. Hunters have to have each others' backs!
You can check out past and ongoing hunts in the RPG Job Listings and at the Roadhouse.
Have fun and happy hunting!


lady in red ouija games devils trap

Okay so I livingimpaired have been big on roleplaying for a while now and i decided i want to share it with my supernatural friends! So for those of you who don't know what roleplaying is i brought along two good Friends of mine....

Welcome Hunters and Everybody else to the Winchester School of how to Roleplay!

I'm Dean Winchester and this here is my little brother Sammy
id dudes
We're here to teach you guys how to roleplay. Uh is that right Sam? Are you sure we're supposed to be teaching these dudes to Roleplay? Coz that sounds a little weird to me. Shouldn't we teach em oh i don't know ... how to hunt down evil sonsab*tches?

No Dean, we're here to teach them how to roleplay. We need to teach them what the little ** mean or what to do if you want to say something out of character.
Really? Oh man well I don't even know how to do that Sam. Maybe you should teach em *Shoves Sam to the front of the class room*

Supernatural Roleplaying Game - Supernatural Wiki
Oh okay. Hi, so uh, basically a Roleplaying Game is where you create a character or Role and you Play it in a game.

So here is how this works.
It is similar to the Supernatural camp fire story. But with one exception. You may only write about what your character is doing!

For examples of how this works, try looking at some of the other hunts, starting here

So here are the rules:
You are limited to 1 Out of Cannon Character - Which means a character that you made yourself. For an example go here.
Then once you know what character you are playing come up with a name and information about her. You might want to add a phobia there is a list of phobias here
Supernatural Roleplaying Game - Supernatural Wiki
Post your profile. Instructions for how to are here.

You can only write about what your character is doing; for the example Livingimpaired is playing Toby and Warriorsgirl (sorry first name that came to mind!) is playing Jodie.
Supernatural Roleplaying Game - Supernatural Wiki
this is the right way it would go:
warriorsgirl writes:
Jodie banged on the door and waited for Toby to answer.
Livingimpaired writes:
With the knock on the door Toby looks up from his book and decides to go and see who it is. Glancing through the peep hole he sees Jodie's face and with a smile opens the door.
"Hey Jo, how's your mother?"
Warriorgirl writes:
"She's good thanks Toby. although she was wondering if you will ever visit the new place?" Jodie said as she walked into the living room.
This is the wrong way
warriorsgirl writes:
Jodie banged on the door and waited till bobby opened it.
"what took you so long" she asked Toby when he finally opened the door.

Supernatural Roleplaying Game - Supernatural Wiki
Yeah don't post like that; you will make Sammy sad!

One-sentence entries are fine when people are online and you all are talking back and forth and reacting to one another. Otherwise, try to build the atmosphere:
Supernatural Roleplaying Game - Supernatural Wiki
Corbett wasn't sure what had happened but somehow he had gotten turned around and taken the wrong path. the sun had set and it was pitch black amongst the trees, he still had not found the creek. He couldn't even hear the sound of water.

Damn it he thought, he had been so mad at Spruce for taking the water out that he hadn't even thought to bring a torch or anything.

He decided that he would turn around now before he got to lost and make the trip for water in the morning when he could see where he was going. but when he turned back he couldn't find the path. it was as if the trail he had been following had just vanished. That's when he heard it.
It sounded like the wind blowing through the leaves or was it laughter?

He looked around perhaps the guys had lit the fire by now and he might be able to see the glow.

After a while and Way of to his left he could make out a faint glow. it must be camp he thought. Although he was also pretty sure camp was in the other direction.
After thinking for a second and hearing the strange windless rustling Corbett decided to head toward the light!


Share or else! No post wh**ing. It's okay to do long posts as long as it is building atmosphere and not:
Bobby ran in saw that Sam was in trouble, he quickly retrieved his book from his truck and read the exorcism spell and then he administered to Dean's wounds. Married Wonder Woman, had twenty kids and flew off into the sunset in the invisible jet to live happily ever after! (okay i get that this is a very silly example but hopefully you get the idea!).

5.1: Please pay attention to what is happening in the story. if someone does something that affects your character you cant ignore it! example:
Thomas drew a knife and held it to Rebbecca's neck "Anyone moves and i give her a second smile!"
Gordon turned and threw a punch at the vampire that was closest to him.
This post ignores what Thomas is doing and would in real life result in Him slitting Rebbecca's throat because Gordan moved. DONT DO IT!
Supernatural Roleplaying Game - Supernatural Wiki

No attacking, threatening, abuse or breaking of the site and general peace and love rules.

Supernatural Roleplaying Game - Supernatural Wiki

If you break the rules your new entries will be ignored and deleted.

8: A thread can be opened at the bottom of the hunt where things can be discussed and the moderator can leave suggestions and you can too. If you want to talk to the others in the hunt out of character, the thread is a great place to do it, or PM them.

Supernatural Roleplaying Game - Supernatural Wiki
Cannon: This term means characters in the show like us, or Bobby or Ellen or Ash you get the picture.

Non-Cannon: The rest of us -- this would basically be anything that you make up and put in the game like your characters.

(ooc) this stands for: out of character if livingimpaired wanted to add a note as herself she would put (ooc: don't do it!)
Supernatural Roleplaying Game - Supernatural Wiki
AU: i don't know if this is relevant but it means Alternate Universe and its where the dead cannon characters can come back. you know like the story branches of from what happened in the show and continues with what if john hadn't died, or If Mary hadn't died.

Supernatural Roleplaying Game - Supernatural Wiki
Okay so i think that should be enough to get you started. all you have to do is add your profile and what for the games to be set up!

Supernatural Roleplaying Game - Supernatural Wiki

I think that went well.

(icons thanks to aredhel4 from livejournal)

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spnfanforever Role Playing Game - Hunters wanted! 18 Nov 8 2018, 7:54 PM EST by lorenaiova
Thread started: Dec 5 2013, 7:30 AM EST  Watch

I asked a while back if anyone had any queries on Supernatural RPGs because I'd had one or two questions about it but no-one got back to me...

So I'm asking again...

I've set up a new Hunt now so if there are any would-be Hunters who want to join in on the latest game, let me know or go to to check it out... Any questions, you can contact me...

If there is interest, I'll set up some of the unfinished hunts afresh. In the meantime, I'll be tidying things up...

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spnfanforever Role-Playing Game being set up... (page: 1 2) 26 Jun 28 2014, 10:32 AM EDT by spnfanforever
Thread started: May 2 2014, 11:39 AM EDT  Watch
Hi All,

I've had a request for an RPG from a member and a couple of people have also expressed interest lately so I'm setting up a new game for next week. If anyone wants to join in, let me know on this thread or mail me. We need 2-5 players to start.

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spnfanforever Supernatural Roleplaying Game has moved! 0 Jun 27 2014, 9:08 AM EDT by spnfanforever
Thread started: Jun 27 2014, 9:08 AM EDT  Watch
Hey All,

Just to advise y'all that the Roleplaying Game has MOVED! It is now directly below the 'Supernatural Fanfiction' section so it is much easier to see and navigate to...

The archived section of all the old games remains under 'Supernatural Fun Extras Section 1' for now...

And I have another couple of games for budding Hunters if they wish to join in! :)

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Tutto Ressurection Spell? Anyone? 7 Mar 8 2014, 2:20 AM EST by spnfanforever
Thread started: Mar 5 2014, 4:55 AM EST  Watch
Hello, I found this forum in my search for a good Supernatural roleplay that I can join, and simply found it amazing! I absolutely love the originality and realistic features! With this I do realise that their hasn't been a post since February the 10th but am wondering, would there be any chance of the roleplay being resurrected?
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spnfanforever Role-playing Game queries... 0 Apr 5 2013, 11:58 PM EDT by spnfanforever
Thread started: Apr 5 2013, 11:58 PM EDT  Watch

Just wanted to say I'm going to try and look after Role Playing Games for a while but I'm away on holiday next week (a very last-minute thing!) so I'll get involved the week after, sometime towards the end of week commencing 4/15/13... So if you have any queries etc I will talk to you then, if that's OK? - I think it's better doing that rather than trying to do something now and then I'm away...

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PhyllisStevens rpg 0 Oct 7 2011, 2:23 PM EDT by PhyllisStevens
Thread started: Oct 7 2011, 2:23 PM EDT  Watch
i think id like to try it but ill have to read rules over a few times.also i would like a rp name how do i do that
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