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We all have our addictions ... for the die-hard fans of Supernatural, the show and everything in it is often it!
Here's a little forum to confess and possibly get help with some of the issues this brings up. :P All in fun!

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(Yes, you can be anonymous if you want!)


SuperZu I have most of Season 5 saved on the DVR, even tho I've already pre-ordered the DVD -- but it won't come for so long! However, my roommate gets peeved that there's no room on the DVR to save other shows. I can't bring myself to nuke all my fave season 5 episodes! Help me! LMAO!!!! AA has 12 steps, what about us? (Swtndl81)

12 steps are now posted! :P
(please, I hope no one is offended... <3 SuperZu)
Swtndl81 I, too DVR all of SPN, even the repeats on TNT and CW. Since there are no new episodes I am currently having my own SPN marathon that I started last Saturday. All episodes from season1 to 5.
SylentViolet I DVR Supernatural on two separate TV's, since in Season 3, for some reason the new episode didn't record. I've seen every episode a minimum of three times, and find myself mostly frequenting Supernatural websites. Oh yeah I'm also a SPN RPG'er! Supernatural is taking control of my life, man! Well, as you know, one way to avoid the RPG taking up time is to have your hunters abandon the hunt... (SuperZu)
Sam4EverRed2011 I just got into the supernatural season so i watched the past episodes from past season's online and make sure i'm watching the show on thursday's at 8 and then this fall i'm going to have to record the season so i don't miss the episodes when it airs again because of the musical at school! ahh! i'm torn between my love for acting and my love for the winchester boys!
Superhotties Yes I too am an addict.And damn proud of it!
I have always been a fan, but only recently has my addiction taken its hold.
I watch episode after episode, season after season. My mind is swamped with scenes from the show. The only things I look up on the net are SN related. I spout quotes in everyday conversation and try to convert as many people as I can! I have even discovered a few fans who are 'in the closet" ( which is where I'd like to be with the J's!) I love, love, love it and I am not ashamed! I am PROUD GD IT and I NEVER want to be cured !!!!!!!!!!!
But, Superhotties, please ... tell us how you really feel. XD (SuperZu)

Welcome, Superhotties!!! There is no shame in admitting that you have addiction. Be proud!!! We're here for you!! (Swtndl81)



What is there not to love about this show? I have been a fan since the pilot and have every collectors season on dvd except Season 5. Nothing is hotter than two sexy brothers fighting the supernatural. I will and always will be a die hard fan. Thank you Eric Kripke for thinking up this show and choosing Jen Ackles and Jared Padelecki. I am just sad that after season six I won't have my show to look forward to every week. But I can watch the earlier shows over and over so thats not so bad. I admit I am a Supernatural Addict and proud of it!

I agree with everyone who has posted on here. I am addicted to Supernatural, completely! A few of my friends are getting more and more mad at me because Spn is all I want to talk about. I have collected nearly 20 or 30 pages dedicated to quotes from all Spn episodes and I am not done yet. My room has started to look like a hunter really does live in it. I have never missed seeing any of the episodes that come on tv and I own all seasons and I am eagerly counting down to Season 6! In just a few months Spn has taken over my life and I am nowhere near ready to be cured of my addiction!


I am such an addict that I joined this site just so I could share my summer plans with people who (I hope) will appreciate them. :) I am calling this "D's Summer of Supernatural", in which I will watch every single episode from beginning to end (aka: Season 1 - Pilot all the way to Season 5: Swan Song.) Supernatural has become my #1 fave t.v. show of all time. Anyway, stay cool everyone, and I'll be counting down the days until Supernatural Season 6 starts too. :) (Oh, and I just thought I'd add something funny. My son calls me a Supernatural *****, because I can watch a new episode online, then I'll watch it again with my mom online, and then I watch it for a third time with my sister when it is actually televised, and then I'll watch it for a fourth time with my son, either online or on t.v. So, because I watch it with everyone I can, whenever I can, he calls me a Supernatural *****! Lol And, when I try to convince him to watch it with me early, I'll tell him "But you have's a freakin' awesome episode." To which he responds, "Mom, every episode is freakin' awesome!" Lol Okay, Cheers. :)

Nermah84 Ok here's the deal, My sister in law and I are complete addicts to the show its all we ever talk about. She owns all the dvds (except 4 season 5 but will get it soon) and I own almost all the books. I am constantly on this website every time I get a chance, am constantly on the Addicted to Supernatural page on Facebook. And I have been commited to constantly rewatch the episodes from the beginning either online or at my sister in law's house. There I have admitted my Addiction. I like being an addict. There's a FB page for SPN addicts? Didnt know that. I'm member of the CW's Supernatural. Thanks for the info. I'm joing right now. (Swtndl81)
TriggerxxFinger Hi, my name's Trigger, and I am an addict. I have the first 4 seaons on DVD and I check every other day for a release date on the season 5 dvds. i am "that" girl, wearing the "team padalecki" shirt with season 1 in my purse because lately everyone says they've never seen it but they want to.
If i don't watch at LEAST an episode a day, i turn into a heinous b***h. It's weird, i get really cranky.
And maybe i happen to know there are exactly 2,135 miles between my house and their studios.
And maybe i'm going to get that tattoo next week. And maybe you have an SPN problem too because you know exactly which tattoo i mean.
Maybe my coffee cup says "Sam girl" and maybe my travel mug has mini winchesters saying b***h and jerk on it.
I am so NOT ready to be cured.
You poor sweet child I really suggest you take a small break from SPN before you kill someone :)

Now THATS addicted. Hell yeah, you go girl!!!(Superhotties)
KyoSomaHidate I'm proud to say that i am an addict, but It's not all well here... Still need to watch this episode and that episode, but show me something sad that happens to Cas,Sam, or Dean then i start crying or my hand is over my gaping mouth... I even get furious at Satan! i ready to be cured? maybe not.... This is a great way to splode out with your supernatural awsomeness
DeanCasSamBobbyGabrielGurl Okay so my wallpaper is Sam and Dean and stilll my walls are covered in pictures and posters and my cabinets have Supernatural Magazines, books, DVDS and I even have a binder of each character on the show with their bio, pictures, fun facts and magazine/newspaper clippings in them. I admit i have a problem I am a Supernaturalholic and I am zero days sober! I have OCD
I have ODD
I have OSD
Obessive Sam Disorder
and more! Supernatural has moved in and is never leaving (apparently)


My background on my computer is made up of hundreds of shirtless Sam and Deans. I sketched the brothers and am planning to draw them shirtless. I changed my religon to Wicca because of the pentacle in supernatural. I shout at the Tv and look up pictures that leave me scarred for life just because they are supernatural related

As a Wiccan, I really hope you had other reasons for becoming Wiccan other than the pentacle in SPN. If it is the only reason, then you will not find what you are looking for. You can be interested in the supernatural without being be Wiccan is a lifestyle, a way of looking at the world, having a strong set of ethics and morals and above all "harming no one." I hope you will remember that as you study Wicca. :)


Hi, my name's Lecta. I'm addicted to Supernatural. I started to become addicted since I saw the pilot episode preview. I have all seasons on DVD and I have all the music from the eppy's on my laptop. I have even seperated and made them into CD's based on who was driving or who the situation was about. (Needless to say I have a lot of "Dean's Music" CD's) I quote the show constantly and am always asking myself WWDD? What Would Dean Do? Most of the time I go get myself a drink and then slack off after I ask that. ANYWHO! I constantly have scenes (and sometimes whole eppy's) playing in my head. I love my memory! I am obssessed with Dean. Whenever he cries I cry and whenever he's mad I'm mad. My room looks like a hunter really does sleep there. I have a devil's trap on my ceiling, a line of salton my window sills and above my doorway, I have a BAJLLION occult books littering everything, I have obits from different "freak accidents", and I have my weapons trunk besides my bed. I can just roll over and grab a machete if need be. I- I don't think I COULD be cured. Not that I WANT to be. *Runs away holding DVD's to chest* You'll never take me alive shrinks!!!!!! Lol. "I just got thraped." I'll also have to agree with DeanCasSamBobbyGabrielGurl, I have ODD, OCD, and OSD as well. Give me SPN or give me death! *Runs off waving memorobilai above head*
SuperZu: Oh, my ... if there was a contest for "Most Addicted," you might win! LOL!


I have been addicted to Supernatural since the first episiode. As a teacher, I have summers off and spent most of the summer rewatching all season on DVD in preparation for season 6. I have been talking up the show at work for years and finally got a co-worker to start watching when it showed up on TNT. He is now addicted as well. I love converting new followers!!!
SuperZu: Converts! Yes! Bring them to us! *rubs hands together and cackles mischievously*
Dragonmai I have been a Supernatural fan fro 5 years now, I have driven nearly everyone i work with insane. I have got so bad that they have decided " if they cant shut me up they must join me" i have converted my office including my Boss. into true and addicted followers. HA HA HA. with our Boss as addicted as we are it is no problem now to bring the episodes to work to watch. WORK WHAT WORK???????
in between seasons i go to and read all the fans episodes that they write. I see now they are selling them in book form.
I need to go season 1 episode 5 is calling me.
sleep well addicts and may all your dream's be supernatural onesh

Shaza !)
ammm well I got into supernatural when i was haveing a sleep over at my aunts hause and she was already a massize fan and she had season one on DVD so we wacted all of it and then i was obbsed ever since then , i have all of the seasons on DVD and i have John Winchester Jounal Book and i have it in a glass case and Season 5 was split into 2 halfs and when i heard the 2nd half was come out i dragged my dad out of the bed that day to bring me to the shops and when i got there i pratily ran to to the shop eveyone was starring at me but i couldnt careless , when i got to the shop i couldny=t find it anywhere so i went up to the desk it was the same woman who sold me the other seasons she kept me one she knew i would be in for it . i danced out of the shop and all the back to the car .My freinds think im too obssed with the show i just say ' im not obssed just well imformed '
The Naughty Coyote I've been watching Supernatural since they first aired "Hook Man" on October 25th, 2005- darn! See there I go again... remembering dates like that. Point is- I haven't stopped watching since. Besides the typical mind-numbing cartoons, Supernatural is the only show I watch on TV and I obssess over it everyday a new episode airs. My precious Friday's! A DVR would be the ideal solution to this problem, but until I scrounge up the money for one, I'm stumped. Anyways, it's not like I hate watching a kick-ass show like this one every Friday night. XP I just wonder sometimes- what's out there between 9 and 10'o clock during a Friday night, while I'm laid out on my sofa watching Dean gank a demon? Am I missing something? Lol. I hope not. But in the meantime, I think I'll continue watching obssessively and enjoy the show!
Gravechild666 I got addicted since the pilot from the first episode. I have been addicted for seven years, My bands mates of "Demons Revenge" all love supernatural I hope it won't end at season seven :/ -crosses fingers.-
Jensenfan1978 I got addicted by channel surfing one day and landed on TNT during the episode "After School Special" and since then i can't stop watching it. Supernatural is my favorite show ever!! My bedroom is filled with Supernatural quotes all over it. I can quote every episode by heart and i have all season's 1-6 on DVD. Oh my gosh it's such an amazing show and I love it!!! And i too agree with DeanSamCasBobbyGabrielGurl I too have OCD and ODD. Castiel and Dean are my favorite Guys ever! (: SPN FANADDICT!!♥♥♥
demomhunter8 I am a TOTAL fan addict!!!!! I watch Supernatural evryday,i know quotes,i can name all the episodes,and I have season 1-6 on DVD. Im sure my friends and family get tired of hearing " Oh that reminds me,one time on Supernatural" I keep going on and on about that show I love it and Im proud of it!!!! SUPERNATURAL FOREVER!!!!!!
Nickgrace These are all good symptoms but mine is better i just started watching this show a month ago and now I'm already on season 5 Spnfanforever: Sound good, Nick - you're obviously a true fan but I have to say I beat that time when I first started watching - it was compulsive viewing and I couldn't stop!
vneubronner The DVDs can't be found where I'm from byt I would own them all if they were sold here. I STARTED WATCHING THIS SHOW LAST YEAR AND I WATCHED ALL 8 SEASONS IN THREE WEEKS. Guys. I swear. At least ten episodes a day. Because it was after my A Levels and I had a nine month break before I had to go to University.
DeanSamgirl I am completley addicted to this show...not ashamed one bit. I have been addicted since episode 1. I have begun again to watch the series from Season 1...I have lost count on how many times I have watched the complete series. I loose sleep staying up to watch the youtube videos of the conventions, gag reels and interviews. SUPERNATURAL ADDICT FOREVER!! Spnfanforever: No need to be ashamed! There's a lot of us addicts around! :)
Supernatrualsweetie I'm a Supernatural addict. I've drawn the Impala 3 times. I've been trying to draw Sam and Dean and Cas. I constantly listen to deans playlist on YouTube. I celebrate Sam and Deans birthday every year.

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bitsyc94 Sam girl 0 Jun 16 2012, 4:54 PM EDT by bitsyc94
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This is my favorite show, my whole family loves it. Half are for Dean and the other half is for Sam. I of course am a Sam girl! I can watch the part where Sam and The Were Wolf girl have sex! My god I can't breathe watching that! He needs to be Peoples Magazines the most beautiful person!
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xTheHappiestAngelx SPNAA 2 Apr 18 2012, 1:38 AM EDT by Superhotties
Thread started: Apr 13 2012, 11:09 PM EDT  Watch
I admit to being an addict! I love Supernatural! I usually watch at least one episode every week, if not more. I would watch more, but unfortunately I have a busy life. I make up for my lack of TV time by writing fanfiction EXTREMELY generously- so much I don't even have time enough to write all my ideas down! I agree completely with Jensenfan1978's comment; "And i too agree with DeanSamCasBobbyGabrielGurl I too have OCD and ODD. Castiel and Dean are my favorite Guys ever!" Except I would replace the ODD with Depersonalisation Disorder, or something along those lines. :). AND I AIN'T EVEN MAD *******. SPN FANNICT FTW. PUT CHO' WINGS UP.
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Dee_sammylove Cant get enough 1 Feb 24 2012, 7:28 AM EST by supernatural1013
Thread started: Dec 13 2011, 3:16 PM EST  Watch
i cant go a day without watching SPN! Its part of my daily routine: breakfast, shower, SPN, lunch etc. not exactly in that order but you get what i mean. I cant get enough and i need help lol
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