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Sunny GracePlayed By:Kayla Pratt
Text Color:Blue

Hometown: Cameron, Texas
D.O.B: 9/7/89
Eye Color: Green with blue specks
Hair Color: Chocolate Blonde
Build: tiny
Destinguishing Features: Eyes, freckles

RPG profiles - supernatural test

Other Information
Occupation: Hooker, only to feed her baby brother
Skills:Hunting, Climbing
Flaws/phobia(s): Spiders, clumsy

Character Backstory/ if a hunter, how did [he/she] get into the job?
Sunny was 17 years old when her parents died, leaving her to care for her younger brother. She ended up a hunter when she was "working" and Sam broke in. She discovered the world of monsters. She doesn't enjoy selling herself but it's a way of making ends meet.

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