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When Sam and Dean are about to barge in on the old lady in the hospital, we see the number of her room. The number is 237. This is the same room number they used in the movie The Shining. They have also had this room number in the episode "Playthings."
In the scene when the brothers first met the doctor and are talking with the nurse, there is a reflection of the boom-mic just above the doctor's head in the glass wall.
When Dean shoots the Shrtiga in the head, there is a misfire on the blood, which spatters on the camera.
When Michael is pouring the milk for Asher, his hand is on the bottom of the glass. When the camera cuts to close up, his hand is gone. When the scene switches to flashback, young Dean's hand is on the bottom of the glass again.
When Joanna is telling Michael that Asher is going to be all right, first shot Joanna's hands are on Michael's shoulders. Next shot, they are on his head, next on the shoulders, and then, back to the head. They keep switching back and forth.
When the Shtriga is trying to feed on Sam as a kid, their dad yells and shoots a couple of shots, the Shtriga even breaks a window but Sam only wakes up when their dad goes ask him if he's all right.
The old woman in the hospital incorrectly calls the cross a crucifix. Crosses are only crucifixes when Jesus is on it, otherwise it is a cross.
In one scene when Dean is in the children's hospital ward, he is talking to Sam on his cell phone. Cell phones are not permitted in such sensitive areas.
In the scene when Sam and Dean drive to Fitchburg there is a sign on the left which (incorrectly) says "Fitchberg" and a sign on the right which correctly says "Fitchburg."
The credit card Dean uses for the guys' motel room is a MasterCard bearing the name of Kris Warren.
Sam tells Dean that the Shtriga has struck in Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrooke. These are three towns that Lyle Lanley claims to have sold Monorails to in The Simpsons episode, "Marge vs. The Monorail"

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