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SodapopXPonyboylover I think that when Sam jumped into hell, Lucifer was ripped out of him, and they were BOTH forced to stay in the same "cage" together, where Luci "did" things to Sam like how the demons did things to Dean. (I'm not exactly sure how, I didn't take Demon Torturing 101 in school :D) then I think Castiel brought Sam back (Dean or anyone else doesn't know), but Sam's changed. Since no-one has survived angelic-posession they don't know what happens when an angel un-posesses you. So therefore, I'm thinking something "bad" is inside Sam, like a part of Lucifer is still inside of him, somehow connected to him. I think that Sam can still probably hear Luci telling him to do bad things and trying to get back in Sam's mind but Sam is still fighting him off and is in a constand battle with him 24/7. Sam will still have his powers since he's literally chugged demon blood. I also have a theory for why Sam was looking at Dean like that, which ties into this theory.
Sam wanted to go back to Dean and ask him to help Sam but he saw Dean with his apple-pie life and realized that he couldn't bring Dean into this. Like Dean said, he was in hell for a year but to him it was fifty, so to Sam one day could have been a few weeks or months. Also Sam has been hunting things ALONE to make up for all of his guilt of almost killing Dean and watching as he killed Castiel and Bobby. Then the boys will return to hunting together because somehow (whether by accident or purposely) the boys will meet again - and then Castiel finds them and tells them that he's the one who pulled Sam out of the cage. Sam might be mad at him for putting him through this agony, and most likely wants to die, but Dean, Bobby, and Cas will help him get through it. Sam's internal battle will probably be the highlight of the season, just like YED was the highlight one season and the apocolypse was another hilight.
Okay, that's my theory.

Dark_Romeo Personally from the look Sam gave Dean at the end of the finale , i think that what has came back isn't actually fully Sam because the street light also flickered when he was underneath it , so there has to be something dodgy about him , but maybe this season will concerntrate more of the brother's emotional battles , also i honestly think that Crowley will have a big part to play in the next season as he said that after the devil has been dealt with, the Winchesters and him both go back to being enemies , but Crowley has Bobby's soul still so the Winchesters will probably try to get it back. But whatever happens im sure it will epicly immense :D

ariannaz13 I think that somehow in season 6 Sam found a way to get out of Hell, (whether it was crawling out of a Devil's Gate, or being pulled by another angel i don't know) and will realize the turmoil the apocalypse left the supernatural world in. He will try to go to Dean for help, but sees that he has an "Apple-pie Life" now with Lisa and Ben. Evil Sammy will be as stubborn as Dean was in the Pilot episode, and eventually gets Dean to go on one hunt-- just one. However, the Good Sammy, which is buried deep inside, won't want to take from Dean what his brother took from him. Dean goes on the hunt with Sam, and when he returns, something terrible has happened to Lisa and Ben, and Dean's "Apple-pie Life" has been shattered. Lonely and confused, he will join Sam in the hunt once again, as the brothers try to clean up the mess they evidently caused.
I think Evil Sammy will be more, well, evil in season 6, because he was stuck with Lucifer for God knows how long, and part of the Fallen Angel could've rubbed off onto Sam.

ZackWalls Lucifer is still inside of Sam and Lucifer is just living Sam's life.

Ileana_The_Bloody I think that Sam and Samuel(along with the other Campell's) are trying to summon the Four Corner's. To do that you need something to represent the Corner's. A Djinn would be considered Air(since they're derived from Smoke), a Shape Shifter would be Earth(since the Earth is always Shifting), a Siren/Water Raith would be Water, and then they could use any Demon for Fire. Actually, they could use Dean for the Fire as well. I think that's why Samuel wants Dean there and to trust the group so much. I think that Samuel wants to use Dean as part of the sacrafice/offerings to gain unlimited and ultimate power. I do not think Sammy knows that Samuel wants to use Dean, but I think he knows that he wants to have the power. Sam would never(evil or good, possessed or not) use his brother like that. To offer him up would be to kill him slowly and agonisingly painfully.

jcalhoun760 What if the Sam we saw is not the same Sam. What makes a person human? a soul. So what if Sam does not have a soul anymore. That is why he wasn't happy in seeing Dean in the end of Swan Song, and why he wasn't happy in seeing in Exile on Main Street. This means Sam's Soul is in the cage with Lucifer. In conclusion what could Sam do in this Season? Some bad stuff that's what. His Soul is probably being beat to hell in hell by Lucifer. I have only seen Exile on Main Street. So who brought Sam and Samuel back? Mabye Castiel, not God (he would not mess Sam up), Maybe Crowley (He is the king of the crossroads and since he is not powerful, he might not be able to get Sam's soul).

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beauregard10 tagalong to theories... 2 Sep 26 2010, 4:11 PM EDT by SuperZu
Thread started: Sep 26 2010, 10:15 AM EDT  Watch, that Sammy had Lucifer, and not just some generic may be that he got Way more than a years experience in a day. He could actually have gotten all of Lucifer's memories, or at least splashed with Luci-goo when (if) Luci got exterminated.

The rest of my theory could be spoiler and bummer rich, so I need to go read y'all's ground rules before I speculate anymore...

At least the show's back...
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SodapopXPonyboylover A new theory ! 5 May 26 2010, 11:14 PM EDT by cappy712
Thread started: May 25 2010, 12:32 PM EDT  Watch
I think I have a theory about Sam/Lucifer.
Okay, I think that he went to hell with Satan, and was trapped in the same box Lucifer was in. And Lucifer did stuff to him down there, like the demon's did to Dean.
Then Cas brought him back from the cage, but no one knows it yet except for Cas, and he's going to start looking for Sam soon. (maybe) and explain why he did it.
But Sam will be different, changed. He's still high on demon blood so he has all his powers in full-gear, and Lucifer is a part of him now.
Since being possessed by Lucifer is kind of huge and everything, and no one has survived possession by an angel, no one knows what happens to the person
after they un-possess them.
But maybe when Angels un-possess they keep a part of themselves inside the person they had currently possessed. (aka Lucifer is still partially inside of Sam) ,
Which means that Sam might be hearing Lucifer and Lucifer could be telling him to do things and hurts him in Sams dreams but Sam is resisting the urge to let Lucifer back in.
That would explain why Sam was looking in the window at Dean with his face like that. He might have gone back to Dean for help, then saw Dean in his apple-pie life and
decided to leave him alone and go back to hunting by HIMSELF. Then he would hunt everything bad to make up for the guilt, but Lucifer's still there. And then Sam will finally
see Dean again and Dean will help him out and they'll sort the whole thing out together, taking up most of the season, while hunting other things such as ghosts and wendigo's.
Okay! That's my theory! haha
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