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Its gonna be a long hard wait for the next season of Supernatural! Since the season finale aired, there have been many theories floating around the threads here on the wiki. Here's your chance to share what you think will happen in fourth season of Supernatural!

you have the entire wait until the first episode of season four airs in the US to add your theory. you may update or change your prediction any time you wish until that date when the page will be locked.

**Write your username in a different color than the previous adder. in the second add your theory for season four in the same color as your username.**

Theory (keep to 200 words or less)
DeansGirl666 i think season four will start out a little while after Dean when to hell. Sam will of course be angry and looking for revenge and a way to get his brother back. i think he will learn to use his power, possibly with Ruby, or just on his own. Bobby will not like this idea, understanding the danger involved. he will find there is nothing he can do to change Sams mind and Sam will continue to get darker. he will go looking for Lilith, to get his revenge. i think Lilith will have begun rounding up her own demon army to defeat Sam. i think Dean will get out of hell, maybe alone or with help (cant decide). i think he will come back with some kind of power (this will make the season more interesting) i think together the boys, and Ruby, will go after Lilith, both having their own power of some sort.
oh and we will also get some background on Mary (probably more in flashbacks as sam finds more info on her) to see how she knew the YED.
i will think of more later......... =)
  1. The season will start few months after dean's death
  2. I think that Dean will find a way to contact Sam from the other side, with the help from Ruby who dean will meet in hell.
  3. Mary's past with YED will be revealed. we will find out why all of Mary's friends were killed. this info will be vital help to sam to understand his powers.
  4. Lilith will try to get ruby's dagger from sam because its the only way she can kill sam.
  5. Bobby will help sam learn more about mary's past.
  6. maybe a new hunter will join the series to help sam.
  7. sam will go dark side but not fully. he will not break the humane barrier. just enough to get Dean out and win over lilth. .
  8. Sam will get together an army of hunters plus maybe a few demons, who like Ruby want Lilith Dead.
  9. There will be a full-fledge war with lilth.
  10. dean will have to deal with demons in hell. he will get darker and maybe evil before sam will be able to save him.
p.s please don't change the order of entries. thanks.
Warriorsgirl I think that in season four will pick off around a month after Dean went to hell. I think that Sam will find out about his powers more and realize that he is stronger then Lilith. I think that Sam will go behind Bobby's back and go to confront Lilith and make a deal. (Of course he did some research and knows the best way to get out of a deal without anyone getting hurt)
Lilith will eagerly say yes and tell him how much time he has left. Then I think Sammy will eventually have her on her hands begging for mercy (Since I think he is stronger then her) and he will send her to hell. (Since there has to be a good thing for season 5) so he didn't kill her. And he finaly manages to snap Dean out of hell and into his body, right when Dean was on the verge to giving up and becoming a demon. Then i think we will see Lilith suffering in hell and she then later brings all of the demons the brothers hunted together and seek revenge. She slowly tortures or kills off, the people closest to the brother (like Bobby and Ruby) and then Jo will come back, complaining about a deal she made, and the brothers will have to help her out of the deal.
That's my theory
jackles the first epi takes place around 6 months after dean's death. while in hell, ruby will meet up with dean n tell him how to defeat lilith. she want dean to tell sam to do so coz sam will believe in dean more than other demon. dean tell sam that lilith is vulnerable when ever she is near sam coz her power isnt gonna be working near sam (maybe sam is absorbing her power)
SikemiNatural I think we will pick up a few months after the last ep and that Sam will be broken and such and maybe Ruby will make an appearance and like at the end of the ep they manage to rescue Dean from Hell. Then I reckon that Dean will be somewhat disturbed and that Sam may be darker than ever meaning their relationship is a bit strained...and then they will find out the truth about Mary and that will worsen things. Lilth will be trying to find out ways to kill Sam....
supernatural_girl I think that after like two months, Dean will come out of hell and be a demon, but he will get to see Sam. so if Sam makes a deal at the Crossroads, he will get Dean to come. But Sam will have to be carefully b/c Dean is a demon.
That is all i got so far.
bobby_fissure Very simple for Sam to get Dean back: Summon him. As long as Sam is the Summoner, he's got Dean on a leash. Win-win, right? Sadly, like most things in life, it's all fun and games until someone gets an eye put out, and after chillin' in Hell, Dean will be inclined to expand his toolkit for getting information in new and creative ways (i.e. putting someone's eye out will probably seem pretty tame to him now). Sam won't put up with this for long, Bobby will never trust Dean, and Ruby will be forced to kill demons in new and interesting ways. That last point isn't really relevant to the meta-plot, just wicked cool. So anyway, by end of Season Four, Sam will be forced to send Dean back to Hell himself. This all leads to more internal dissonance for Sam, and the Winchester family relationships will become even more strained. 'Specially cause most of them are dead and Hellbound, but Sam's avoided the family curse and ended up as a sort of wishy-washy DemiGod; that'd make any brother jealous. This could lead to a sort of "Armaggedon meets Family Feud" mash-up in season five, Lilith against Sam, with good people on both sides of the war. Dean'll take out Lilith to redeem himself; Sam and Ruby hook up and make babies; occasionally eating one for good luck. the end.
DontCallMeSammy (dcms) HMM few months after deans ben dead Sammy going to go crazy with revenge and hes going to start goin on a rampage and learning to use his powers both negitively and positively if Rubys in hell she'll team up with dean to try to break out.. THATS ALL I GOTZ SO FAR
Faithfullyfallen I agree with most of you....Sam will get all vengeful and try to take on as many demons as he possibly can with Ruby's help...I personally dont think Ruby went to hell so she wont meet Dean there and Dean wont meet his father either since his father already broke out of hell in all hell breaks loose. Sam will become neutral, killing anything that stands in his way but he wont loose his humanity and he will either learn his powers on his own or with ruby...i think they will get dean back near the end of the 4th season so that they can start the war and that they can have a little twist with sam and dean both becoming a little dark...i think dean might meet bella in hell since he told her he would and there will be some sort of much as i hate to say it a major character will probably leave the show....and lilith will be killed in season 5 at the end by the person who's going to make the sacrifice or sam....that's just my opinion...and i think that they will reveal mary's connection to interesting....another twist that many of us spn fans are waiting for
xSupernatural-Loverx I agree with what most of you have said. However i think that it season 4 will start from the exact point it left of, dean in hell.I think that it will show dean in hell for quite a few episodes because he wouldnt be able to get out of hell straight away or it wouldnt make sense to the story and not have the same suspence on whether he will escape or not. So i think it will show dean meeting other demons and exploring the firey hot, dark pit of hell. I think that Sam will turn darker and evil and bobby will try and sort him out. I think Sam will get in touch with Ruby so he can train his pyschic abilities and destroy lilith. I think somewhere along the lines they should get bac to old times and destroy demons on a roadtrip liked they used to do, old times!
Livingimpaired I think that Dean will be in hell for six months.
The season will start with Dean out of hell and no recolection of what happened whilst he was there. or how he got out.
Sam, like in mystery spot has been continuing the fight and trying to find a way to get dean out of hell.
Sam's powers will be back and dean will have issues with it. Dean might have powers like seeing demons. both of them will have issues with each other over what happened during the six months they were apart.
The events of the six months will be slowly revealed over the season.
Azazel will come back.
spn911 I predict that of course Dean will get out of hell and of course soon. He's a main character. hHow im not sure but I know that he'll get out. he might even have some sort of special ability ( healing maybe or strength do to lasting in hell without goin demon) he'll find same once he gets out. Sam would have carried on just not the same way he was but different. he'll become more connected w/ his abilities. dean and sam will make agreat team team up w/ bobby and ruby if she returns. plus i think bela will return and change in a better way. they'll all fight for good and come up against how dean returned from hell. this season will be one of the best!!!!!
HellFire666 something happend when LIllith tried to kill sam in no rest 4 th wicked something switched in sams head i think he will look in to that and the new 20 something Yr old chick that sammie will be dating i think that chick is Ruby! lillith will unleash Lou there will be a load more blood shead! bobby might die i think every1 has had a chance to die but him he wants his turn i dont think ellen will be back but the ghostfacers will b back i think they might stumble upon lillith or her plan they always get there self in to something big! i dont think that they will die but close to it i think sammie will be alittlerebelliousnow it will make hotter i think that they will not find out what happend when dean was in hell till the last episode of this season. when dean comes outta hell i think he will be more of the shoot first, shoot again then again once more for the fun of it then if there's time ask some questions THE COULT has yet to make a return i think it will comeback IF it comes back it will around the time Lou is going to make his supernatural start the boys need the coult i do think they will have alot more creatures to fight this season NEW creatures and whatever they will look in to sammies power to "wipe Lillith off the map" hellfire666 out

your all wrong sam will become evil and at the end dean will hav to fight him

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XxLunaxX wow 0 Mar 14 2009, 5:32 PM EDT by XxLunaxX
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no one for seen angels huh? lol kripkie always comes up with something to shock the fans
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Super-naturfan Theory on Season 4 0 Jan 23 2009, 11:33 AM EST by Super-naturfan
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Clearly they are foreshadowing that there will be a battle, and Sam will go darkside. Sam has demon blood in him, and has sex with a demon, he continues to work on his demonic powers, for good, but all good things must come to an end. Dean is pulled from hell by an angel because God wants him to save the planet, Dean has sex with an angel, Dean is also the only person that would be able to stop Sammy if he turned evil. I think that Dean will find away to save Sam, if it is the last thing he does. He wont be able to just waste him as John requested.
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jackles Episode 4.1 (page: 1 2 3 4) 63 Sep 23 2008, 10:40 AM EDT by 1983Sarah
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Lazarus Rising

Int. Unknown Location

A shaken, defenseless Guy crouches beside Bobby, checking his pulse. Castiel states that the guy’s friend is alive. The Guy asks just who is Castiel. Castiel answers with his name. The Guy says that he figured that, but what is Castiel.

Castiel replies that he’s a demon. Guy says that Castiel burned out the poor woman’s eyes. Castiel defends that he warned her to spy oh his true form. It can be overwhelming to humans, so can his real voice, but that our Guy knows that already.

It clicks together for our Guy and he recalls that the voice at the gas station and motel room was Castiel. He tells Castiel to talk quieter next time. Castiel somewhat apologizes saying that it was his mistake. Certain people, special people can see his true visage, and he thought that our Guy would be one of them. But he was wrong.

Guy pokes fun, asking what ‘visage’ Castiel is in now ‘cause he looks like a tax accountant. Castiel says that this look is merely a vessel. Guy states that Castiel is just possessing someone. But Castiel replies that his vessel wanted this.

Guy says that it might’ve been easier if Castiel would’ve shown up in a vessel the first time. But Castiel states that finding a human vessel durable enough to contain him isn’t easy. Guy jokes that he has that same problem with woman then says that he ain’t buying what Castiel is selling, so what is he really?

Castiel says that he already told Guy, and Guy says that right, and why would someone rescue him. Castiel returns that good things can happen and Guy says that it doesn’t in his experience. Castiel asks Guy what’s the matter, doesn’t Guy deserve to live.

He’s hit a nerve and our Guy asks why’d Castiel do it. Castiel replies that he has work for Guy.
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