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General Spoilers

- Dean will be in Hell for human 4 months and God knows how many hell months/years.

- Sam and Bobby have nothing to do with Deans return.

- Dean will NOT BECOME A DEMON!!!

- Ruby will be back.

- Dean will GET OUT of Hell but will have little recollection of what happened down there at first.

- Dean and Sam's relationship will change for worse.....mostly because Dean will find it hard to adjust back. However he will be the same smart-ass :P

- Rufus most probably will come back.

- NEW supernatural species will be introduced.

- Sam MAY pursue his powers in terms of discovering his potential (he promised Dean that he will not).

- In a flash back episode, were going to see John and Mary as teens and meet Sam and Deans Grandfather. Happens in the 4th Episode.

- Returning characters: Ronald, Agent Hendrickson, a possessed Meg (Nikki Acox)

- Actress Traci Dinwiddie has been cast as Pamela Barnes (psychic) in Supernatural's season premiere.

- Pamela, Bobby and Sam while participating in a séance, possibly in an attempt to contact Dean stumble upon another spirit: is it YED?

- Sam - Dean = SCARY.

- "Lilith gets busy on a conspiracy aimed at unleashing the biggest baddie of them all : the devil himself." complete article:

- The Ghostfacers will return.

- There are gonna be witches in this season.

- Dean will be on the verge of going back to Hell.

- Supexecs are casting the role of a sexy and smart thirtysomething doctor who likes booze and one night stands. And young men with the last name Winchester

- The show is currently casting another Big Bad, a middle-aged demon whose air of gentility does little to mask the stink of his cruelty. The recurring character is one of the top dogs down under, so it's a safe bet that he's gonna raise some hell for the Winchesters

-There's a potential bigger bad than Lilith this season, but Lilith is the one working to release him, so she's the primary antagonist for the time being

-One of the of the Winchester brothers will partake in a shirtless (and presumably pantsless) sex scene before the end of November sweeps.
- A character we "know and love" is going to die in April =(
- Possibly a third Winchester will join the group.
Episode types:
- A Halloween episode
- Black and white episode, Sam and Dean face off against Dracula, Wolf-Man, and the Mummy.
- Possibly a flashback to Sam and Dean in high school when they investigate a haunting in a school they used to attend.
- Spoilers per episode.

Buddytv interview:

Some fans predicted that Dean (Jensen Ackles) would escape Hell fairly quickly and without any long-term side effects. According to Kripke, that's not going to be the case. The Supernatural creator told TV Guide that Dean will be cooling his heels in Hell for a long time, and that his bond with Sam will be massively affected as a result.

..... But, if the fourth season starts off a while after season three left off, then, technically, Dean would have been in Hell for a long time right? So he could still come back in the first few episodes of next season if thats the way it goes. As for the "bond with sam being massively affected" its not known if its Deans stay in Hell and the effects it had on him (wheather mentally or phisically) that causes this. It could be the way that Sam changed while Dean was gone, without his guidence Sam could have changed a lot, most likely in an evil way.
Kripke also suggested in this spoiler that Dean may gain some sort of supernatural power after his stay in Hell.

but nothing is certain this far away from the start of season four.

Here she is, Genevieve Cortese.

She has been cast as Ruby.
Helpful demon.

So now, Dean knows what Sam has been doing for the four months that he was in Hell.
Dean wasn't too impressed.
first 5 minutes of the premiere!

Dean (Jensen Ackles) awakens from his supposed death to find himself buried in a coffin. He screams for help but no one is around to hear his cries. Dean manages to escape his premature resting place and crawls to the surface. The show's title appears on the screen.
We cut back to Dean walking down a road to an abandoned gas station. After breaking into the shop, he gets some water and picks up a newspaper. Four months have passed since the end of season three!
Confused by this news, Dean enters the bathroom to check his body. The wounds from the torture he endured have healed, but not everything is as it should be. On his left shoulder a mysterious hand print is burnt into his skin.
Deciding it's time to leave, Dead grabs some candy and a busty Asian girlie mag. Before he can make his exit, a TV bursts to life with only static being displayed. The startled paranormal battler quickly turns off the set to find that a nearby radio has come to life bellowing Hawaiian music.
Knowing something is seriously amiss, Dean dusts salt around the windows, but nevertheless, the TV springs back to life and a super high frequency noise blows out all the windows in the station.
The startled Dean peers out a ruptured pane, and we cut to black. We must all wait till September 18th to find out what's going on.
On Season 4 (SPOILERS!):
"Season 4 is about mystery for us. There are a lot of unanswered questions that we are slowly going to be answering as the season progresses. We are going to pick up the first episode four months after the events of the season finale, and then we sort of reveal slowly throughout the season what Sam did by himself in that time away from his brother and what Dean did in hell."
"It's been a fun structural shift for us because the brothers have been so with each other in every scene in every event in every story line that it's been hard for them to kind of surprise each other. So now, they have secrets from each other that they can reveal and that's actually been fun and refreshing to write."
"I don't think it's really a big secret that Dean's going to get out of hell. The big question we've chosen to focus on is not does he get out, but how he gets out, and we make that a really big mystery and concern of Season 4. We always say that hell moves in dog years, so four months in top-side time is God knows how many years downtown. He very well could have been down there for a very, very long time.
On why you're going to love Season 4: "Because the mythology is awesome, and the boys are at the top of their game. The editors are stopping me in the hall and saying, 'Have you seen the dailies? The acting is crazy.' And because of a lot of things that I'm not allowed to talk about."

"Dean has spent some time in a bad place, and we will unfold what that means. The first half of the season is very much about that. And it's also about what Sam has been doing. The worst possible thing that could have happened to Sam happened to Sam. He lost his brother. So, that is terrible for Sam and great for the writers because we get to explore what happens when one of our lead characters hits rock bottom. We have had a lot of really, really juicy material to work with."

"You will be seeing Mary and John Winchester, but not in the form you've seen them before. We are actually doing an episode where we explore their relationship right around the time they met. We're calling it the 'Back to the Future' episode. It kind of explores the beginning of the relationship and how it all started. It's pretty harrowing. And beautiful." (The episode was written by Jeremy Carver.)
On the new season:
"We left Dean in hell. I was hanging by some meat hooks and screaming in agony. I can only imagine what it was like down there, which is something they will get into." "That's another reason why Dean was pulled out of hell. Now he's going to be introduced into the mythology of the show, whereas for the past three seasons it's been all about Sam's destiny, and what he's going through, and Dean's always trying to be there to save his brother. Now that Dean has become a part of that, it's going to make for a pretty interesting season."
What the new season will mean for him as an actor:
"It means a lot more work. Because they are introducing this new scenario with Dean, and in order to do that, they have to hammer out a lot of details and a lot of story lines in the first few episodes. And because it's all about Dean, as an actor, it's all about Jensen being on the set. When I read it, I got really excited about it. I'm also really excited about where the show is going this season. It's the most excited I've been about a story arc. Because of that, you just hunker down and do the work and hope it comes out right."
On how these changes will effect Dean's character:
"Just the fact that he gets out of hell and he doesn't know why, and I think that uncertainty is not something Dean handles well. Because Dean always has an idea or an answer or some sort of knowledge about what he's dealing with. He's still the same shoot first, ask questions later kind of guy. But he's just trying to figure out how in the world did he get back from hell and what it all means. But his personality is not going to change at all."
On which is harder emotionally, to be the character who is dying, or the character who is grieving: "The grieving one would be harder. Anything emotional, as far as the work goes, is really taxing. I would rather have a day of physical stunts all day long - running and jumping and diving through windows, all of that stuff - than a day of emotional torment." "Some of those scenes that we do, where were talking about Dad, or when I die or when Sam dies, it's hard. Your mind knows its not real, but your body doesn't. Which is why the tears are real and the body shakes are real. And it's not just one take. At the end of the day, it's just
exhausting. Exhausting. I'd much rather stay away from the emotional stuff." (When it was pointed out to him that he does the emotional stuff awfully well, he laughed and added, "My own worst enemy.")
On Season 4: "After Season 3, he buried his brother. It wasn't a Trickster. It wasn't fake.It was four months of living without his brother and having to exist without his brother. There is a line in the first episode where they're talking about taking care of the demons, and Dean like, 'We've got to wait.' And Sam is like, 'We gotta do it now. And Dean's like, 'Hey, older brother is back.' And Sam kind of takes offense because Sam's been doing it alone for four months, and maybe
he's a bit suicidal. There is a lot of pain, a lot of built up resentment. Sam has always had a sense of, 'Why me? I didn't want this life.' But we see Sam embrace it finally." "And Dean has also spent four months somewhere doing something, and he and Sam
both have secrets from each other, and their trying to figure out if they're going to let their brother in or if they're going to hold onto it."
On what the new season will mean to him as an actor. Will it be fun? "Very fun. Very fun. One of the traps of television inevitably, but not on this show, is you're making 22 hours of film in nine months and it can get repetitive. It can just be the the same questions and the same answers, and it's exciting to mix it up." "That's one of very first things that I ever really loved about this show, is that you get to laugh, you get to cry, you get to fight. You get to do everything. It's very, very exciting as an actor to explore a new side of Sam that I always wanted to explore. Ever since 'Born Under a Bad
Sign' you kind of saw Sam go bad, and I was like, 'Oooh, that's kind of fun. I like that. Let's get
back to it.' So it's going to be exciting for me. I'm looking forward to it." (And when it was pointed out that he is very good at being bad, Padalecki gave a hearty, "Thank you!" Followed by a slightly dubious, "I don't know how to take that. But..." Let's hope he took it as a compliment.)

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