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Inside a church, Pastor Jim Murphy welcomes a young girl inside. It turns out to be Meg who starts by asking for forgiveness and then proceeding to threaten him. Her eyes turn black and he realises what she is. He runs for the cellar where he has a room full of weapons. She demands to know where the Winchesters are, but Jim tells her he has no idea - he hasn't spoken to John in a year - and wouldn't tell her if he did know. She slits his throat and watches him die. Back in Manning, Colorado, John is explaining everything to Dean and Sam that he knows about The Demon. He tells them that he found the trail a year earlier, which is when he went missing. He's been tracking The Demon ever since, never managing to save anyone. The Demon always goes after the babies on the night they are 6 months old exactly and there have been signs in Salvation, Iowa indicating that is where it will strike next. They drive into Salvation when John suddenly pulls over and tells the boys that Pastor Jim is dead. He is distraught and angry and swears that one way or another, he's ending this. The three of them split up, checking with hospitals and clinics for children who are six months old sometime in the next week. Leaving the clinic, Sam suddenly gets another vision. Clearer than most, he sees The Demon attacking a little girl and her mother. In the vision, he hears a train go past, so he follows the train tracks, looking for clues as to where the vision was taking place. Seeing the woman from his vision walking down the road, he approaches her, pretending to have just moved into the area. He finds out that the baby, Rosie, is 6 months exactly that day. Back at the motel, he tells John and Dean what he saw, telling them that the attack will be that night. John wants to know why neither of the boys told him about Sam's visions. Dean reminds him that they tried to contact him several times with no luck. John apologises and they agree that Sam's vision is right. Sam's cellphone rings and Meg says hello. Surprised that she survived a seven storey drop, they realise that she is either a demon or possessed by one. She demands to speak to John. She is in Lincoln with John's friend Caleb and slits his throat as she tells John that he has declared war - they will kill all of his friends unless he gives them the Colt. He agrees to go, taking a fake gun, leaving the real one with Dean and Sam to kill The Demon. John parks at the warehouse he's been directed to and heads inside, looking around and planning his escape route. He sees some water pipes and heads up to the roof to where the water tank is. Dropping a rosary into the tank, he blesses the water. Dean and Sam sit outside the family's house. Sam tries to say goodbye to Dean, just in case something happens to them, but Dean refuses to let him. No-one, he says, is going to die. Except The Demon. Back in the warehouse, John comes face to face with Meg. Another demon, a male, steps out of the shadows and John hands over the gun. Meg gives it to the other demon who looks at it and then shoots her to prove that it's a fake. John makes a run for it and they follow. In the tunnels, he opens the valve, spraying holy water from the tank, keeping the demons back for a while. He gets to the truck, but all of his tyres are flat. Outside the house, the signs start up and the boys know it's time. They break into the house to save the family. In the nursery, Sam sees The Demon and shoots it with the Colt, but it vanishes. Sam and Dean pull the family out of the house moments before it bursts into flames. Outside the warehouse, John tries to call the boys, but he is attacked by the male demon and pinned to the wall. In the motel room, Dean and Sam try to call John, but get no answer on the cellphone. They argue - Sam wanted to go back and try again to get The Demon, but Dean insist it would be suicide and he's not willing to let Sam die. They try to call John again. This time Meg answers and tells them they are never going to see their father again.
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