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Sam and Dean Have Been Here!
- - ->>>Season One<<<- - -

Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
Centennial bridge, Jericho, California

Black Water Ridge, Lost Creek, Colorado

Dead in the Water
Lake Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Phantom Traveler

Catasauqua, Pennsylvania
Nazareth, Pennsylvania
Lehigh Valley Airport, Pennxylvania

Bloody Mary
Toledo, Ohio

St. Louis, Missouri

Eastern Iowa University, Ankeny, Owa

Oasis Plains, Oklahoma

Guenthers Auto repair, Lawrence, Kansas
the Winchester home, Lawrence, Kansas

Roosevelt Asylum, Rockford, IL

Burkitsville, Indiana

Church of Roy Le Grange, Nebraska

Route 666
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Saginaw, Michigan

The Benders
Hibbing, Minnesota

Chicago, Illinois

Hell House
Richardson, Texas

Something Wicked
Fitchburg, Wisconsin

New Paltz, New York

Deadman’s Blood
Manning, Colorado

Salvation, Iowa
South Dakota

Devils Trap
Duluth Minnesota/ Jefferson City, Missouri

- - ->>>Season Two<<<- - -

n my time of dying


Everybody loves clown
Harvelle's Road House, Central Nebraska
Medford, Wisconsin

Red Lodge, Montana

Children shouldn’t play with dead things
Lawrence, Kansas

Simon said
Harvelle's Road House, Central Nebraska
Guthrie, Oklahoma

No exit
Harvelle's Road House, Central Nebraska
corner of 10st and Reed st, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (the site of Philadelphia county or moyamensing prison)

The usual suspects
Baltimore, Maryland

Crossroad Blues
Lloyd's Bar, Green Wood, Mississippi

River Grove, Oregon

Harvelle's Road House, Central Nebraska

Pierpont Inn, Cornwall, Connecticut

Night Shifter
the city bank of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Houses of the holy
Our lady of the angels church, Providence, Rhode Island

Born under a bad sign
Twin Lake/ Duluth Minnesota

Tall Tales
Crawford Hall, Springfield University, Springfield, Ohio

Highway 41, Nevada

San Francisco, California

Hollywood Babylon
Los Angeles, California

Folsom Prison Blues
Green River Detention Center, Green River, Arkansas
Museum of Anthropology Arkansas

What is and what should never be
Dean and Carmen's House:- 53 Barker ave Lawrence, Kansas ( check out the envelope dean looks at in episode)
The Winchester house Lawrence Kansas
Jolliet, Illinois

All Hell breaks Loose
Harvelle's Road House, Central Nebraska
Cold Oak, South Dakota

All Hell Breaks Loose
Duluth, Minnesota
Wyoming (the Hell's Gate is in Wyoming)

- - - >>>Season Three<<<- - -

The Magnificent Seven
Oak Park, Illinois

The kids Are All Right
Cicero, Indiana

Bad Day at Black Rock
Bela's Apartment, Queens, NY
John's Storage Locker, Black Rock, Buffalo, NY

Sin City
Trotters Bar, Elizabethville, Ohio

Bedtime Stories
Maple Springs,
Green Wood, Mississippi

Red Sky at Morning

Fresh Blood

A very Supernatural Christmas
Ypsilanti, Michigan

Malleus Maleficarum
Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Dream a Little Dream of Me
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mystery Spot
Broward County, Florida

jus in bello
Monument, Colorado


Long Distance Caller
Milan, Ohio

Time is on my Side
Eerie, Pennsylvania

No Rest for The Wicked
New Harmony, Indiana

- - - >>>Season Four<<<- - -

Lazarus Rising
Pontiac, Illinois
Guenthers Auto Repair, Lawrence Kansas
Pamela Barnes' Home

Are you there God, it's me Dean Winchester
Singer Salvage Yard, South Dakota

In the Beginning
Lawrence, Kansas
Haysville, Kansas

Carthage, Missouri

Monster Movie
Transylvania, Pennsylvania

Yellow Fever
Rock Ridge, Colorado

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Wishful Thinking
Concrete, Washington

I Know What You Did Last Summer
Anna's Home, Kansas

Heaven & Hell
Anna's Home, Kansas
Singer Salvage Yard, South Dakota
Younee, Kentucky

Family Remains
Stratton, Nebraska

Criss Angel is a Douchebag
Sioux City, Iowa

After School Special
Fairfax, Indiana

Sex & Violence
Bedford, Iowa

Death Takes a Holiday
Greybull, Wyoming

On the Head of a Pin
Cheyenne, Wyoming

It's a Terrible Life
Alternate Universe

The Monster at the End of this Book

Jump the Shark
Windom, Minnesota

The Rapture
Pontiac, Illinois

When the Levee Breaks
Singer Salvage Yard, South Dakota
James Town, North Dakota
Elk River, Minnesota
Cold Spring, Minnesota

Lucifer Rising
Singer Salvage Yard, South Dakota
Green Room, Heaven?
Ilchester, Maryland

- - - >>>Season Five<<<- - -

Sympathy for the Devil

Good God Y'all
River Pass, Colorado

Free to Be You and Me
Greeley, Pennsylvania
Garber, Oklahoma
Waterville, Maine

The End

Fallen Idols
Canton, Ohio

I Believe the Children Are Our Future
Alliance, Nebraska

The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

Changing Channels
Wellington, Ohio

The Real Ghost Busters

Abandon All Hope
Carthage, Missouri

Sam, Interrupted
Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital, Ketchum, Oklahoma

Swap Meat

The Song Remains the Same
Lawrence, Kansas in 1973

My Bloody Valentine

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
Sioux Falls, South Dakota (where Bobby Singer lives)

Dark Side of the Moon

99 Problems
Blue Earth, Minnesota

Point of No Return

Hammer of the Gods
Elysian Fields Hotel in Muncie, Indiana

The Devil You Know

Two Minutes to Midnight
Davenport, Iowa
Chicago, Illinois

Swan Song
Chicago, Illinois
Detroit, Michigan

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bisquit205 Florida 5 Apr 3 2017, 3:36 PM EDT by PigNaPoke
Thread started: Mar 11 2017, 11:37 AM EST  Watch
So I just finished watching Dead Mans Blood and they mentioned something about Florida, so I was wondering if they have been to Florida yet(I live in Florida and was curious), I cant wait to see what happens in Florida
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alittlebitwicked48 The Real Ghost Busters 0 Aug 29 2012, 5:54 PM EDT by alittlebitwicked48
Thread started: Aug 29 2012, 5:54 PM EDT  Watch
This episode from season five actually takes place in Vermillion, Ohio. Gore Orphanage is a local legend of Lorain County. Here is a link that tells the story about the legend of Gore Road and Gore Orphanage. It's quite interesting actually.
I am really happy that many episodes of SPN take place in Ohio. Ohio has a lot of folklore and legends, and Athens, Ohio in Athens County is considered one of the most haunted cities/counties in the country. I think the reason that many episodes of SPN take place in Ohio and that the boys use an Ohio license plates is because the shows creator is from Ohio. It makes me happy to see my home state get some Hollywood recognition.
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jdharc Hook man episode 0 Nov 5 2011, 6:12 PM EDT by jdharc
Thread started: Nov 5 2011, 6:12 PM EDT  Watch
Ya know I was reading thru this & they have it wrong for the hookman episode it's not "eastern Ohio" it's eastern Iowa university in ankeny Iowa. Even tho eastern Iowa university is fictional. Just thought I'd point that our
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