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This week's poll questions:

Will Bobby and Mary become a couple in season 14?

Who killed Nick's family?

And these earlier polls are still open, so you can still vote:

How long will Dean remain possessed by Michael?

Who was a better parent to Dean and Sam -- John or Mary?

Holiday Hellatus survival tips! What's your favorite way to survive hellatus?
Which holiday-themed Supernatural episode is your favorite?
"Is Jack GOOD or EVIL?"
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Previous Poll Results

2013 Summer Poll

Question: Will Kevin and the Winchesters be able to close the door to Hell forever?
  • Yes, but something else will happen to keep demons around. --------------------------------------------------> 41%
  • Possibly, but there will be many obstacles. -----------------> 30%
  • No; without Crowley and other demons, the show would be over. ------------------------------------------------------------------------> 19%
  • We'll have to wait and find out. -----------------------------------> 11%
Total Number of Votes: 202

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2012 Hellatus Poll
Question: What is the best way to get through hellatus?
  • Watch lots of past episodes of Supernatural. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 75%
  • Hide under the covers until Jan. 16. -----------------------------> 11%
  • Write some fanfic and chat with other SPN Fan Wiki members! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 8%
  • Other (add your answers in a thread on the POLLS page!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 5%
Total Number of Votes: 78

Fall 2012 poll

Question: How is it that Dean has teamed up with Benny, a vampire he met in Purgatory?
  • Dean and Benny truly helped and trust one another -----------------------------------------------------------------------------> 35.2%
  • Benny saved Dean's life several times ----------------------> 29.5%
  • Benny is holding something over Dean's head -----------> 20%
  • Dean is just pretending and will use Benny to his own ends -----------------------------------------------------------------------------> 12.4%
  • Some other reason (post your theory in a thread!) ------> 2.9%
Total Number of Votes: 105

Summer 2012 poll

Question: Which past character would you MOST like to see make an appearance in Season 8?
  • Bobby Singer -------------------------------------------------------> 31.1%
  • John Winchester ----------------------------------------------------> 25.1%
  • Jo Harvelle -------------------------------------------------------------> 13%
  • Chuck-------------------------------------------------------------------> 10.9%
  • Ash ------------------------------------------------------------------------> 9.2%
  • Other ----------------------------------------------------------------------> 7.1%
  • Ellen Harvelle -----------------------------------------------------------> 2.4%
  • Pamella -------------------------------------------------------------------> 1.2%
Total Number of Votes: 338

April-May poll

Question: What will happen to Bobby?
  • He'll remain a ghost and help out now and then. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------> 28.6%
  • He will get tired and want to end his ghostly existence. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------> 26.2%
  • The boys will get Castiel to help him move on. ---------> 22.2%
  • The boys will find a way to have a reaper come for him. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------> 13.5%
  • Something else (post in a thread to explain). -----------> 9.5%
Total Number of Votes: 325

March poll

Question: Why would the leviathans want to cure cancer?
  • like invading aliens, they want to win people over first ----------------------------------------------------------------------------> 21.5%
  • because they can't eat people who have cancer ----------------------------------------------------------------------------> 21.5%
  • because cancer is something that can hurt them ----------------------------------------------------------------------------> 19.3%
  • to keep people from dying and souls from going to heaven or hell ----------------------------------------------------------------------> 18.5%
  • to gain more power for D!ck Roman ----------------------------------------------------------------------------> 11.1%
  • ...some other reason not mentioned (start a thread below!) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------> 8.1%
Total Number of Votes: 135

February poll

Question: What do you miss most on Supernatural?
  • Castiel! --------------------------------------------------------------> 43.1%
  • Bobby Singer! ------------------------------------------------------> 22.7%
  • The Metallicar! ------------------------------------------------------> 12.7%
  • Needs more of the old time rock 'n' roll! --------------------> 9.9%
  • Jo and Ellen Harvelle! ----------------------------------------------> 5.5%
  • Someone or something not mentioned ---------------------> 3.3%
  • Chuck! ------------------------------------------------------------------> 2.8%
Total Number of Votes: 362

January poll

Question: Will Bobby really die?
  • No way! He will pull through! -----------------------------> 27.4%
  • Afraid so -- one more thing for Dean and Sam to deal with. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------> 26.5%
  • Someone will swoop in at the last minute and save him! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------> 24.7%
  • Yes, but he will come back in another form. ------------> 21.4%
Total Number of Votes: 215

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kate38 Supernatural Fan Wiki Opinion Poll: Favorite Hellatus survival tips? 2 May 20 2018, 7:26 AM EDT by kate38
Thread started: Dec 24 2017, 12:46 PM EST  Watch
Hi, Guys!

We're deep in the heart of holiday hellatus, so how are you doing? What's your favorite hellatus survival tip? Wanna share your tip with the rest of us?

You can vote from the Fan Wiki home page, or use this link:

If your favorite tip isn't there, chime in and tell us what it is! You might be helping a fellow fan survive until the next new episode on January 18th!

Does your hellatus survival tool kit include hanging out on social media? If so, don't forget to check out our Supernatural Fan Wiki Facebook and Twitter pages here:

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SPNFanWiki/
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SPNFanWiki

Let's talk!

Happy Holidays, Y'all :)

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kate38 Supernatural Fan Wiki Opinion Poll: Winchester Winter Olympic Sport? 1 Mar 2 2018, 8:57 AM EST by PigNaPoke
Thread started: Feb 21 2018, 2:44 PM EST  Watch
Okay, Guys :)

This one is totally silly, but we still have a few weeks before another new episode, so let's have fun with it anyway?

If you were going to pick a winter Olympic sport for the Winchesters to compete in, which one would it be?

My guess would be hockey, but the biathlon gives them a chance to shoot at something, so there's that.

What do y'all think? Pick as many as you like! You can vote from the Fan Wiki home page, or use this link:

Talk soon!!
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kate38 Fan Wiki Opinion Poll: Who was a better parent -- John or Mary? 1 Mar 2 2018, 8:47 AM EST by PigNaPoke
Thread started: Feb 21 2018, 2:56 PM EST  Watch
I know John and Mary wouldn't get MY vote for parents of the year, and they are both horribly flawed. But if you had to pick which of them was a better parent, who would you pick?

This was a tough one. But despite all his failings, I'd have to pick John. I think he WAS a good father until his life fell apart. And even after that, I think he tried his best.

I can't get past the fact that Mary kept her deal a secret from John, which left both of them and their sons defenseless when Azazel came back to collect.

Of course, it's hard to redeem yourself when you're dead. So Mary didn't get much of a chance to fix her mistakes. Yes, she got a chance in "Home" to sacrifice herself for Sam. But when she came back last season, the choices she made didn't seem to me like she was putting her sons first.

Anyway, we could debate this one until judgement day, but what do you guys think?

You can vote from the Fan Wiki home page, or use this link: http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5a8dc548e4b00c144175e7f1

Talk soon!
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