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Season 14, Episode 5
Airdate: November 8, 2018
Directed by Darren Grant
Written by Meredith Glynn

When Maggie goes missing during a hunt, Dean and Sam's search for her leads to some unexpected discoveries about Michael's plans for our world.

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  • Bobby to Sam (about not checking in with the “main office” before diverting from a case): “Well, we don’t need permission to look at houses – especially when the main office is run by a bunch of idjits.”

  • Dean to Neal: “Why are you going after hunters?”
    Neal to Dean: “Because you told me to. Is this still part of the game?”

  • Neal to Dean: “I won’t let anything happen to Michael’s favorite monkey suit, but I am curious. What are your nightmares?”

  • Dean to Sam (about being possessed by Michael): “You know, I’ve been trying to…not forget, but…move on from what I…from what we…from what HE did. And I gotta be honest. I was starting to feel like myself again. Almost.”

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Name: Neal
Species: Djinn
Motivation: Made a deal with Michael to trap and kill as many hunters as possible
Fate: Killed by Dean Winchester

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Dean kills djinn

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  • Why did Sam allow Maggie to go on a hunt alone? Was Bobby right about that being a bad decision?
  • Now that Castiel and Jack are alone on a hunt, will Cas realize Jack is sick? Will he be able to help him? What's wrong with Jack?
  • Will Bobby and Mary's time alone bring them closer together, or drive them further apart?
  • What other types of monsters has Michael used as traps for hunters? Is Dean somehow one of them? What are Michael's other plans for our world?
  • Dean and Sasha have father issues in common – including idolizing a father who spent a lot of time away from his family. Does Dean’s advice to Sasha mean Dean is trying to let go of his own past guilt and pain? He said as much
  • Sasha said the creature that attacked her "looked like a vampire", but how would she know what a vampire looks like? They aren’t what most people imagine
  • What did Neal see when he tried to read Dean's mind? Is Michael still somehow possessing Dean, or controlling his thoughts? Is there something else wrong with Dean?

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  • As this episode was taking place, Castiel and Jack were working a case in Sarasota, Florida
  • It’s quite an about-face for Mary to say to one of her sons that hunting is what he was meant to do. Traditionally, Mary never wanted either of her sons to be hunters
  • AU-Bobby was married and had a son. His wife died prematurely, and Bobby and his son hunted together to help deal with their loss. When the angel war started, Bobby was called into service and headed a platoon. Bobby’s son, Daniel, was in his platoon until he got captured by angels and murdered (by crucifixion). Bobby never found his son’s body and clearly still feels tremendous guilt about what happened. He expected to die himself, and since he didn’t die in the angel war, he hunts -- expecting to die doing that
  • Michael gave the djinn the power to read minds, project people’s nightmares, and use their victims' fears to create fictional monsters to kill them. Michael then ordered the djinn to use his new powers to trap and kill as many hunters as possible. He apparently made similar deals with dozens of other djinn, and possibly other monsters as well
  • Apparently, the djinn’s projections can be killed with an angel blade or iron; and the djinn himself was bludgeoned to death. Normally, a silver knife dipped in lamb’s blood is required to kill a djinn

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episode guide - Supernatural Wiki

  • This episode takes place in Claremore, Oklahoma. It would have taken the Winchesters approximately 6 1/2 hours to drive there from the bunker
  • LOL! AU Bobby says “idjit” too!
  • The djinn we met in this episode represents the 4th variety of djinn we’ve encountered. When Dean was kidnapped by a djinn in season 2("What is and What Should Never Be"), we learned that djinn traditionally are tattooed, hermit-like creatures that feed slowly on your blood until you eventually die. To keep you compliant, they poison your mind, allowing you to create a false, positive dream-life and pleasant memories so you don’t know what’s happening to you in real life. In season 6 "Exile on Main Street", we met a different kind of djinn, who can blend into society and poison you with a touch, but they give you nightmares until you die. We also learned in that episode that the Campbell family had an antidote for djinn poisoning. We met a 3rd breed of djinn in season 8 “Pac Man Fever”, when we met djinn who give you nightmares so they can feed on your fear until you die. In the current episode, the archangel Michael has given djinn the ability to read minds, create thought projections of people’s nightmares, and use those creations to torture or kill you. It appears that the djinn’s poison can keep the victim somewhat sedated/subdued until the person eventually dies.

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episode guide - Supernatural Wiki

  • When Dean realizes the Rawling family has its own cemetery, he asks Sam if the family is "weirdo shut-ins like the Addams family". The Addams Family was a television comedy series (1964 - 1966) about a wealthy, but frighteningly eccentric family that lived in a spooky mansion
  • Maggie's case came from a tip about “walkers” that were attacking people. This term is a reference to zombies and is from the popular horror/sci-fi television series "The Walking Dead" (2010 - present), about an apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played John Winchester in Supernatural, plays a villain named Negan in the series; and Lauren Cohan, who played Bela Talbot in Supernatural has played the role of Maggie Greene for several seasons on The Walking Dead
  • Dean and Sam use aliases Harrison and Byrne, referring to two members from the band The Talking Heads. David Byrne is lead vocalist and guitarist with the band, and Jerry Harrison plays.keyboards and guitar
  • Neal said that he reads Architectural Digest, a monthly periodical that focuses on interior design. It has been in publication since 1920
  • Dean comments that the "Hunter Five-0" thing is new to Sam, referring to his new leadership of the hunters. Dean was likely referring to the popular television crime series Hawaii Five-0, about an elite team of detectives in Hawaii. The original series ran from 1968 to 1980, but the series got a reboot in 2010 and is still airing currently. The term "Five-0" is also street slang for the police
  • Dean comments about Sam's "Kenny Rogers beard". Kenny Rogers is a popular country performer who traditionally sports a full beard and.mustache
  • When Dean and Sam are trying to figure out what type of monster they're dealing with, they mention Fred Jones, a elderly family friend with psychokinetic abilities that they had to contend with in season 8 "Hunteri Heroici"
  • Dean comments that a vampire wouldn't let its victim go "AWOL", a military acronym for "absent without leave", or leaving a base or post without having permission to do so
  • As Sasha takes a sedative and washes it down with alcohol, she expresses gratitude for having "benzos", a slang term for benzodiazepines -- a class of sedative drugs that includes Valium and Xanax and should not be mixed with alcohol

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  • None

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