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Played By: [Team_Free_Will]
Text Color: Dark Green

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
D.O.B: March 3, 1971
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Blackish-gray
Build: Athletic, curvy
Height: 6"
Destinguishing Features: Birthmark the shape of a rose on her neck, anti-possessiontattoo on her forearm, multiple Batman tattoos on her left leg, multiple people and band names tattooed on her right leg, and a stomach piercing.

Margo Rose Teloch

Other Information
Occupation: Hunter, dancer, singer, actor
Skills: Persuading, acting, lying, lock-picking, blending in, shooting, latin
Flaws/phobia(s): Coulrophobia,Athazagoraphobia,Kakorrhaphiophobia

Character Backstory/ if a hunter, how did [he/she] get into the job?
Margo Rose Teloch was unwanted by her mother, Eliza. According to Eliza, Margo Rose was an accident. She only happened because of a one night stand. Eliza loved Margo Rose very much but knew she could never be a true mother to Margo Rose. One night, Eliza dropped Margo Rose off at an old friend's house. The "old friend" was John Eric Winchester. Eliza claimed she "had errands to do" and left. She never came back. John decided to teach Margo Rose about being a hunter. Margo Rose didn't know, but her father, Lance, was a hunter. John didn't pay much attention to Margo Rose except when he was teaching her, which was fine because in the time she was alone, Margo Rose taught herself how to do stuff. When Margo Rose turned 18, she was still living with John. He wouldn't let her leave because he didn't think she had learned everything there was to know about being a hunter. Margo Rose argued with John about being able to live on her own. Sam and Dean even agreed with her. Eventually, John gave up and let Margo Rose leave. She thanked the Winchesters for being so kind to her, then she was off on her own. She made new friends, along with a new life. One day her friend, Marissa, died. When Margo Rose looked into Marissa's case, she noticed that there were many more like it. She decided to "check it out" and see if there was anything supernatural about it. Obviously there was, and it was at the moment she salt and burned the thing that she realized how much she hated monsters. She made the choice to travel around killing monsters, living on diner food and sleeping in trashy motel rooms.

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