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(about their father's death)
Adam: He's a mechanic, right?
Dean: A car fell on him.
Dean: I'm starving, lets get breakfast.
Sam: Where? We're like two hours from anything.
Dean: But I'm hungry now.
Sam: There is probably still a sandwich in the back seat.
Dean: It's tuna.
Adam: Okay, so basically you're saying that every movie monster, every nightmare that I've ever had, that's all real.
Dean: Godzilla's just a movie.
Dean: Adam doesn't have to be cursed.
Sam: He's a Winchester. He's already cursed.
Sam: No wonder none of the tests worked. You're not shapeshifers. You're ghouls.
Kate: You know, I find that term racist.
Graveyard Caretaker: Tell me, Agent Nugent, have you thought about where you might like to spend eternity?
Dean: All the damn time.
Adam: How can I help?
Dean: You can't.
Adam: This thing killed my mom. If you're hunting it, I want in.
Dean: No.
Sam: Dean, look maybe...
Dean: (interrupting) Maybe what?
Sam: He lost his mother. Maybe we can understand what that feels like.
Dean: Why do you think dad never told us about this kid, Sam, huh? Why do you think he ripped out the pages?
Sam: Because...
Dean: (interrupting) Because he was protecting him!
Sam: Dad's dead, Dean.
Dean: It doesn't matter! He didn't want Adam to have our lives, okay? And we're gonna respect his wishes.
Adam: Do I get a say in this?
Dean: No!
Sam: No.
Dean: You know I finally get why you and dad butted heads so much. You two are practically the same person. I mean I worshipped the guy, y'know. I dressed like him, I acted like him, I listened to the same music. But you are more like him than I will ever be. I see that now.
Sam: I'll take that as a compliment.
Dean: You can take it any way you want.

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