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Played By: [Anthony "Shadow Ezekiel Harbinger" Dimarco]
Text Color: text will be in CAPS LOCK when my eyes are glowing yellow

Hometown: Woodstock Georgia
D.O.B: 10/8/1989
Eye Color: Blue/Yellow
Hair Color: Black/Blue
Height: 6ft
Destinguishing Features:
yellow eyes
Custom Hybrid Blade

HarbingerHybrid Blade < Hybrid Blade

Other Information
Occupation: Hunter
Skills: resourceful lore-master translator loyalty half-demon (yellow eyed class) half-human
Mildly Power Hungry
can switch loyaltys if a girl/demon/human has the "right" traits
(you will have to discover what right is on your own it would be cheating/to easy if i told you)
supernatural artifact horder cant resist grabbing those kind of items

Character Backstory:
*born originally in 6000 bc Anthony was one of Cains descendants who joined the knights because he had a crush on Abaddon who he Didnt know was actually a demon at the time Abaddon eventually tricked him into selling his soul after his ten years a interesting death a hellhound came after him but he picked up the first blade and stabbed it unfortunatley with out the mark the blade is just a jaw bone and only made the hellhound angry the hellhound was left with a small scar and Anthony was slain and sent to hell his soul broke within 5 years and eventually became loyal to Abaddon and Lucifer who eventually made it to yellow eyed demon class with Azazel* however deep down Anthony still kept some of his humanity secretly hidden away Anthony escaped hell with azazel in season 1 storyline somewhere *among the demons anthony is known as Harbinger* humans know him as Darth Ezekiel or Anthony and somewhere along the line became a brother to the Winchesters
XGirlfreinds/Girlfriends Ruby (Katie Cassidy) Meg (Rachel Miner) Abaddon (Alaina Huffman)
*Family:Azazel (Half-Brother) Cain (Father/Grandfather) Lucifer(Half-Father)* Dean&Sam (Half-Brothers)*

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