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Played By: Demascion Lycan
Text Color: White

Hometown: Calhoun, GA
D.O.B: 1/10/1986
Eye Color: Usually Brown but it changes to green and sometimes yellow.
Hair Color: Dark Brown, Almost black
Build: Athletic, but not buff.
Height: 5'10"
Destinguishing Features: Black Tribal Dragon tattoo on his upper right arm and a tattoo of a wolf howling at the moon on his left arm.


Other Information
Occupation: Musician and Hunter
Skills: His guitar isn't just for looks. Destrian plays his black electric-acoustic guitar as though his life depended on it. He is athletic due to his free running abilities. He is trained in swordplay and gun use. He is beyond computer literate.
Flaws/phobia(s): Destrian is new to the game and although he has hunted several types of monsters, he's often caught off guard. Destrian also has a fear of silence (Sedatephobia) which contributes to his love of music.
Character Backstory
Destrian was born into a rich family. He was raised to not believe in the darkest of beings in the world, though destrian just couldn't believe that humans and animals were the only ones out there. He knew that there had to be more.

Though he was given almost anything he could ever want, Destrian wanted nothing less than to leave the house he was raised in. He couldn't do that until he was 18, but he wouldn't waste the time he had while he was there. He was given an acoustic guitar when he was 7 and he had classical lessons for the next 4 years. Once he had mastered the classical guitar, he moved on to spanish riffs. He practiced his guitar at least 2 hours a day, and usually more.

While Destrian wasn't playing his gutar, he wasn't simply sitting around being bored. He had a gymnastics gym built on his manner and he used it to build his ability to climb, run, and do many other acrobatic feats that would make him near uncatchable in a chase. He became one of the most athletic people in his home town. He also used the gym to train in sword-play. He thought that in some cases blades may be better than guns. He assumed that it was all needed, and that he should train for everything.

Destrian was home-schooled by high dollar teachers. This allowed Destrian to have more free time to study what he wanted as he could finish his work faster than if he was in a public school. He spent hours every day looking up mythology from all cultures of the world. He catalogged everything he found on everything from the common myths such as vampires to the less known such as Rakshasas. He put the information on an external hard drive so that he could keep it hidden from his close minded parents.

The years passed on and when Destrian turned 16, he was given his first car, which would become the only one he would ever use. The car was a beautiful, jet-black 1969 ford mustang. The car was custom built by his father.

By this time, Destrian was sure that he would spend at least one year searching for monsters. He wanted the supernatural to be real. He needed it to be. He would tell his parents that he wanted to spend a year traveling the country and getting to know where he could build a business, and what he could use to build his own fortune. His parents wouldn't be able to refuse.

On his 18th birthday, that was exactly what Destrian did. He told them what he wanted, and his father was proud of the decition. His father told him he was allowed $1000 a month for the trip. If he needed more, he would have to work for it along the way some how. Destrian smiled, knowing exactly how he would make the money. He packed up his electric-acoustic and an amp, slipped them in the trunk of his mustang along with a large duffle-bag full of clothes and laptop computer and external hard drive.

Destrian kept his word to a point. While he was searching for the supernatural, he made sure he had enough of a business idea of the area to report back to his father weekly. He played his guitar in bars to make some extra cash and searched tirelessly for months. He followed leads of strange deaths and was led on several dead ends until he met John Winchester.

It was June of 2004 in New York city. John had a contact there that allowed him to do his work without issues. Destrian was following a story of people going missing in the sewers. Most people were sure it was the aligators in the sewers. Some even claimed to have seen the massive reptilian creatures. Once he had had enough to know that something was down there, he began searching them. That was when he met John.

John wanted nothing to do with the amateur hunter. Even so, he couldn't just leave the kid to possibly die. That night, John took the boy to his personal hotel room and began to explain what he knew of the area. This was Johns second hunt in New York. He believed that they were hunting a Dragon. Over the next two weeks the two were inseperable. They hunted the dragon during the day, and corrected Destrian's mythology database during the night.

Once the dragon was slain, Destrian and John parted ways, keeping each other's cell numbers in case they had something important that needed to be said. John had also given Destrian the address of a road house that would help him correct the mythology that John didn't know about. Everyone had their own reasons for hunting and for some of them it meant they knew more about different beasts.

Once Destrian had everything he needed, he told his father that he was cutting ties with the family. Destrian had his own bank account that had almost $100,000 in it, and that would get him started on what he wanted to do. The first step was changing his Cell phone number. Destrian began a music career which allowed him to travel to where ever he needed to go for the hunts. He then set out for his new life. Music and hunting. Nothing else mattered.
Destrian's Car
1969 Ford Mustang
Under the back floor board of Destrian's Mustang is a hidden compartment where he keeps his weaponry. It tilts up, allowing for a surprising ammount of space.
Following John's lead, Destrian always keeps salt-rock shotgun shells, silver bullets, a machette and a large arsonal in his armory.

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