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season 5The devil you know

*sam saying how he was right that they shouldnt have teamed up with crowley*
Sam:i told you!
Dean: oh well good for you!!Dean Winchester Quotes
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My Bloody Valentine:
*Cas has come into car and is eating a bag of burgers*
Dean: Are you serious
Castiel: These make me very happy
Dean: How many is that
Castiel: Lost count its in the low hundreds
Dean: whew
Castiel: what i don't understand is...wheres your hunger Dean
Dean: hmm
Castiel: well slowely but surely everybody in the this town is falling prey to Famine, but so far you seem unaffected.
Dean: Hey when i want a drink I drink...when I want sex i go get it...Same goes for a sandwhich or a fight.
Castiel: So what your saying is your just well adjusted
Dean: God no...i'm just well fed
Caget Heat 6x10
: Sam? I'm standing in pee!
Sam: Consider yourself lucky.
6x05 Live Free or Twihard
Dean: Newsflash, Mr Wizard, Vampires pee!
1x01 Pilot
Dean: That Constance chick...WHAT A *****!
4x05 Monster Movie
Dean: We got to see the new "Raiders" movie
Sam: saw it
Dean: without me?
Sam: you were in Hell
Dean: ... that's no excuse
4x05 Monster Movie
Dean - look at me, i came back from the furnace without any of my old scars, right? you know bullet wounds, knife cuts, none of the off Angled fingers from all the breaks i mean my hide is as smooth as a baby bottom, which leads me to conclude, sadly,... that my virginity is intact.
Sam - What?
Dean - i have been re-Hymenated.
4x06 Yellow Fever
Sam: it's ghost sickness
Dean: Ghost sickness?
Sam: yeah
Dean: Oh god no.
Sam: yeah
Dean: I dont even know what that is.
4x06 Yellow Fever
Dean: do you actually like being stuck in a car with me 8 hours a day, every single day? i dont think so. i mean i drive to fast and i listen to the same 5 albums over and over and over again and a sing along. i'm annoying i know that.
4x08 Wishful thinking
Dean: Women, shower .. we got to save these people
4x14 Sex & Violence
Sam: you seem pretty cheery,
Dean: Strippers Sammy Strippers, We are on an actual case involving strippers. Finally
6x14: The French Mistake
(Walking by a trailer)
Dean: That's fake me.....this be fake mine!
1x15 The Benders
Well, I'll say it again. Demons I get. People are crazy.
6x10: Caged Heat
Dean (to Cas): Are you watching porn?
7x6: Slash Fiction
Dean (to Sam): You know my motto. Here to help.
6x19 Mommy Dearest
Why has it always got to be me that makes the call? It's not like Cas lives in my ass. The dude's busy. (Cas appears behind him.) Cas get out of my ass!
Castiel: I was never in your...
5x20 the devil you know
*sam saying he was right(they shouldnt have teamed up with crowley
Sam: i told you!
Dean:*sarcastically* oh well good for you!
changing channels season 5
sam: what is that?
dean: dr. sexy MD
sam: since when did you hit menopause
dean: shut up!
6x15 The French Mistake:
Dean: Oh crap. i'm a painted *****!
Sam: Dude, you know something? i put up a lot from you.
Dean: What are you talking about? i'm a joy to be around.
Sam: yeah? Your dirty socks in the sink. your food in the fridge!
Dean: What's wrong with my food?
Sam: It's not FOOD anymore, Dean, it's DARWINISM!
6X14 Mannequine 3: The Reckoning:
Dean: Hey maybe we'll have a Snooki sighting.
Sam: What's a Snooki?
Dean: That is a good question.
6X14 Mannequine 3: The Reckoning:
(Dean holding a mannequine heart)
Dean: Be my Valentine.
Sam: Dude, we're working. Put it back.
Dean: Have a heart.
Sam: Dean.
Dean: (chuckles) Buzzkill, heh.
5X3: Free To Be You And Me
Castiel: Let's Go.
Dean: Whoa, Whoa.
Castiel: What?
Dean: Last time you zapped me someplace, I didn't poop for a week. (pauses) We're driving.
6X13: Unforgiven
Dean: One of Dad's Rules: You never use the same crapper twice.
Sam: Everyone uses the same crapper twice.
Dean: Not us (pauses) You know what I mean.
4X8: Wishful Thinking
Wes: Aren't you guys from the health department?
Sam: Yeah, and Florists on the side.
Dean: Plus FBI, and on Thursdays; We're teddy bear doctors.
6X13: Unforgiven
Dean: Hey Sam, so how does it feel to be a fugitive again? Hate to say 'I told you so'
Sam: Uh, You love to say 'I told you so'
Dean: You're right. I do love to say 'I told you so'.
6X13: Unforgiven
Dean: So we know that this is a monster with, uh, opposable thumbs...and unlimited text messaging... and we know that it want to kill you specifically. Does that about cover it?
Sam: It's a Arachne.
Dean: A what?
4X15 Death Takes a Holiday
Sam: How you doing?
Dean: I'm in pain. That's how I'm doing (pauses) I think I have a concussion.
Sam: You want an aspirin?
Dean: No thanks, House.

4X15 Death takes a Holiday
Sam: Dean, Reapers are invisiable. The only people that can see them are the dead and the dying.
Dean: If ghosts are the only ones who can see them...
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: ...Then we become ghosts.
Sam: You do have a concussion.
Dean: Sounds crazy, I know.
Sam: It is crazy.
4x06 Yellow Fever
Sam: Dude, where are you going? That was our hotel.
Dean: Sam, I'm not gonna make a left-hand turn into oncoming traffic. I'm not suicidal.
(EMF starts buzzing)
Dean: Did I just say that? That's kind of weird.

am: Do you hear something?
(Sam pulls EMF from his jacket and points it at Dean, causing all five lights to turn on and the buzzing to get louder. He then points it at himself, which turns the lights off and stops the buzzing.)
Sam: What the hell?
(Dean sees that the EMF is only responding to him)
Dean: Am I haunted? Am I haunted?!

-Uhm... This is the part just before the truck slams into the Impala... Sorry, I just can't remember the season and episode (=.=)-
Sam: (scoffs, glaring at the road) I DON'Tunderstand the BLIND FAITH you have in the man!
Dean: (raises voice a bit) IT'S CALLED "BEING A GOOD SON".
Sam: Dean, did you touch my computer?
Dean: Uh, no.
Sam: Eh, well, then why is it frozen at “”?
Dean: *Awkward Silence* (source)

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