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Notable Dean Winchester Episodes

Season One

Dean Winchester | Supernatural Episodes

Pilot- Dean goes to his younger brother, Sam's house for help.
Dead in the Water- Dean forms a bond with the traumatized kid, is able to get him to tell him what he saw, and later saves the kid from drowning.
Phantom Traveler- We learn Dean is afraid of flying.
Skin- A shapeshifter takes the form of Dean and frames him for murder.
Home- Dean must go back to his childhood home to save a mother and her kids from the same fate that had been bestowed upon them years ago. His mother appears and saves them.
Scarecrow- Dean and Sam part ways. Dean is left to deal with a secretive little town and is almost sacrificed to a scarecrow.
Faith- Dean is accidentally electrocuted which weakens his heart giving him only a few weeks to live until they find a faith healer, but must then live with knowing that someone died for him to live by the help from Grim Reaper.
Nightmare- Dean finds out that Sam has visions... and he's not the only one.
The Benders- Dean must find Sam after he is kidnapped by a family who hunt humans.
Shadow- Dean and Sam meet up with their father, John. John then leaves again.
Something Wicked- Dean reveals to Sam that the thing they're hunting had come for Sam as a child, and that he'd almost lost Sam.
Dead Man's Blood- The family reunites once again when a group of vampires kills one of John's friends and fellow hunter.
Devils Trap- Dean is tortured and severely injured by the Demon. On the way to the hospital, a semi ploughs into the Impala, leaving him and the other two Winchesters left for dead.

Season Two

In My Time Of Dying- Dean is comatose after the car accident, and his spirit is left to wander the halls of the hospital.... and to try and stop the Reaper that's after him.John sacrifices his soul and the Colt for Dean's life.
Bloodlust- Dean fights the urge to kill a group of vampires who claim they do not kill humans.
Children Shouldn'tPlay With Dead Things- Dean lets his emotions out to Sam, telling him how he felt about his father's death.
No Exit- Dean must find the ghost of H. H. Holmes - America's first serial killer - who has Jo.
Simon Said- Dean is arrested as a suspect in a case he had been working of a death of a lawyer when he was caught at the scene of the wife'smurder. Dean makes enemies with the lead detective and almost gets himself killed.
Crossroad Blues- Dean figures out what really happened at the hospital.
Croatoan- Dean tells Sam his father's last words to him.
Hunted- Dean must save his brother from Gordon, who found out about the Demons plans for him.
Nightshifter- While trying to stop a shapeshifter from robbing a bank, Dean is forced to hold the bank hostage, adding another rap on his police record.
Houses of the Holy- Dean reveals the last words his mother ever spoke to him before she died, and that he does not believe in angels or any other thing he has not seen with his own eyes.
Born Under A Bad Sign- John's last words come back to Dean when it seems Sam's dark side is finally beginning to show itself.
Folsom Prison Blues- Dean and Sam are arrested and sent to a state penitentiaryto fight a spirit, but their plan is delayed when FBI agent Henrikson, who has been looking for them since the bank robbery, shows up.
What Is And What Should Never Be- Dean is attacked by a Djinn and sent to an alternate reality where his mother is still alive, Sam is married, and his life is normal for the first time. But outside of this memory he is only dinner.
All Hell Breaks Loose Part I- Dean must find his brother when he suddenly disappears. Later Sam is stabbed in the back by Jake.
All Hell Breaks Loose Part II- Driven to an emotional break over his brother's death, Dean seeks out the Cossroad Demon to make a deal. Sam returns and Dean is given one year to live. He finally kills the Yellow-Eyed Demon as the gates to Hell are opened and hundreds of demons swarm out.

Season Three

The Magnificent Seven- Dean and Sam must deal with the aftermath of Dean's deal and the gates to Hell being opened.
The Kids Are Alright- Dean finds out he may have an eight year-old kid, Ben, and must save him and the rest of the children in town.
Bad Day At Black Rock- Dean gets introducedto Bela Talbot, Sam faces bad luck from a rabbit's foot and Dean tries to save him from death.
Sin City- Dean and Sam investigate a rash of violent deaths, Dean uses a devils trap to capture a demon which manages to trap him as well then ends up reveling there motives and future plan about Sam.
Fresh Blood- Gordon escapes from prison to hunt Sam down, while Dean strugglesto keep him alive.
A Very Supernatural Christmas- Dean and Sam spend Christmashunting down PaganGods. Flashbacks reveal what Christmaswas like for the Winchester brothers while they were children, and how Dean got his amulet as a present from Sam.
Dream a Little Dream Of Me- Dean and Sam try to save Bobby from bring trapped in a dream, while Dean faces his worst fears of going to hell and becoming a demon.
Long Distance Call- The brothers investigate a town where people are getting phone calls from beloved dead, until Dean gets a phone call from his dad, telling him that he knows who owns his contract and how to save him.
No Rest For The Wicked- With only 30 hours before Dean's deal is up, Bobby and Sam search for Lilith who holds his deal, while Sam summons Ruby for help, they soon find out they can't help Dean, in the end he gets killed and sent to hell.

Season Four

Lazarus Rising
- Four months after Dean's death, he wakes up to find himself in a pine box, and after a happy reunion with Sam and Bobby, a new character is introduced - Castiel, an angel who dragged Dean out of hell.
In The Beginning- Castiel transports Dean back in time to Lawrence, Kansas, where Dean finds out why Azazel came after his family years ago.

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