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Let's have a bit of fun with photos and captions. Below you'll find a series of photos that will go up. Think of a caption and write it underneath. Put your name in front of it, and make sure each caption is a different colour so we can tell them apart.

Caption Fun - Supernatural Wiki

Mrs_Dean_Winchester: (Ash) Oh my Jared, What large muscles you have! (Jared) All the better to chuck you with mullet-man!
KatieWinchester: (Ash) I can't see the ground anymore!!

Bluebird123: (Jared) Look Jensen, i am super powerful.
Livingimpaired: "Hey Jensen, guess who wins biggest chip on the shoulder competition!
Deangirl: (Ash) I am on top of the world....yohooooo
1983Sarah: Jensen: You don't need to throw the man, Jared, he no longer has a mullet.
supernatural_girl: Jensen: "stop showing off ur powers"
randyortonsnumber1fa: your a *****
rockdevil13: Ash: Look Jensen! I programed Sam to do whatever I want!
koolkat104: Ash - Whoo! Jared trhis is--- oookay scared of heights put me down. Now.
Samrulez01: Jensen: When is it my turn? Ash: No! My Jared Robot!
DeansGirl666: Jared: "hey, look, Jensen, I'm Superman"
winchester.princess: Jared: "I brought home the bacon"
Deanmustlive: Jared: Look Jensen, even Chad's taller than you
Gemgems24: "holy crap! it's raining men hallelujah!!"
Nur-Loida: (Jensen, saying to himself) isn't he adorable, always showing off... pain in the ass little brother ^_^
DCMS:(jared) look you can see his converse better. *whispers to Ash* okay let me get clocer then u kick him!
HellFire666: Jared: the fan girls will love this! Jensen: will you just get him by that tree so he can get my frisbee down?
WinchestersRock ~ " Hey Jensen, look what I picked up in Adsa " (WalMart )
Tavish: Jensen - " I swear one of these days he's not going to be able to get away with these things. Those puppy dog eyes won't last forever. I think?"
flackfan66-*Jensen to Jared* Didn't I tell you not to go picking up midget hitch hikers???
Jared:Look what I won Jensen
Castiel_is_my_angel - Sam : OH COME ON DEAN! Can we PLEASE take him home? He's so adorable! And this one doesn't even have fleas! Shaza !) : Jared : told ya Jensen i Could Lift Him. Jensen: Hay Syop Showing Off .
Nermah84: (jared)"Look what I can do!" (Ash) "Yay Im on top of the world!" (Jensen) "I can do that too." (girl) "You all are idiots"
Warriorsgirl ~ *Sam* "Okay, dig the ditch Dean, then we can throw him in!"
AJayBrewster: *Sam* Hey Dean! Look what I found! Can I keep him?! *Dean* That's nice, Sam. Now go put him back. None of your pets have survived past a day.
Caption Fun - Supernatural Wiki
KatieWinchester: Sam- Look! I'm Dean when he's drunk!!!
Angeltru: sam: dude you know this song? doo doo do doo
Mrs_Dean_Winchester: (Sam) Well You See.....What had happened was..... (Dean) You did what to my car!?!?!
koolkat104: Sam - Dean, it's SAM. 'S-a-m.' No 'm-y.'
WinchestersRock ~ Dean :"OMG he's been at the purple nurples again "
Tavish: Sam - "I'm the Crypt Keeper. Grrrrr..."
Werlost- Sam- "He....looky like a man."
Castiel_is_my_angel- Sam: Dean, its pronounced auto-mato-pia! This is a very serious investigation, we don't have time for you're blah blah blah blah!!! blah!!!
Rubywinchester-- Dean- "Oh, crap. Thats what Sam meant when he said his mushroom soup was magic."
flackfan66-*Jared to Jensen* Do I have anything in my teeth???
Dean: Sam are you sure you're ok you hit that tree pretty hard when you walked into it
Nermah84: Dean: What the hell is wrong with you Sam? Will some one please get me out of here.
Shaza!) : Sam ;ahhh choo oh god i hate shezzing . Dean;dude cover our mouth next time !
Warriorsgirl ~ *Sam to Dean* "--- and this is what Ruby's face looks like after we're done!"
AJayBrewster: *Dean* I told you Sam. If you didn't stop making that face, then it would get stuck that way. You should have stopped making it. *Sam* Shut up, Dean! LLaauurraa: (Jared): It puts the lotion on it's skin, precious.

Caption Fun - Supernatural Wiki
KatieWinchester- (sam) WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Angeltru: very slidable *thumbs up*
Castiel_is_my_angel: Sam: DEAN, I FOUND THE SKITTLE!
ashiilya_dean: the janitors here are GREAT! Good job, guys,. Clean floor!
WinchestersRock ~ Sam : " I recommend this wood floor to anyone, I give it my personal 2 thumbs up

Werlost- Sam- "Don't worry, Dean. I'm fine. Just another evil rabbit's foot induced clumsiness."
SupErnaTuralFREAK136~ Um.... I'm okay
flackfan66-no stinky floors here!!!
Warriorsgirl ~ Thumbs up. Puppy approves of this floor.
KatieWinchester- Dean: (nervous laugh) This axe is very sharp....
Angeltru: Jensen: yes girls i do have axe skills dont be affraid jesenman will protect you

WinchestersRock ~ Jared : " When MTV asked if you owned an axe, I really think they meant a guitar "
Werlost ` Dean- "Hey, Sammy. My axe is bigger than yours. "
SupErnaTuralFREAK136~ Jared, just smile....with our duey sensitive eyes, they'll never know what we did with this axe.
rubywinchester- jensen- "Guess what, Jared? It's valentine's day!" or "Jared, Jared! Look what they let me keep after we finished filming My Bloody Valentine!"

Shaza!) awww he just so Cute : Sam' yep that polish really doses make the floor slippy , i give it a ten'

AJayBrewster: *Sam* This floor makes an awesome slip -n- slide!
Casitel_is_my_angel- Dean- Santa, i promise, ive been REALLY good this year! look, I even brushed my teeth! All I want for Christmas is that subscription to Busty Asian Beauties....
koolkat104: PUDDING!!!!!
KatieWinchester- Jensen: Is this acid rain??

Tavish: I don't think Jared is that high Jensen. SupErnaTuralFREAK136~ CAS!!!!!!
flackfan66-Am I the only one that sees the invisible snowflakes?

Shaza !) : Dean : look sammy its raining , "its raining its pouring the old man it snoring " Sam : come on dean you can play later ..
Nermah84: *Dean screaming at the top of his lungs* "SAMMYYYY!!"
Warriorsgirl ~ *arrow to Dean's mouth* "insert Purple Nurple here"
winchester_lover15: Om Nom Nom Nom Nom!!!!
supernatrualsweetie: AHH! (to the sky) Look Cass! My tounge is purple!!!
LLaauurraa: Um... Jensen, that's...* ahem*... not rain.
Dean Scared
KatieWinchester- too many purple nurples!!!
RoxAckles: What do u mean ur pregnant???
Werlost` What do you mean you sold the Metallicar for a minivan? Sam, you are evil."
suzliyana~ Fan Girls!? SupErnaTuralFREAK136~ Oh no! Sam found my poem book
rubywinchester-- "Dude, where's my car?!"
flackfan66-*Sam to Dean as he is freaking out* Where's your car, dude?

Shaza !) : you Did What To My Car !!!
Warriorsgirl ~ "Sam I can't believe you took that last cookie!"

AJayBrewster: *Dean* That is my pie! Don't even think about touching it!
LLaauurraa: (Jensen) I just pooped a little...

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