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Poll Results for 2008:
Poll #10 :
Question : Do you like the new Theme of the show??
  • Yes ---->92.3%
  • No ---->7.7%
Poll #9 :
Question : SPOILERS!!!!! What did you like best about season premiere?
  • Dean crawling out of the grave---->18.0%
  • Sam's new ability---->20.7%
  • Ruby is still alive!! even if she is not cassidy---->2.7%
  • The bothers reunion---->27.9%
  • The whole Angel thing---->30.6%
Poll #8 :
Question : Which of the following would you be most interested to see in Season 4?
  • Dean out of Hell ---->37.8%
  • Dean and sam's childhood ---->8.3%
  • Relationship change between the brothers---->5.1%
  • Sam going evil ---->11.5%
  • Mary's past with YED ---->22.4%
  • Mary and John's past ---->3.2%
  • More about lilth and Yed ---->3.8%
  • Sam or dean killing lilth ---->7.7%
Poll #7 :
Question : Which kick-ass girl would you like to see as a guest star in Supernatural?
  • Buffy Ann Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer----->26.3%
  • Zoe Washburne from Firefly and Serenity----->5.1%
  • River Tam from Firefly and Serenity----->6.1%
  • Faith from BtVS and Angel----->15.2%
  • Sarah Conner from the Sarah Chronicles----->6.1%
  • Chloe Sullivan from Smallville----->14.1%
  • Kate Austen from Lost----->10.1%
  • Ziva David from NCIS----->17.2%
Poll #6 :
Question : Which is your fav SN Creature?
  • Demons----->38.9%
  • Trickster----->22.1%
  • Vampires----->13.7%
  • Spirits----->6.3%
  • Witches----->4.2%
  • Werewolves----->3.2%
  • Shape Shifters----->7.4%
  • Djinn----->4.2%
Poll #5 :
Question : Which Supernatural Season was your favorite?
  • Season 1---->20.5%
  • Season 2---->47.7%
  • Season 3---->31.8%
Poll #4 : 9th -16th June
Question :
Which Season Finale was most dramatic??
  • Season 1 where the show Dean and John unconscious and seriously injured. ---> 13.6%
  • Season 2 with the demons escaping and Dean having only one year to live ---> 8.5%
  • Season 3 showing Dean in hell ---> 78.0%
Poll #3 : 31st May - 6th June
Question :
SPOILERS!!!!!Now knowing that Dean gets out of hell and his relationship with Sammy will be massively affected in Season 4, what are your thoughts?
  • I don't care, at least Dean is out of hell----->22.9%
  • The brothers relationship makes Supernatural what it is, it wouldn't be the same.------>25.0%
  • I hope the affect is for the better------>10.4%
  • They will sort it out------->29.2%
  • OMG NOOOOOOO----->6.3%
  • I don't care. i only watch SN to look at them. :P------>6.3%
Poll #2 : May 24th - 31st
Question : Which Of the following is the best episode of season 3?

  • The Magnificent Seven--->0.0%
  • The Kids Are Alright--->12.5%
  • Bad Day At Black Rock--->12.5%
  • A Very Supernatural Christmas--->7.5%
  • Mystery Spot--->12.5%
  • Jus in Bello--->20.0%
  • Time Is On My Side--->2.5%
  • No Rest For the Wicked--->30.0%
  • Other--->2.5%
Poll #1:May 17th - 24th:
Question: What did u think about the Finale "No Rest For The Wicked"?
  • Love it!!!----->67.3%
  • Predictable-----.>7.7%
  • Could have been better----->1.9%
  • NOOOOOOOO *thud*----->23.1%
  • ummmm..........0.0%

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