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Member since: Mar 29 2008, 4:48 PM EDT
Slogan: I fight for those who can't fight and if i fail at least i tried
Friends: 144
Compliments: 23 compliments by 21 members
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hey! feel free to look at my profile. And if u have a facebook send me a message on here and i will be sure to add u, im on facebook more then anything now

R.I.P Kim Manners we will miss u man!!!
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I am a model Emo Kitty merry x-mas! Merry Christmas!! This is on my list!!! Plz?
Hello, my name is [samrulez01]! not puting real name. why should u care?

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Home town
Birthday (month/day):feb 10

Current residence
below are the real facts of life
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My guilty pleasure(s): pretending to be a young kid again, love horror films!!! sam said there are too many romero films, i say that there is no such thing as too many romero films!!!!! i love his movies!!!! i am nice yet fun at the same time, and is friends with everyone!!

The best word to describe me is:hilarious/ tall

My hero(es)
: family and friends
sam and dean (of course!)
Words or phrases I overuse: sweet\dude\comeon!

My superpower is: i have pyrokinesies...beware.MWAHHAA

What else you should know about me: i like sports, i really like soccer. i am a good drawer. even though i need practice it kics major butt. also my favorte supernatural dude is sam!!!!!!!!! and i am a hunter in the making, i know almost everything about the supernatural!

home - Supernatural Fan Site

In the movie version of my life, I would be played by:idk and who would be intrested in a movie about me?

My childhood ambition/career goal: to be a rockstarhome - Supernatural Fan Site
this is 3oh!3.....a crazy awesome band!!!

If I were a breakfast cereal, I would be: pops

If I could tame and ride any animal, it would be a:tiger, or a dragon

If I could live anywhere, it would be: colorado

My dream job(s): rockstar

My dream vacation(s): going to the bahamas

TO-THE-MOMENT ME, i am awsome!

Last movie I saw: TWILIGHT!!!!

Last book I read:Night World Vo. 1 (totaly kicks ass!!!)dorky brothers home - Supernatural Fan Sitehome - Supernatural Fan Site

Last album I listened to: mindless self indulgence

Last big splurge: a guitarhome - Supernatural Fan Site you have to admit they both look awsome even animated. sam still looks better because it is sam. i mean come on people!!

Last vacation:florida

Website(s):this one! Hobbies:drawing, writing songs, practicing acoustic guitar
Food(s):lots Gadget(s):computer
Vacation spot(s):florida,branson I like my eggs... boied
Game(s):devil may cry(all of them), mario and luigi, zelda, Sport(s):soccer, football, baseball, and hockey
World leader(s):
TV show(s):family guy, south park
Celebrities:JARED PADALECKI,JENSEN ACKLES, johnny depp, josh hartnet,
breast cancer fondation
Musician(s): pete wentz, breaking benjamin, my chemical romance, three days grace, three doors down, linkin park, kill switch engage, afi, all american rejects, evancance, +44, h.i.m, drop kick murphys, kittie, korn, disrurbed, rolling stones, ac/dc, beatles, kansas, rev theory, bullet for my valentine, avenged sevenfold, theory of a deadman, haste the day, underoath, tantric, shinedown, 10years, finger eleven, another animal, flaw, iron butterfly, iron maiden, metallica, chevelle, stone temple pilots, TRUST company, creed, alter bridge, flaming lips, saving abel, papa roach montly crue, atreyu, lost prophets,. current and classic rock!
yeah i love the rock! and dont think that because i like rock music that i am a punk girl that is phycho, so not me. i am friends with ppl that love pop, contry(i dont like contry to much) and lots that like rap, i am not a punk, a fun loving person that loves hanging out with lots of ppl a once. just thought that i should add that!
Song(s):not many for example pain by three days grace, diary of jane by breaking benjamin, kryptonite by three doors down, famous last words by my chemical romance.

dirary of jane-breaking benjamin
this is my friend doug.....he is a total psycho but he makes me laugh so i love the guy! check out his youtube profile Gir12349
Quote(s): Cartoon character(s):stewie and brian griffin
brian griffin stewie griffin

Dean Favs.
home - Supernatural Wiki
home - Supernatural Wiki
home - Supernatural Wiki
Sam Favs.
sam home - Supernatural Wiki
This is who i am!'
Favorite Dean Quote:dude i hate witches, spilling their bodly fluids everywere. it is insanity,no downright unsanitary! Favorite Sam Quote: (To Dean) your short and pushy!!!!
Favorite Dean Moment:lots Favorite Sam Moment: too many to say
Favorite Dean Episode:monster movie Favorite Sam Episode: no idea!

home - Supernatural Fan Site this has nothing to do with supernatural but it reminds me of my sister and she is pretty supernatural. trust me she is my sister. the resemblemce is scary. luv u sis!!!
Season:third Recurring Character(s):old ruby and the ghost facer dudes!!
Episode(s):very many yillian(s):yellow eyed demon
Main Character:sam Plot(s):hookman
Cast Member(s):jared padalecki (is that not apperent to you?!)Jensen is a CLOSE second Quote(s):???



home - Supernatural Fan Site
Would you like to cross over now?

home - Supernatural Fan Site

My fave people on tv to this day!

WOWa team sammy advantage!
from death note.....i kno....random.......
home - Supernatural Fan Site home - Supernatural Fan Site

home - Supernatural Fan Site home - Supernatural Fan Site home - Supernatural Fan Site

home - Supernatural Fan Site home - Supernatural Fan Site OMG die Samrulez's #1 hobby hehe...wait dogs can read!!!! OMG!!
home - Supernatural Wiki emo lawn home - Supernatural Wiki(hottest Demon EVERRRRRRR)
nickleback-if everyone cared......listen to this song and think of how you view the world
one of my awesome friends wrote a funny song so i will add it onto here.
im so random o my god
im so random laadie dah
im so dorkie look at me
im so dorkie laadie dee
ur so stupid cant you see
im so f**king pretty. writien by ruby95. thanx 4 my song.
Here is the Emo song, Thanks Tim!! ((Gobbles))
E is for emotion that ruins everyones day
M is for misurable person
O is for on the darkside because they have fresh cookies...COOKIES!! Yeah! if you have any songs smiler to the ones that i have, e-mail me and expect to see it there!

pics made by my friend dontcallmesammy!! thank u so much!
miss dontcallmesammy herself
My letter to SANTA....
Dear Santa,
Everyone this year has been bad once or twice but I am willing to take my punishment.
Now if you want to go ahead and leave the Winchesters under my tree this year and teach
me a lession i am willing to take my punishment like a mean woman... Now if you think that i
have been good this year.....I want a 67 chevy Impala with two guys named Sam and
Dean this year. The cookies are on the table.... and if you add the teddy bear doctor shirt
then next year i will leave you more cookies.....Mrs. Clause doesnt need to know that you
broke your very much needed diet.....just give the the Winchesters and no one gets hurt!!!


Sam and Dean AofD Supernatural
home - Supernatural Wiki home - Supernatural Wiki home - Supernatural Wiki home - Supernatural Wiki
To all of my awesome friends!!!
To all of my awesome friends!!!

this is one of my favorite bands, Atreyu! that is member and lead singer anthony. that is of corse an illistration.
anthony from atreyu atreyus song The Crimson, my personal favorite
and another one of the whole band of Atreyu
home - Supernatural Wiki Sam Savior
T.N.T by AC/DC
You see me right out of the sunset on your color TV screen
out for all that i can get
if you know what i mean
women to the left of me
and women to the right
ain't got no gun
ain't got no kinfe
but dont you start no fight
because i'm T.N.T
i'm dynamite
And i'll win that fight
I'm a power load
Watch me explode!
I'm dirty mean,
mighty and clean
i'm a wanted man
Public enemie number one
so lock up your daughter
and lock up your wife
lock you back door and run for your life
the man is back in town
so dont you mess around
Cause i'm T.N.T
I' dynamite
And i'l win that fight
I'm a powerload
Watch me explode!
oy, oy, oy
oy, oy, oy
oy, oy, oy
i'm dynamite
(chorus stil going oy.)
And ill win that fight
I'm a powerload!
Now watch me explode!
the music video to the song

Leave me a comment
below, or send me a private message or compliment! please tell your friends to check it out! please! i need more friends, i lost a bunch resently!

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winchesterlover heyy!! 0 Feb 23 2010, 11:34 AM EST by winchesterlover
Thread started: Feb 23 2010, 11:34 AM EST  Watch
i love that pic of sammy. u no he 1 w/ the gun. the really big 1:))) nice page
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samrulez01 Billy the Tower of Cheese 0 Apr 26 2009, 6:46 AM EDT by samrulez01
Thread started: Apr 26 2009, 6:46 AM EDT  Watch
It clearly has nothing to do with Supernatural but he is a friend of mine who dressed up as a fairy for a school dance and the guy is hilarious... (p.s the kid in the video is dougs lil bro william A.K.A Scruguly)
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Andrea_h great profile !!! 1 Nov 5 2008, 1:23 PM EST by samrulez01
Thread started: Nov 5 2008, 11:00 AM EST  Watch
I love your profile its amazing :D thought i would say an other word instead of awesome XD
LOve all of the pictures !!!
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angeltru happy hallaween! 3 Nov 5 2008, 1:23 PM EST by samrulez01
Thread started: Nov 3 2008, 5:48 AM EST  Watch
heeey!!! HAPPY HALLAWEEN i dont celebrate it here but anywayz hope ur doin good and i looove ur profile pics there totally awsome!
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urban_elf one of your pictures 1 Aug 24 2008, 10:48 AM EDT by samrulez01
Thread started: Aug 20 2008, 5:52 PM EDT  Watch
theres on of your pictures that says u thought it looked awesome so you added it and now that u look it looks like sam. well its off a manga called death note (theres also an anime of it but in japanese) there are plenty of websites that u can read it on. it is a very good story and one of my faves so i recomend it highly and its very supernatural too. sorry for the random thread lol

urban_elf (gemgems24's brother)
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