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Member since: Jun 19 2010, 6:06 PM EDT
Slogan: just because you know one thing about a person, does not mean you know everything
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Hello, my name is Michelle!

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Home town

Birthday (month/day):12.29

Current residence

Occupation:respiratory therapist


Supernatural Fan Since
: the very first episode

My guilty pleasure(s): t.v. and sangria's

The best word to describe me is:booknerd

My hero(es)
:Military members, parents, my best friend, women who kick butt

Words or phrases I overuse: sweet, awesome, b-e-a-utiful, nice

My superpower is: being a smarta**

What else you should know about me:if you cant tell already, i have a good sense of humor, but tend to WAY over think things, try to find the deeper meaning in everyday things (books, t.v. shows, movies) in an attempt to learn something about myself or the world around

In the movie version of my life, I would be played by:gabrielle anwar

My childhood ambition/career goal:forensic psychologist

If I were a breakfast cereal, I would be:lucky charms (sweet, colorful and leprachan

If I could tame and ride any animal, it would be a:none, they are all dirty and smelly

If I could live anywhere, it would be:nowhere, i would travel the world

My dream job(s): criminal profiler

My dream vacation(s): Alaska in the summer


Last movie I saw:shutter island

Last book I read:re-read actually, "Paradise Lost", also just finished all the Supernatural novels

Last album I listened to: What am i 70, albums are dead, ipod loaded with alernative (ex: Thriving Ivory) classic rock (ex: ac/dc) christian (ex:third day) popular (ex: lady gaga)

Last big splurge:Spent 200.00 on books and 250.00 on new tv

Last vacation:Minnesota (sad, huh?)

Website(s):facebook, zazzle.com
Hobbies:reading, writing, trying not to die of boredom
Food(s):chinese Gadget(s): ipod
Vacation spot(s):vegas I like my eggs...in the shell, dont care for them
Game(s):chess, wei che
Sport(s):would rather eat eggs than watch sport, would rather scoop out my frontal lobes with a dull spoon than watch sports - except the olympics, more summer than winter
World leader(s): george w. bush
TV show(s):Supernatural, Burn Notice, In
Plain Sight, Criminal Minds, Glenn Beck and
Bill O'Reilly
Celebrities: whole cast of supernatural, burn notice and in plain sight
Charities/Causes: catholic charities and
homeless shelters and soup kitchens
Movies: Signs, the last M. Night movie that did NOT suck
Musician(s):thriving ivory, james blunt, ac/dc,
bad company, boston, third day, casting
crowns, the list is long
Song(s):to many to list
Dessert(s): terimisu
Quote(s):In times of great deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act
Cartoon character(s):never liked cartoons,
but can relate most to wylie coyote

Dean Favs.
Sam Favs.
Favorite Dean Quote: Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole
Favorite Sam Quote: When i told dad i was afraid of the monsters under my bed, he gave me a .45 (so did my dad)
Favorite Dean Moment: when he tells sam about what happened in hell
Favorite Sam Moment: when he finally
holds ruby so dean can kill her
Favorite Dean Episode: every
Favorite Sam Episode: every


Season: all
Recurring Character(s): bobby
Episode(s): there are many but the third season christmas episode and the episode when dean and castiel go to the brothel "Free to be you and me"
Villain(s): Meg, 4th season Ruby (who Jared later married)
Main Character: hate to choose, love them all, but dean is my fave
Plot(s): like them all, but season 5 finale
has me worried that the show is going to
change too much and the relationship
between the bro's is the best part
Cast Member(s): castiel
Quote(s): dean to sam: " you are a
walking encyclopedia of weirdness ( I have been accused of that myself, so i can
relate to sam)

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