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Hello, my name is [Leonie]!

LOL just me

Home town: Born in the UK but moved to Australia with family in 1992

Birthday (month/day): 22/07/1985

Current residence
:Living in nice quiet South Australia haha

Occupation: Was qualified spray painter, but carpal tunnel put a stop to that, still on workcover currently, had surgery on one wrist 3 weeks ago!!


My guilty pleasure(s): Choccy? LOL i eat way too much!

The best word to describe me is: Hmm, thatsa toughy, how bout unique?

My hero(es)

Words or phrases I overuse: HAHA or LOL most probably! but hey, im a happy person and cant hold it in!!

My superpower is: Hehehe, it would be being able to fly, or breath underwater haha!

What else you should know about me:

Well, lets see, i love horses, have 2, one i have had for 10yrs, a standardbred who is 20 and still going strong, and the other, a thoroughbred who recently turned 7 who i welcomed into my family 1 yr ago :) i love all animals hehe, have 2 big dogs (rottyxridgeback and a maremma) trainn them myself, and 2 kittys who i got with a horse truck, haha a mother and son!!
hehe i love my parents and sister :) and my boyfriend of 6 yrs :D

Hmmm, i not a fan of make up haha, dont have a clue how to even use it, so never wear it. had it on for photo shoot tings, but always feel very out of sorts haha. dont brush my hair! LOL, im so slack hey, but i have an excuse now, cant brush it wiht carpal tunnel in both wrists haha!!
Im an qualified vehicle spray painter, signed off 8 months early :) but can nolonger do it with with the damage carpal tunnel has done! originally got into trade cos wanted to airbrush, at the minute tho, my artistic abilities r hangin in the balance! fingers crossed!!

thats bout all i can think of, other than, im into cars hehe, bit of a nut driver! haha
oooh, supernatural is my fave show, and moonlight is pretty awesome too! i lvoe supernatural tho! like many of u, would take jensen home if ever got the chance! though would really like to go for a horse ride with him haha! i love jareds dogs!
well, will leave it there, nice to meet u all, if u wanna no more, feel free to add me on myspace,

  1. get my motorbike licence!
  2. drive or own a dodge viper!!
  3. breed a really tall pinto horse!
  4. meet supernatural cast!!!
  5. be and stay happy!!!
In the movie version of my life, I would be played by: hmm, no idea hey!

My childhood ambition/career goal:
was to have my own custom painting business! now, no clue!
If I were a breakfast cereal, I would be: fruit loops hehe, they rock!!

If I could tame and ride any animal, it would be a: giraffe! always wanted to ride one! even designed a saddle for one!

If I could live anywhere, it would be: where ever it would be, would have to be on nice acerage!! colarado is lovelly, but even somewhere in sa is nice too :) i would worry that a bear or cougar would come eat my horses haha in colarado, but some awesome places i would love to buy there!!

My dream job(s): jsut a job that i would enjoy, and would help me aquire mydream home, and own it outright, and suport all my animals, and allow for me to collect a few of my fave cars :D ooh and to get a pilots licence! maybe i will just win the lotto :P

My dream vacation(s): too many places to mention!!!!! the whole world is full of amazing and mysterious places!


Last movie I saw: sweeny todd! what a really deep disturbed movie!! so good tho!! so much singing!!

Last book I read: the eragon books! jsut got to wait till september for the third one!! love dragons!!

Last album I listened to: was is jeff buckley or micheal jackson? cant remember!

Last big splurge: playstation 3, if i win it on ebay!

Last vacation: went 4wding loads with family growing up, other than that, never been on one! does the move from england to here count?

Website(s): hehe everything!! Hobbies:horses, drawing, dancing! r/cars! to name a few
Food(s): cooked salmon portions, mmmmm Gadget(s):recordable set top box!
Vacation spot(s):america, egypt? alaska? canada? the whole world!! I like my eggs... all the ways they can be cooked!
Game(s):assasins creed, gta games, toomb raider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sport(s):horseriding! running/walking with dogs!
World leader(s):kevin rudd is geting loads done! i think bush needs to go tho!
TV show(s):SUPERNATURAL!!!! moonlight! house!
Celebrities:jensen ackles!!!!! alex 'O' Loughlin!!angelina jolie, jessica alba, jessica beil!!!! jonny depp!!!
Charities/Causes: save the animals and things along those lines. world vision too
Movies:eragon, pirates, harry potter!! hehe transformers! dirty dancing!! theres heaps!!
Musician(s):Jacko wacko, 80's 90's, tool, jeff buckley, pretty much bits of everything!!!!
Song(s):a little bit of everything!
Dessert(s): mud cake yummy!!! not cream tho!
Quote(s): Cartoon character(s):garfield all the way!!!

  • jensen ackles and the impala
  • car companies making less and less manual!
  • new commo wagons!
  • australian fords!
  • the weather!
  • winter
  • being happy and healthy!
  • my old workplace!
  • being urself!
  • carpal tunnel!

Isnt Jensen just so lovelly?

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