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Slogan: Everything happens for a reason... Yah momma. :P
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Hey, I think you're super!2
Fantastic pictures!2
Love your profile!3

Hello, my name is B-B-Blaire!/Bronnie.

: Canada.

Currently Residing In: The New Land of Zea

Gender: Female

Supernatural fan since: Dead in the Water...(That's right I'm a fan that goes waayy back to 2005)


SHAMELESS PLUGGING! If you're into RPG or your thinking of doing a hunt (Maybe with me? XD) Check out my RPG character Kat and her hunting journal.
Oh and! My Fanfiction, It's a Glee/SPn crossover fanfic, it's some good reviews so far!

The best word to describe me is: Cray-Cray

My hero(es)
: Audrey Hepburn, my mom, The Winchesters.

My superpower is: I don't know if this counts as a superpower but...I'm a pretty good mimic; my specialities are impressions of various Pokemon and Herbert The Pervert from Family Guy. "Would you like a popshicle?"
What else you should know about me:
I love supernatural? (You already knew that.) And I enjoy screencapping Sam waaaaay too much

If I could live anywhere it would be: *In a showgirl voice* New York Citayy!

Interests: Shopping, watching movies, Reading, listening to music, writing music and playing music, watching SPN.

Animations of my boys. :)
home - Supernatural Wiki

home - Supernatural Wiki
home - Supernatural Wiki
Ode to the Puppy-Eyes

Puppy acknowledges your pain, you brave little soldier.
Puppy acknowledges your pain, you brave little soldier

Puppy doesn't want to lose his brother. :(
Puppy doesn't want to lose his brother. :(

Puppy is worried.
Puppy is confuzzled. (My favourite screen-cap in the whole world. Look at that face!)

Puppy say resistance is futile.
Puppy says resistance is futile.

Puppy thinks that is NASTY.
Puppy thinks that is nasty.

home - Supernatural Wiki
Crazy lady is confuzzling Puppy.

home - Supernatural Wiki

Puppy lost his shoe. :(
Puppy lost his shoe. :(

Dean Favs.
Sam Favs.
Favorite Dean Quote: After Sam calls him kamikaze "Woah, Woah, Woah, I'm more like a ninja."
and "I'm Dean Winchester, I'm an Aquarius, I like long walks on the beach, sunsets, frisky women and..."
"You think your funny?"
"I think I'm adorable."

To Ruby, "That's you, huh? Our slutty little yoda."
Favorite Sam Quote: "You smell like a toilet..."

Sam: "You're afraid of flying."
Dean: "Planes crash!"
Sam: "And apparently clowns kill!"

"You mind doing a little thinking with your upstairs brain, Dean?"

"You're bossy...And short."
Favorite Dean Moment: In Phantom Traveller when he is freaking out on the plane, especially when Sam asks him if he humming Metallica and he replies; "It calms me down." So cute.
Favorite Sam Moment: When he lost his shoe in "Bad Day at Black Rock" :) So cute.
Favorite Dean Episode: Every single one.
Dean is so epic. Some of the season 5 eps he started getting a little whiny and Woe Is Me.
Favorite Sam Episode: All of them, except when he's all possessed in "Born Under a Bad Sign" Evil, Evil, Meg got all up in my Sammy!


Season: All of them. Two and three stand out to me.
Recurring Character(s): Katie Cassidy's portrayal of Ruby.
Episode(s): "Bad Day at Black Rock." :)
"Yellow Fever" Scary, Scary, Kitty!
And "What Is And What Should Never Be." That episode breaks my heart everytime.
Villian(s): The Trickster, or Bela Talbot, she was pretty awesome in the worst way possible.
Main Character: No No No! Don't make me choose! I'm more of a Sam-girl, I always go for the under-dog, when I read Twilight I despised Edward and loved Jacob, of course now I just despise Twilight in general. It's just me. BUT I STILL LOVE DEAN!
Plot(s): Yellow Eyes.
Cast Member(s): Jim Beaver! Hehe, no, ALL of them. :)
Quote(s): All the 'Jerk' 'B****' moments

"Dude, reality, porn."

"I lost my shoe." *Queue Puppy Face No One Can Resist*

"I hope your apple pie is freakin' worth it!!"

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