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Member since: May 16 2008, 4:48 AM EDT
Slogan: dean2hot rocks
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home - Supernatural WikiDean2hot home - Supernatural Wiki
Page made cool by: Dean2hot
My guilty pleasure(s):movies
The best word to describe me is:Kind home - Supernatural Wiki
My hero(es)

Words or phrases I overuse: sure you did

My superpower is:obliviousness

What else you should know about me:wanna know something just ask

home - Supernatural WikiDean looking hotDEan and Sam Winchester


Last movie I saw:was more of a series-the 4400

Last book I read:strange highways

Last album I listened to:gorillas-demon days home - Supernatural Wiki

Last big splurge:wingstop

Last vacation:umm-a couple years back went down to galveston island

Website(s):http:/ Hobbies: Talkin' Wit Dean2hot cuz' im a dork
Food(s): Pizza Gadget(s): Cell phone
Vacation spot(s): Alaska I like my eggs...different every time-dont really eat eggs all that much
Game(s):latest game is metal gear solid 4 Sport(s): Football
World leader(s): ME
TV show(s):supernatural-smallville-heroes-dexter-really about all i can think of now-just about everything else i just order not sure if it comes on tv
Celebrities: Kali Lacey:)
Charities/Causes: Aids/ Cancer...
Movies: Twilight
Musician(s): 3 doors down/ Papa Roach...
Song(s): Hollywood Whore
Dessert(s):cherry cheesecake
Quote(s):"no rest for the wicked" Cartoon character(s): N/A

Dean Favs.
Sam Favs.
Favorite Dean Quote: "Loves me some pie." Favorite Sam Quote: "Dude your not gonna poke her with a stick."
Favorite Dean Moment: when he took a fbi agent to a strip joint Favorite Sam Moment: jerk bitch moments
Favorite Dean Episode: No rest for the wikid Favorite Sam Episode: Tall Tails


Season: 4 Recurring Character(s):ruby
Episode(s): Tall Tails Villian(s):trickster
Main Character:sam Plot(s):
Cast Member(s): Jared Quote(s):"we got a war on our hands"



Mom Jeans: "Come on over" Jessica Simpson
want my turkey ham, roast beef
keep on feeding me some more, leve the MCdonalds on the floor just bring it over
I need my ham i need my mayo i need it just like thatdont pack a bag bring a truck dont make me wait i want right here so i can eat if you need to wrap it in a towel i want it just the way its made bring it over
Turkey ham and more rost beef oprah get down on your knees its my buffet
dont slow down dont stop for gas kepp those 4 wheels spinin' fast bring it over
I need it now i'm statin' to growl i need it just like that dont make me wait bring it on over
i need my foood i need it bad it need it smokein just like that dont use a bag DONT MAKE ME WAIT!!!
i wanna eat that ham right off the plate all i need is your whole frige baby i cant get too much gotta fit in these mom jeans bring it over BRING IT OVER!!!!
Mom Jeans by; kali lacey

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