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Hello, my name is [MELVIN]!
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Home town:Techer's Village, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, Phillipines
Birthday (month/day):November 9
Current residence:Gold St., Teacher's Village
College Student

My guilty pleasure(s):Dont know

The best word to describe me is:Tall

My hero(es)
:Sam,Dean,My family and Friends

Words or phrases I overuse:...........

My superpower is:hydrokinesis/waterbending...haha

What else you should know about me:I'm kinda shy but very understanding.....

In the movie version of my life, I would be played by:Jared Padalecki...

My childhood ambition/career goal:Nurse

If I were a breakfast cereal, I would be:Didn't thought about it

If I could tame and ride any animal, it would be a:Horse

If I could live anywhere, it would be:America

My dream job(s):Nurse

My dream vacation(s):anywhere


Last movie I saw:Meet the Spartans

Last book I read:My physics book

Last album I listened to:hard candy by Madonna

Last big splurge:Dont Know

Last vacation:Last March

Website(s):this one Hobbies:watching tv, reading, playing
Food(s):spaghetti Gadget(s):cellphone
Vacation spot(s):anywhere I like my eggs...boiled
Game(s):ran online, anything that is good Sport(s):basketball, chess
World leader(s):Anyone who is not corrupt..
TV show(s):Avatar the last airbender, Supernatural,Smallville
home - Supernatural Fan Site
home - Supernatural Fan Site
home - Supernatural Fan Site home - Supernatural Fan Site
Celebrities:Nicole Scherzinger,Jared Padalecki,Jensen Ackles Charities/Causes:None
Movies:House of Wax,High school musical 1 and 2, Scary movie 1 to 4, The covenant, The number 23, Charlies's Angels 1 and 2.... Musicians:Nicole Scherzinger,One republic,Enrique Iglesias,Madonna,Justin Timberlake,Linken Park
Songs:Buttons,Beep,4 Minutes,Stop and stare, lovestoned,Do you know(The ping pong song),Wait a Minute,I dont need a man,Bleed it out ,Given up,Feedback,Whatever You Like,Push,Don't Stop the Music,Umbrella.....So many....
Deserts:Anything Sweet
Quotes:Never Give up.......! Cartoon Characters:Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Azula, zuko, Morrigan, Lilith
home - Supernatural Fan Site

Dean/Sam Faves
Dean Favs.
Sam Favs.
Favorite Dean Quote:Sam!!! Favorite Sam Qoute:Dean!!!
Favorite Dean Moment:When he dies a lot.... Favorite Sam Moment:When they were talking at a bar.....
Favorite Dean Episode:Mystery Spot Favorite Sam Episode:Mystery Spot

Supernatural Faves
Season:all Recurring Characters:all
Episode:all Villains:Lilith
Main Character:Sam Plot:all
Cast Member:Jared Padalecki Qoutes:Sam and Dean's Quotes(all)

Multimedia Me
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