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i'm one of those people who pretty much believe in anything, that's why i love supernatural! most of my friends describe me a psycho insane girl (that's a good thing). i'm known as one who can pretty much make anyone laugh, and that's what i do. i can't stand it when someone around me, especially someone that i care about, is unhappy. although i may seem depressed a lot, i'm not deep deep deep deep down. i love all scary movies! if i'm not doing schoolwork (which i absolutely loathe) i am always watching movies, or hanging out with my friends.

lion!!i don't know. i just drew it.
favorite movie: the hazing
best band ever: metallica
videogame: guitat hero 3
superpower: it would be so awesome to be psychic. who knows... i already could be
i can't think of anything else!!

hello peoples!

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home - Supernatural Fan Site

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home - Supernatural Fan Site
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Thread started: May 2 2008, 1:50 PM EDT  Watch
Love the video...Dean is so funny when hes like "Be Quiet, Well do it" when they are trying to get in the car at the same time.
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