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Slogan: the thing we love always have a way of coming back to us in the end, even if it's not in a way we expect
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home - Supernatural Wiki
Hi! My Name Is Luna, As you can tell i'm a Dean girl. Sam's awesome but he's not as rugged as dean i guess you could say. Send me a message i love to hear from you guys!
home - Supernatural Wiki
Hello supernatural fan!
My name is Luna, i'm 17 and from Louisiana!
not much to say about me.
i'm a insane supernatural fan so much to the point that i've named my bird after Castiel.
I do have a twitter and i was part of the #LuciferIsComing trend and the #Supernatural Trend it was very fun.
My twitter name is RubyLestrange feel free to follow but just a warning i do post spoilers after i see the show,
i am trying to break that habit but it's very hard.
Drop me a message! i'll try to get back to ya soon!

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