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Member since: Aug 7 2009, 2:41 PM EDT
Slogan: I'm Batman! Yeah, you're Batman!
Friends: 30
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Hey, I think you're super!1
Love your profile!1

Hello, my name is Holly!
My Tumblr name is "bonnietoyourclyde"

Home town: Leeds, UK
Birthday (month/day): November 23
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Hazel
Height: 5ft 5

Last movie I saw: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2" at cinema & "My Big Break" starring Chad Lindberg on DVD this afternoon

Last book I read: "The Time Travelers Wife"

Last album I listened to: "The Queer as Folk US" soundtrack

Last big splurge: a major load of CDs

Last vacation: Miami and Key West


Website(s): anything and everything Matt Schulze, 30 Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park, Sons Of Anarchy, Queer As Folk US and Supernatural related Hobbies: Skiing, watching TV, movies and listening to music - and going to concerts/gigs/festivals when I can!
Food(s): Nutella, Oreo cookies, Mexican, Indian, Thai & Cheese Gadget(s): My iPod, my iPod Touch, computer, DVD player and mobile phone
Vacation spot(s): New York City, Kefalonia and anywhere I can go skiing especially Alpendorf in Austria I like my eggs...: Yuck, don't really like eggs
Game(s): Pictionary, Boggle, Pass The Pigs & the card game "S**t Head" Sport(s): Football & Skiing
Thing(s): Skiing and sleeping TV show(s): Supernatural of course, Queer As Folk US, Sons Of Anarchy, Third Watch, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, NCIS, One Tree Hill, Criminal Minds, The Dog Whisperer & Sex And The City
Celebrities: Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jared Padelecki, Matt Schulze, Chad Lindberg, Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, Ryan 'Opie' Hurst, Johnny Strong, Rory Cochrane, John Simm, Taylor Lautner, James Lafferty (Nathan Scott in "One Tree Hill") & River Phoenix Charities/Causes: RSPCA, Tommy's & The Dog's Trust
Movies: The Fast and The Furious, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Blade 1 & 2, Torque, Stand By Me, Dirty Dancing, My Best Friend's Wedding, Grease & The Twilight Saga: New Moon Musician(s): Linkin Park, Operator, Daniel Merriweather, Kelly Clarkson, New Kids On The Block & 30 Seconds To Mars
Song(s): Every song by Linkin Park and 30 Seconds To Mars
Dessert(s): Ben & Jerry's
Quote(s): Linkin Park song lyrics and every line in Supernatural Cartoon character(s): Family Guy, Donald Duck, The X-Men, The Tazmanian Devil & Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

Favourite Dean Quote: "I'm amazing .... I'm Batman!" and "I think I'm adorable!" and everything else he says Favourite Sam Quote: "My Daddy shot your Daddy in the head!" , "I lost my shoe!" , "It was yummy!"
Favourite Dean Moment: The "I'm Batman" scene in "Bad Day At Black Rock", when he meets his Demon self in "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" (Jensen deserves an Oscar for that performance) and any interaction he has with kids - he's so sweet and cool with them Favourite Sam Moment: When he's possessed and especially when he's tied to the chair in "Born Under A Bad Sign", when he's drunk in "Playthings" and when he's uncomfortable with ol' Gertrude fancying him in "Red Sky At Morning"
Favourite Dean Episode: Bad Day At Black Rock, Skin, Yellow Fever, The Kids Are All Right, Hell House & Something Wicked Favourite Sam Episode: Born Under A Bad Sign, Provenance, Hell House, Bad Day At Black Rock & Red Sky At Morning

Season: Two, no Three, no Two or is it Three.... that's far to difficult to answer but I think Season Two Recurring Character(s): Daddy Winchester, Bobby, Agent Hendriksen, Ed and Harry (sings "Ghost...Ghostfacers" to myself), Ash & Andy Gallagher
Episode(s): all of the episodes mentioned above, all my fave Dean & Sam episodes plus "A Very Supernatural Christmas", "Bloody Mary", "Tall Tales", "Monster Movie", "Free To Be You And Me" Villain(s): The Shapeshifter who turns itself into Dean in "Skin" (for obvious reason) & The Jinn in "What Is And What Should Never Be" because of the blue flames he makes in his hand and eyes - cool!
Main Character:
Dean ... the one who's really cute
Look(s): Jared's hair in Season 1, Sam's brown hooded coat, Sam's blue jeans with the stud details on the pockets, Jensen's hair in "Hell House", Dean's leather jacket, Dean's green coat, the yellow check shirt Dean wears in "Nightshifter", Jensen's hair and in his hoody sweatshirt in "Faith" & his whole outfit in "Scarecrow"
Cast Member(s): The 4 J's
Jensen, Jared, Jeffrey & Jim
"You fudge-ing touch me again and I'll fudge-ing kill you!"

FAVOURITE SHOTS Dean thinking.......
Sexy Dean

Dean & John
Dean and Daddy Winchester (love JDM)

Supernatural.TV Sam Winchester & Ruby
Dean Winchester


Amazing song ... Amazing video

This is so cute and funny ... I really want it as my ringtone

"Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence
- a video for Dean

"Wake Me Up (When September Ends)"
by Green Day - a video for Sam

"I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan
- a video for John

Dean and Sam
Here's Dean's green coat !!!
Sam and Dean
Ooh and here's Sammy's brown coat !!!


home - Supernatural Wiki

home - Supernatural Wiki

home - Supernatural Wiki

home - Supernatural Wiki

home - Supernatural Wiki


My (guilty) pleasure(s):
Gummi/Jelly sweets, MAOAM chewy sweets, Supernatural, Jensen, Jared, Matt Schulze, Queer As Folk US, Gale Harold, Sons Of Anarchy, Ryan 'Opie' Hurst, Chad Lindberg, John Simm, Taylor Lautner, Steven Gerrard (who plays for Liverpool FC and I support Manchester United FC, whoops, don't tell anyone!) & New Kids On The Block

The best word to describe me is:

My hero(es): My Mum, my Dad, my Grandparents, my Aunt who had to have a pacemaker when she was 45 due to serious heart illness & Cesar Millan "The Dog Whisperer"

Words or phrases I overuse: the rude version of "shoot" !

My superpower would be: Flying... and eating anything I want without putting on any weight!!

What else you should know about me:
is that I am OCD when it comes to recycling, I'm very picky about grammar & words being spelt correctly and I really hate wasting paper at work


In the movie version of my life, I would be played by:
Bethany Joy Galeotti - Haley James Scott (the coolest name ever by the way!) from "One Tree Hill" - I think she's pretty, has nice hair, wears great clothes and can sing and play the piano (which I wish I could) ... plus she gets to kiss James Lafferty (he's so hot!) so she can't be bad and she was also in "The Guardian" with Simon Baker (who's also hot)!

My childhood ambition/career goal:
Was to meet New Kids On The Block !

If I were a breakfast cereal, I would be:
Coco Pops

If I could tame and ride any animal, it would be a: Giraffe !?!?!

If I could live anywhere, it would be:
New York City

My dream job(s): to work on the set of Supernatural !!! or in reality, something to do with animals or criminal justice

My dream vacation(s): Cuba, New Zealand & skiing in Canada

Jared's hair & Sam's Coat
Jared's hair & Sam's coat
Dean's Leather Jacket
Dean's leather jacket

home - Supernatural Wiki
Dean's yellow check shirt
(not so yellow in this pic tho)

home - Supernatural Wiki
Dean's hair & hoody in Faith

WARNING - the following is for Over 21's ONLY

My Version of The Supernatural Drinking Game
with a little help from others

Drink every time :
~The name of a place is shown in white at the bottom of the screen.
~The date ‘November 2nd 1983’ appears on the screen in the recap at beginning of episode. ~Sam says/shouts “Dean”. ~Dean calls Sam “Sammy”. ~Dean calls Sam “B****h.
~Sam calls Dean “Jerk”.
~Sam or Dean uses an alias name or / and is called by an alias name.
~Sam or / and Dean uses a fake ID.
~Dean raises his eyebrows and / or smirks.
~Sam sighs / huffs / scoffs / pouts / frowns.
~Sam flicks his hair out of his face/eyes.
~Dean talks about a woman he has slept with etc.
~Dean flirts with a woman (face to face or by phone).
~A woman flirts with Dean. ~Dean checks out (looks lewdly at) a woman.
~Sam has a vision of / dreams of / mentions Jessica.
~Sam’s psychic/ESP stuff happens.
~You are shown Sam’s laptop screen that has research on it. ~Sam or Dean mentions their Dad (John) / talks about finding Dad.
~Sam says “finding Jessica’s / Mom’s and / or killer” or words to that effect.
~Someone calls John their “Daddy” and not “Dad”.
~Dean is eating.
~Dean drinks a beer and Sam doesn’t.
~Sam drinks a beer and Dean doesn’t.
~Someone comments on Dean’s eating habits / something about Dean and food.
~Sam or Dean mentions “the family business / Dad’s legacy”.
~Dean mentions anything to do with Sam and porn.
~Someone’s eyes change to black to indicate they are possessed or a demon.
~Dean calls Sam a “geek” / a “nerd” / “college boy” or words to that effect.
~Sam or Dean says “Dude”. ~Sam or Dean says “Awesome”.
~Sam or Dean says “Man”.
~Any other character such as Bobby says the word “B***h”.
~Dean says “B****h or “Son-of-a-B***h” and any variation of (not including when he calls Sam “B***h”).
~Sam and Dean pull a “Double-mint twins” pose / movement. ~Sam and Dean wear a suit.
~They use the salt.
~Dean torches something (bones / buildings).
~They kill a demon / monster. ~Holy Water is used.
~There's a reference to any past / current sci-fi / supernatural show / other TV show.
~Sam or Dean mentions the Yellow-Eyed-Demon.
~Dean comes on screen at the beginning of a scene in his leather jacket.
~Sam comes on screen at the beginning of a scene in his gorgeous hooded brown coat.
~Sam comes on screen at the beginning of a scene in his gorgeous jeans.
~Dean wears his hoody in “Faith”.
~The jagged bit at the bottom of Sam’s jeans makes you want to scream because its annoying – why didn’t the costume department cut it off !?!
~Dean worries about the Impala (i.e. because someone has / may have damaged it, someone else has driven it etc).
~Dean calls the Impala “Baby”, “She” or any feminine pronoun.
~Sam or Dean wears just a “T-shirt / Polo shirt” so you can see their arms (…as well as trousers/jeans/pants - you mucky people!)
~Ash comes on screen.
~Sam’s smile makes you want to faint because it’s so beautiful (your call).
~Dean’s grin makes you want to faint because it’s so beautiful (your call).
~Sam’s laugh makes you want to faint because it’s so sexy (your call).
~Dean’s laugh makes you want to faint because it’s so sexy (your call).
~Someone mentions the fact that there must be / may be other psychic children like Sam.
~Dean almost dies / is injured badly.
~Either Sam or Dean says “Remember that case / hunt in...” or words to that effect.
~Either Sam or Dean says “Maybe this isn't our kinda thing / department, etc”.
~Sam says something about how there are different versions of the monster etc they are hunting in many cultures.
~Sam cuts Dean off (orally or physically) when they're asking town folk for info.
~Sam gets emotional.
~Dean talks about his feelings / gets emotional / has a “chick flick” moment with Sam then makes a joke about it.
~Sam shoots Dean down (i.e. Walkman EMF meter).
~Dean makes a dirty joke (i.e. “Should’a cleaned the pipes”; “I'm a sucker for happy endings”).
~Either Dean or Sam gets taken hostage / tied up by baddie.
~Town folk tell the Winchester Boys to leave town.
~Sam gets choked / strangled by a demon / inanimate object (i.e. Extension cord) or otherwise pinned to a wall.
~Someone mistakes them for a gay couple.
~Either Dean or Sam admits they need help / asks for help (i.e. From Bobby, Ellen or Ash). ~Either Dean or Sam becomes the bad guy via demonic possession / infection / shape shifter takes his shape etc. ~Bobby or any other character calls either Sam or Dean “Son”. ~There is a close up of the Impala’s number plate.
~Bobby looks like he wants to: strangle Dean or / and Sam; knock their heads together; clip them around the ear; etc.
~You know Bobby wants to show his love for either / both of them to Dean or / and Sam. ~Sam comments on Dean’s way with women.
~Sam makes fun of Dean. ~Dean makes fun of Sam. ~Dean calls Sam “Haley Joel”.

Take 2 drinks every time / when :

~Someone says “I already told this to the other detective” or words to that effect.
~Sam has a go at Dean for following John’s orders.
~Sam knows some weird trivia about a demon.
~Dean kisses a woman (human or demon).
~Dean has sex (with a human / demon / angel) whether its seen on screen or not / or is just implied.
~Dean comments about Sam’s lack of “woman action”.
~Sam kisses a girl or a girl kisses him.
~Sam has sex with Madison – and cry into your drink and wipe the drool from your mouth because he’s so hot! - if you’re a girl.
~Sam or / and Dean cries – then burst into tears yourself because you can’t stand to see them cry as it’s so sad and they look so hot! - if you’re a girl.
~Dean gets beaten up by a woman (human / demon / monster / vampire etc).
~A woman flirts with Sam and he doesn’t realise it or / and when Dean points it out.
~You see Sam or Dean topless / semi-naked / naked.
~Dean talks about Daphne from Scooby-Doo.
~There is a flashback of the Winchesters as young boys. ~Dean lets Sam drive the Impala.
~You actually see Sam eating something.

Or just play the Drinking fingers rule :
Count how many times Sam says “Dean” in a monologue and drink that number of fingers or take a sip every time he says it.

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