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Member since: Jun 18 2008, 12:55 PM EDT
Slogan: dean rulez yea
Friends: 78
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Hello, my name is taylor stegall!

Home town
: katy texas

Birthday (month/day): october 3, 1994

Current residence
: katy texas

Occupation:going to school future wwe diva

Gender: female

My guilty pleasure(s): supernatural

The best word to describe me is:hot

My hero(es)
: wwe diva lita

Words or phrases I overuse: what ever

My superpower is: laser eyes

What else you should know about me: i am a big fan of supernatural but i also am a big fan of the wwe

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home - Supernatural Wiki

Which Supernatural Character Are You?
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In the movie version of my life, I would be played by: avril lavine

My childhood ambition/career goal: not to fail school

If I were a breakfast cereal, I would be: corn flakes

If I could tame and ride any animal, it would be a: lion

If I could live anywhere, it would be: hawai

My dream job(s): wwe diva

My dream vacation(s): is the bahamas

jensen ackle avitars took me 2 hours to find
im cool Dean Cry Dean faith dean's fredom Dean if the suit fits dean awesomness skin Dean Dean Dean turned SUP? one hell of a PA Deanz cute sweet im not gonna hearts Deans tears Deans promise hug me who dosent like Dean take me. cutie deans back young Dean Dean love that look not the Dean size looks back am i cute? sitz down Deans Coffee i love u So Dead tux up stairs Screaming for atention glare dont touch Dean can read never said that Jensen Jensen Ackles Handsom abandoned Books fix her glint tears simply dean stow it misgif Alrighty jensen i am working random pens taste good dream dean kneeling hunting passion hunter glance white hunting Amaze WHAT?! home - Supernatural Wiki huh? lonely dude! scrubs YOU! very busy dad no cookiei gots my eye on u WHAT DO U MEAN?! am i missin somethin' stare wins at life u want me emotional in the moment blue smile dean protectiondean] fugly cuddle hot guy stupid people fangirl army huh? home - Supernatural Wiki wow im adorable Build our fort rockstar Heart dean w seriously?! upstairs brain dean Dont' make Dean or me sad! oh shit! aww Fbi GRR kiss my ass my fucking pie soldire on warrior huning evil Dean drinks hearts fire fighter dean glasses Dean Winchester deans awesome luv me NEVER threaten sammy Almighty Dean in the FUTURE Dean Dean Tourtured im sexy This icon is asleep Dean Dean stalker icon 2 Deans fist Rock On BANG dont leave me sam dean's lost falling look at me... missed a spot Dean Demon Dean Quirky too sexy for the law Sadness

home - Supernatural Wiki
dean and ben
how cute look just alike

home - Supernatural Wiki
sammy avitors
boy king protection cookie sam do what Sams distant pickme confuzzled is my word puppy iz mad anger badass Sam pretends skeptical Dude evil glare SAMMY! strong Smile sam uh SRRY... Cute sammy dosn't like Sam w Sam smirk cutie oh no blue sam omg sammy Puppy Drool Sam Hearts Season 1 Sam Sam Sammy Scars sam Broken hearted Dean wants Pie JP leave Sam Geekboy Owwie cute sammy My Daddy Thats better Sam Stalker i con puppy dog look WTF? Sams Hair Sam is Sam Savior OMG die Sammy doodles SAM SAM Wounded SAM sam sam sam laughs left behind Sam winchester Sam Puppy iz angry

sam an dean avitors
Dean and Sam men in black Porn site? home - Supernatural Wiki food sisors geeze Sam and Dean extra special hell We get away destiny Supernatural Sport of Kings my boys hugs Wanted Sam and Dean i HEART u spooned huggs chair2Chair brothers Sn brothers unusual poses impala down the road faded chair bitch jerk inspect holy crap roadtrips Weirdhunters bloody Mary winchester sam and dean allong the road dean points Sam & Dean Give me the cookies! bar time Bad Company Build our fort impala No home - Supernatural Wiki sam and dean 4 evar! winchesters Teh boys are back! Panic atack! Agebt Muller and Scully Gargle.. WB: winchester bros Hugs 2 end of the world Suits Crap Bella Sam and Dean Broken Promise Winchester brothers Sam with Dean Why is this never at my door? in my impala Lunch i survived winter Can i shoot her OOPS! were in trouble! Dean is short samdeanavatar2 samdeanavatar3 samdeanavatar5 samdeanavatar1 Sam and Dean Supernatural

dean and sam moving avitors
my boobs Dean huh?i got cookies Pfft i made it myself blue steel Dirt Thursday fbi hugz the old fassion way i think im adorable ShockDude fight whadaya say sammy? Deans Coffee Sam to the resQ Faces rock on RUN rock music get watching Perverts Rock On! munchmunch i do anything Cute bitch jerk home - Supernatural Wiki smile huuggggg! omg SNAPlmao! love! bas home - Supernatural Wiki dean should know by now pies not worth it.im batman Fugly adorable dean rocks i dont wanna know What are u doing? HP Drawings Sammy :( awkward

MaryMary Queen Bitch all grown up wtf Mandroid deep fried crack so soft Ruby Meg salt & burn what addiction?! Mary W impala kazDriver shotgunDeath Cookies Wide open spaces Metallicar im on a road trip impala i con out a Chevy impala is love Metallicar Bobby is NOT a ditchable prom date Sam is perplecsed Who needs internet John Winchester fandom Demons + junk food= Ruby Real men not the pretty car! Join the darkside TGIT pardon his absense Blue fire how 2 save $ Ruby says Sams fries Aparetly theirs no Ketchup in hell Provisions Dick Cheney Supernatutral has made me optamistic John Winchester Dude Pizza McDonald's Apple Pie The house rule My Daddy My favs

Last movie I saw: kong fu panda

Last book I read: i don't read i hate it

Last album I listened to: avril lavine

Last big splurge: didn't have one

Last vacation: to the beach

home - Supernatural Wiki

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles

Nekkid Jensen
Metallicar and Jensen


home - Supernatural Wiki

home - Supernatural Wiki
home - Supernatural Wiki

home - Supernatural Wiki
Website(s):randy-orton.com adam-on-the-edge.net hotorton.wikifoundry.com, hotedge.wikifoundry.com zradio.wikifoundry.com tnawwe.wikifoundry.com wwe.com sescoops.com Hobbies: to wrestle
Food(s): pizza Gadget(s): cell phone
Vacation spot(s): beach I like my eggs... in the trash i hate them
Game(s): pyro sand Sport(s): wrestling
World leader(s): i don't know not in to that
TV show(s):supernatural
Celebrities:jesse mcartney and jensen ackles zac efron
dont do charity somebody else can help them
Movies:high school musical
Musician(s):vanesa hudgens
Song(s): lovefurypassion energy by boys hit car
Dessert(s): chocolate
Quote(s):hottest thing uve ever seen Cartoon character(s): spongebob

home - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wiki

home - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wiki

Dean Favs.
Sam Favs.
Favorite Dean Quote:do i look like paris hilton on season 1 bloody mary Favorite Sam Quote: jerk what he calles dean when they fight
Favorite Dean Moment:first episode of season one wear he jumped in the river Favorite Sam Moment:stepped on deans foot first episode of seaspn 1
Favorite Dean Episode: plan crash Favorite Sam Episode: wear he meets meg


Season:2 Recurring Character(s): jo
Main Character: dean

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home - Supernatural Wiki

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