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Slogan: Sometimes life seems SUPERNATURAL, at least my life seems that way. If you call me jerk, I'll call you bitch :)
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Well... HELLO.!! I'm Vanessa, the little 16 year old mexican perverted girl who loves tequila and tacos..! lmabo... Me.? uhmm.. i tend to be very shy at first, but once you get to know me, you'll see i'm actually a nutjob [in a good way of course].
Wanna see me.?? REALLY..!!? crap...uhmm....



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Yup, that's me... ok, moving on...!

Well, you need to know im extremely obssesed with Supernatural, i start watching the show on December 2005, cuz well, being in Mexico the show came here a bit later and i been a huge fan since. I'm a proud fangirl. My Winchester is DEAN WINCHESTER of course.

  • I freaking hate Ruby. I'm glad that black eyed b*tch is dead.! :)
  • 100% DEANGIRL
  • I love Sam, Sam is adorable, Sam is hot, Sam makes souless sexy.! <3
  • Bobby is AMAZING
  • Castiel is.... well he's Freaking Castiel..!! I don't think i have to explain, do i.??
  • Lisa Braeden looks like a Cheeto.. Dean deserves better than an orange skank..! :)
  • The Metallicar is the sexiest car EVER..! Don't think so.?? PROVE ME WRONG..!!!! xD
  • I tend to make Supernatural related jokes which only my brother gets...
  • I sent to hell on of my ex-boyfriends cuz he said Supernatural sucked.! ¬¬'
  • I have said im from Lawrence Kansas at least 7
  • I have a poster of Jensen in the roof and i'm not taking it off there....we can say the poster knows too much...
  • I write fics, yesshhh i do, i write a lot actually....
  • Jensen Ackles is the hottest man in the whole universe, he's mine..! Well...also Danneel's but mostly mine..! :)
  • Jared Padalecki is hoooooooooooot too..! He's not mine but well, i like when people share....
  • Misha Collins RULES, Misha owns Twitter, Misha owns the WORLD....!! And my heart too...<3
  • My project for arts included a penta gram.... yup, just like the Winchester's tattoo...and my teacher thinks i'm some kind of devil worshiper.! lol
  • My birthday is on Ocotber 29th and i love the fact that it's pretty close to Halloween.! :D
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BTW... My brother says HI.! xD
He's a fan of the show too, he was the one who got me into it, so THANK YOU for being the best big brother EVER..!
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AC/DC,Coldplay,Muse, The Killers, Kansas, Bad Company,

Metallica,Foreigner,The Veronicas,The Fray,Simple Plan, Yellowcard,
PlainWhite T's,One Republic, David Guetta,Earth Wind & Fire, Fall Out Boy, Poison,Cheap Trick and waaaay more....
home - Supernatural Wiki

Follow me on Twitter..!
[if you don't i'll send Lucifer on your ass]

You are welcome to come back anyday :D

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you're welcome! :]
I'm from Singapore. And you?

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hello there! I love your profile too!
Thanks for dropping by. :D
How are you?

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