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Slogan: Something wicked this way comes
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Hey I'm Kirsten

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Home town

Birthday: 4/17/91

Current residence

Gender: Female


The boy King

Dean Favs.
Sam Favs.
Favorite Dean Quotes:
I'm not the Short Bus your the short bus.
Why do the rabbits always get screwed in the deal, poor little
Bring it on baldy
I'm batman
Planes Crash
You fuggin touch me agian, I'll fuggin kill you
Burn witch burn
I dont know man I think there called purple nurples
I call this one the blue steel
Favorite Sam Quotes:
Lolipops and Cany canes
You Smell like a toilt
I lost my shoe
And apperntly clowns kill
Dude I'm not anableing your sick habbit
My daddy shot your daddy in the head
Sam:Well were not dealing with the anticlause
Dean:What did bobby say
Sam:That where uh morons
Favorite Dean Moment: Death by Taco
Road blocke in Croaton
Favorite Sam Moment:When he lost his shoe
Evil Sammy in a Hell breaks lose 2
Favorite Dean Episode: Time is on My Side Favorite Sam Episode: NRFTW, BUABS, AHBLP1&2
Sam & Ruby
Ruby favs

Dont be such a rasist Fav Sam and Ruby quotes-
Sam-That knife you had, you can kill demons with that thing?
Ruby- Sure comes in hady when you got to swoop in and save the damsel in distress
Sam- where did you get it?
Ruby- sky mail
Episode(s): MM, NrftW, MS,SC
Favorite scence: In MM whenshe fights tammy Fav Ruby Moment: When she saves Dean from his death in MM
fav Sam & Ruby Moment: The Diner scence in the kids are all right. In MM when he stops Dean from shooting her. In jus in bello when she comes to save the day one listens to her. Quote(s):
Have you tried these there like Deep fried crack.
I'm Not talking about witchs you jackass Witches are whores.
I'm sorry I must have blood in my ears I just thought I heard you say you where stupid enough to let the colt slip out of your thick clumsy idoitic hands
I never lied to you sam, not once
Its called witch craft short bus
Go screw youself thats why
Cause your tall, I love a tall man. Then theres that whole anti-christ thing

Jared & Katie

Jared and Katie

home - Supernatural Wiki

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Chucksbear Hi! Kirstie i sent u a message about your house 0 Jun 13 2011, 7:56 AM EDT by Chucksbear
Thread started: Jun 13 2011, 7:56 AM EDT  Watch
Sent u a message i hope it helps u and your family i live in pa also and i sent some info that should help what you and your family is going threw.hope i didnt send u to many messages just wanted to help your family.please send me a message if i can send u any to help u hope u got my message peace and godbless chucmy .its chucksbear.thanku and godbless u and your family.peace
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Kirstiegirl A little help 0 Feb 15 2009, 3:30 PM EST by Kirstiegirl
Thread started: Feb 15 2009, 3:30 PM EST  Watch
So I just came across another wiki for Legend of the Seeker, it was abandoned and I spent the whole day fixing it up. If anyone likes this show feel welcome to join and help out with it cause I need help
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