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~ Jenny ~ from PA

I've been a fan since episode one. I am a Supernatural freak! . .

I am interested in ghosts/spirits/demons/creatures and haunted places (also a fan of TAPS) . . I love the show mostly for the family dynamics ~ the brotherly drama. I have a younger brother and always had him "under my wing" . . and we had a rough family background; so I can relate to these two characters in certain ways.

Dean is HOT . . . but my heart will always beat for Sammy!

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(Jared Padalecki) as Sam

Jared / Sammy

~ The Younger Years ~

little Sam in 1990 Young Sammyyounger Sam and Dean

~ Family is everything! ~

Sam & Dean ~ brothers forever

~ Beloved Mother Mary ~
(Mother) Mary Winchester Mary Winchester Mary Winchester

Remembering Mary!

~ Beloved father John ~

Sam & Dean with Dad John. John Winchester

~ Uncle Bobby ~

Bobby Singer Bobby Singer don't f*** with bobby

Singer's Auto

~ Dean and his baby! ~

Dean in the Chevy Impala

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~ Brotherly love ~

SupernaturalSam hugging Dean

S6 e13

Dean's new family with Ben & Lisa

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Dean & Lisa


Misha Collins
Actor: Misha Collins as angel Castiel

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"Hey Ass-butt!"

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~ Lucifer ~


~ Crowley ~
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(worst nightmares DO exist!)

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