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Hello, I'm Elenloth :) Welcome to my profile!

As there appeared a link to my profile from Metalliblog after I won the banner contest, I thought I should put something a bit more meaningful here on my profile in case someone actually comes here ;)

So. My real name's Tuulikki, and I'm a 19-year-old student from Finland. In case someone doesn't know, Finland is a country in Northern Europe, situated between Sweden and Russia, but we are culturally much closer to Sweden and other Nordic countries than Russia. (We have even more blondes than Sweden!)

I enjoy reading
in crazy amounts, learning languages (I know 4 "living" and 2 dead languages) and spending time in nature, although now I live in the center of a big Finnish city (big Finnish city=small American town ;)

I also like using my very, very old versions of Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop to make web graphics of my favourite movies and TV series, and thu
s decided to take part in the banner contest although I had only been on this site a couple of days when the contest started. In addition to graphic-making I like making websites in HTML and CSS.

I discovered Supernatural about a year ago
, when late at night I was flicking through television channels and a rerun of "Folsom Prison Blues" happened to be on. I liked the episode a lot, thought it was entertaining and funny, and returned in front of my TV next week to watch "What Is and What Should Never Be", which taught me that Supernatural can be beautiful and heartbreaking as well as entertaining, funny and scary.

If you'd like to talk to me or ask me something or whatever, just send me a message or add me as a friend :)) Comment section on this page is below Interests.


home - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wiki

home - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wiki

home - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wiki

Leave me a comment
below, or send me a private message or compliment! Or add as a friend - I'm always ready to make new friends :)

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