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Slogan: Cherish every moment you have with family and friends. It could be your last.
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home - Supernatural Wiki

home - Supernatural Wiki
The best word to describe me: Unique
Interests: Drawing, Photography, TV, and anything with my Hubby =)
Favorite Movies: Gabriel, Boondock Saints, Resident Evil, Step Up 1&2, Fast and Furious, Limitless, The Crazies, etc, etc...
Favorite TV Shows: Supernatural, Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, Jericho, Dexter, Tosh.0, Firefly, Justified, Eureka, Family Guy
My Heroes: Family and Friends
My Superpower: Telepathy - Im good at reading people ;)
home - Supernatural Wiki
Hometown: Lisbon Falls Maine
Current Location (NonSpecific): New Hampshire
Occupation: Licensed Nursing Assistant
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Status: Marriedto the love of my life <3
Supernatural Fan Since: Folsom Prison Blues
Dean or Sam: Dean
home - Supernatural Wiki
home - Supernatural Wikihome - Supernatural Wiki
Where to start, where to start! I took notice of Supernatural before actually watching it but, somehow, i never really gave it a second thought. the first time i ever heard of the show was walking through the movie section of a store and i spotted the brand new season one box set. i read the back, thought the actors were pretty good looking but i didnt have the money so i put it down and left (ugh!!). later, i was sitting in my living room skimming through the guide channel on the tv and there was NOTHING on except.... Supernatural. i thought: what the heck? it sounds good.... from that episode, Folsom Prison Blues, i became officially obsessed! i searched everywhere for the next episode or any reruns, then headed to the computer to search more. later, after i was home in NH and a few more episodes in, i searched through all 900 channels repeatedly (had to have been 10 times in an hour) searching for that **** channel! i never found it so i was WAY behind on season two and of course, i FINALLY found the channel for the season fanale.. wouldnt that figure?

anyways, so from that point, after making my mom watch the few episodes i had recorded, she caved and became addicted too! she bought season one and later i begged my dad for season 2. we were on a role, got through just about 8 episodes a day, sometimes more, so it didnt take long to get caught up. and, since we finally knew what channel the show broadcast on, we never missed an episode from the beginning of season three on =D

i love supernatural so much, it has definately become my favorite show and thats a hard thing to master! i have LOTS of favorite TV shows so for it to move to number 1 in such a short time (like, 2 episodes) you know its GOT to be an amazing show!!

i love how its got two awesome guys. and its not just one of those shows where the director puts two hot guys on the show and thats it. no, its two gorgeous guys who can ACT! plus the show is actually interesting and has an awesome plot, its not just about hunting supernatural things, not just a sport, its about taking care of your family and friends.
My name is Jaymie, I am 21 (as of July 2013) and married to the love of my life.

I love TV and movies.. im pretty sure it comes from my dad who had over 800 DVDs. i now have much of his collection...

I really am obsessed with the show Supernatural! i have
all seasons on DVD, and i went to a "Salute to Supernatural" convention in Los Angeles California in March of 09 to meet the boys =)

i am a serious internet buff! i created this fan site for Supernatural with Wetpaint as our host. it has made great progress, having some of the best info, always up to date and it definitely has the best fans! almost 7,000 of them actually! You are all the best!! hmm..

i love animals, i have 2 dogs: Tala Koda (northern mix) and Xamira (Rottweiler). i have 3 cats: Binx and the rescue brothers Twister and Chill. I also have 2 birds, a Sun Conure named Skittles and a Black Capped Conure named Connor.

oh and i have started writing a book titled: DARK DAYS. it seems pretty good to me and i hope some day to get it published but im really slow at writing it! lol.
home - Supernatural Wiki
home - Supernatural Wiki
home - Supernatural Wiki
home - Supernatural Wiki
home - Supernatural Wiki
home - Supernatural Wiki

home - Supernatural Wiki
My 3 year old (as of September 2012) Northern Mix. He is probably the best dog i have ever had =) love my boy!
My 2 year old (as of September 2012) purebred Rottweiler. pain in my butt dog, but love her anyways =)


I know I cant enter any of the contests here but I couldnt resist the challenge of creating a Supernaturally carved pumpkin! I went out and got myself a pumpkin (bout 15 minutes to pick it out and $14 for the winner) and started carving! Took me 5 days to finally finish it (most of that time was spent in bed, sick). At first I wasnt really sure how it would come out. when I got all the lines on the pumpkin, it didnt look real great, but me being me, I dont give up till I really know its gonna suck! lol and Im glad I did keep going since it really looks awesome now!! I am totally surprised! I havnt carved a pumpkin in YEARS! and never as cool a design as this one. It was always the typical, same-old traditional carved out face. But I needed to try something different, so thats what I did. I searched for a picture that would be fairly easy, turned up the contrast, changed the color to black and white, printed it out and taped it to the flat side (specifically picked out) of the pumpkin and started the transfer! Five days later I finished and was extremely proud with my work! I will definately do more in the future!


home - Supernatural Wiki

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The90210 another supernatural fan.. 0 Jan 13 2013, 2:46 AM EST by The90210
Thread started: Jan 13 2013, 2:46 AM EST  Watch
i am so jelious you have a photo with jensen ackles... <3 You are so luckey...
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kitty369 u r lucky 0 Apr 30 2012, 12:22 AM EDT by kitty369
Thread started: Apr 30 2012, 12:22 AM EDT  Watch
u r so lucky...........and thanks for creating a site for fans lik us and actually am pretty JEALOUS of u cuz u clicked a picture with my prince charmings............. ur drawings r awesom and so r u :)
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Michalarockstar jelousness 0 Feb 19 2012, 9:09 PM EST by Michalarockstar
Thread started: Feb 19 2012, 9:09 PM EST  Watch
OMG!! I am sooo jelous that u got to take a pic with the most gorgous guys on the planet haha I would literally croke over if I had that opportunity lol
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DeepaMuthu hiii...m new 2 dis website... 0 Jan 21 2012, 8:21 PM EST by DeepaMuthu
Thread started: Jan 21 2012, 8:21 PM EST  Watch
ur profile is soo awesum...the 1st time i saw it n i was like did u create it....its so simply cool ..
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Magoober Best wiki ever!!! 0 Nov 9 2011, 11:58 AM EST by Magoober
Thread started: Nov 9 2011, 11:58 AM EST  Watch
I so totally love your profile. I think it is awesome. I'm not so sure how to supe up my profile. I know if my boyfriend was alive, he would totally help me make my profile neat. He's probably lookin down on me saying Magoo, Magoo, Magoo, Anyhow I think that your profile is one of the best. Thank you for making this wiki for all of us obssessed fans to sound off on our favorite brothers..
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