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Slogan: Live your life like it's your last, 'cause you're not promised tomarrow.
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Hello, my name is

me :D

Home town
: Kansas City, KS

Birthday: September 22, 1993

Current residence
:Still living in KS

Occupation: School is my work

Gender: Female

My guilty pleasure: I like comic books and superhero cartoons. [I'm such a nerd]

The best word to describe me is: Thoughtful

My hero(es)
: Sam and Dean ;D Superman is my hero.

Words or phrases I overuse: ''Yeah...okay'' ''Dude''

My superpower is: Controlling the Elements ^_^

What else you should know about me: I've a very fun person once you get to know me. At first I may seem shy, and it'll be awkward. But trust me, I show you my true self once I know you well enough. ^_^


In the movie version of my life, I would be played by: Mandy Moore! I absolutely love her. I know I don't look anything like her, but she's just awesome!

My childhood ambition: See the world O_O

If I were a breakfast cereal, I would be: Wild Berries Captain Crunch, 'cause you never know what you're going to get.

If I could tame and ride any animal, it would be a: Elephant

If I could live anywhere, it would be: Australia

My dream job: Vet or a Doctor

My dream vacation(s): Sandy white beaches w/ the person I love.


Last movie I saw: A Walk to Remeber --I cried. Lol

Last book I read: The Last Song by: Nicholas Sparks --Currently Reading. =]

Last album I listened to: 21st Century Breakdown - Green Day

Last big splurge: Lunch
Last vacation: Last summer --12 Different States

Website(s): Youtube, Fictionpress Hobbies: Reading, Listening to music
Food(s): Cheeseburger, Chinese food Gadget(s): My Ipod and Cell Phone
Vacation spot(s): California, Florida I like my eggs...Scrambled w/ ketchup
Game(s): Family Feud, Clue Sport(s): Baseball/Softball

Celebrities: Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba, Criss Angel
TV show(s): Supernatural (obviously), Grey's Anatomy, Psych, Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, Smallville, Private Practice, Lost
Movies: Any horror
Musician(s): Green Day, Eminem
Song(s): Kryptonite - 3 Door Down, 21 Guns - Green Day

Dessert(s): Strawberry Ice Cream

Quote(s): ''Women hold the power because we have the vagina. If you're in a heterosexual relationship and you're a female, you win.'' -Megan Fox
Cartoon character(s): Superman ^_^

Favorite Dean Quote:''Eat me. Oh no no no wait wait wait you actually might'' -Benders Favorite Sam Quote: ''Dude, you're not going to poke her with a stick''
Favorite Dean Moment: When they beat up on each other Favorite Sam Moment: When they beat up on each other
Favorite Dean Episode: Bad Day at Black Rock Favorite Sam Episode: Bad Day at Black Rock


Season: 3 Recurring Character: Bobby, John
Episode: Bad Day at Black Rock Villain: Meg
Main Character: Dean Winchester Cast Member(s): Jensen Ackles


This is probably my favorite picture
supernatural comic
Dean and Sammy

home - Supernatural Wiki

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I see you have not signed in for awhile and I thought I would leave this message thread in hopes you will come back to
and check out the changes we have made in the
where stories you have written are shared with all members and visitors of the site.
We also have a new contest underway so be sure to check out
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If you like doing banners there is also
We hope to see you again soon and remember most email stays on the wiki site so checking in often helps you get your emails and keep up with the lastest news on the CW show Supernatural along with all your fellow members activities
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kat4543 woww!! 1 Apr 12 2010, 11:03 AM EDT by American_Idiot93
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where did you get the cartoons?? there great
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