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4x01 Lazarus Rising
Dean: Who are you?
Castiel: I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition.
4x01 Lazarus Rising
Castiel: What's the matter? You don't think you deserve to be saved.
Dean: Why'd you do it?
Castiel: Because God commanded it. Because we have work for you.
4x15 Death Takes a Holiday
Dean: What the hell?
Castiel: Guess again.
4x16 On the Head of a Pin
Dean: You guys don't walk enough. You're gonna get flabby. You know, I'm starting to think Junkless has a better sense of humor than you do.
Castiel: Uriel's the funniest angel in the garrison. Ask anyone.
4x20 The Rapture
Dean: Cas, hold up. What were you going to tell me?
Castiel: I learned my lesson while I was away, Dean. I serve Heaven, I don't serve man. And I certainly don't serve you.
4x22 Lucifer Rising
Dean: Destiny? Don't give me that "holy" crap. Destiny, God's plan... It's all a bunch of lies, you poor, stupid son of a b*tch! It's just a way for your bosses to keep me and keep you in line! You know what's real? People, families - that's real. And you're gonna watch them all burn?
Castiel: What is worth saving?! I see nothing but pain here. I see inside you. I see your guilt, your anger, confusion... In Paradise all is forgiven. You'll be at peace. Even with Sam.
Castiel: My superiors have decided I've become too close to my charges and starting to show emotions, the doorway to doubt.
Castiel: Do you think the armies of heaven have nothing better to do but follow you around?
4x02 Are you there God? It's me Dean Winchester
Castiel:You should show me some respect. I dragged you out of hell, I can throw you back in.
5x04 The End
Castiel: (Into cell phone) This isn't funny Dean, the voice says I'm almost out of minutes!
5x02 Good God Y'All
Dean: (On Castiel trying to find God) Try New Mexico, I hear he's on a tortilla.
Castiel: No, he's not on any flatbread.
4x16 On the Head of a Pin
Castiel: You won't win, I still serve God.
5x03 Free to be You and Me
Castiel: I shouldn't be here, this is a den of iniquity!
5x03 Free to be You and Me
Raphael: I will find you!
Castiel: Maybe one day, but today you're my little b*tch.
04x15 Death Takes A Holiday
Dean: If you want our help, why the hell didn't you just ask?
Castiel: Because, whatever I ask, you seem to do the exact opposite.
5x14 My Bloody Valentine
Dean: (on phone) Cas, it's Dean. Yeah, room 31 C, basement level, St. James Medical Center -
Castiel: (appears in front of him) I'm there now.
Dean: Yeah, I get that.
Castiel: I'm gonna hang up now.
Dean: Right.
5x16 99 Problems
Sam: Are you... drunk?
Castiel: No! (stumbles and leans against a pole) Yes...
5x16 99 Problems
Castiel: I found a liquor store.
Sam: And?
Castiel: I drank it
5x16 99 Problems
Castiel's Voicemail Machine: I... I don't understand... Why do you want me to say my name? (sound of random phone buttons being pushed)
5x17 Point of No Return
Castiel: I disobeyed so you wouldn't go to them!
5x16 99 Problems
Dean: Well if she's not a prophet who is she?
Castiel (drunk and slurred): She's the *****
Dean: Jeez, Cas, tell us what you really think

5x22 Swan Song
Castiel: Hey, Ass-butt! (Throws bottle of flaming Holy Water at Michael, burning him up)
Dean: Ass-butt?
Castiel: He'll be back, and angry, but you got your five minutes
Lucifer: Castiel, Did you just Molotov my brother... with Holy Fire?
Castiel: Uh... no?
Lucifer: No one dicks with Michael but me.
(Lucifer snaps his fingers and Castiel explodes)

5x22 Swan Song
Sam: Take care of these guys, okay?
Castiel: That's not possible.
Sam: Then humor me.
Castiel: Oh. I was supposed to lie. (chuckles) Uh... sure. They'll be fine, I...
Sam: Just--just stop... talking.

5x22 Swan Song
Castiel: It's starting.
Dean: Yeah, you think, genius?
Castiel: You don't have to be mean.
Dean: So, what do we do now?
Castiel: I suggest we imbibe copious quantities of alcohol... just wait for the inevitable blast wave.
Dean: Yes, well, thank you, Bukowski.

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